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What We All Need

I just came off of another fantastic, life-changing week at the Bali Bliss Retreat.

I love these weeks. They are some of the highlights of my year.

A group of open-minded people getting together to talk about my two favourite topics:

Sex and spirituality.

Or, how cataclysmic sex opens you to God.

And how to use your sexual relationship as a vessel for transformation.

It is so liberating to be in a group where you can have open sexual conversations.

All day and all night long.

Several women had their first G-Spot, squirting and cervical orgasm experiences.

Men seized their masculine strength and got better at taking their women and owned their cocks in a whole new way.

Which was much, much appreciated by their lovers.

As the week wound down, we talked about what it was that was so special about the group dynamic and how it seemed to amplify change and growth.

I used the words: intimacy and community.

We all need to be seen.

We all need to be accountable.

The best kinds of relationships, the ones that touch us to our core, both heart and genitals, are those that allow our deepest parts to come to the surface.

Our dreams, vulnerabilities, our fears, our insecurities and unfiltered truth.

When we can have this witnessed, accepted (no judgement here) and adored, there is nothing quite like it.

It’s the greatest healing balm and most potent elixir on the planet.

When you can do this in community, the power is amplified tenfold.

We lived like this for millennia: in tribes, in communities where your business was my business.


Because ultimately everything you do affects me, and the collective, on some level.

Real friends call each other out on bullshit.

Fake friends enable and lie to each other.

Same thing with partners.

They soften or hold back on the truth to keep the peace.

This is just suppression.

Suppression = stagnation.

I’m interested in growth, not stagnation.

I want the people around me to help me see the blind spots that I can’t see on my own.

And I do the same for them. With love, or ruthless compassion, a quality that is often attributed to me. 🙂

We can’t grow without this.

It takes honesty and courage on our part, and on the part of those around us.

When we surround ourselves with people like this, who are willing to go there, we quantum leap our own growth.

I have fired friends and partners for years.

If that level of honesty and commitment to growth wasn’t in the equation, I moved on.

What we saw happen in the group on the retreat was quantum leaps.

People had results and experiences in a few days that would take others years to accomplish.

Now obviously, what I’m trying to say here is that I’m really, really good.

Well, that’s some of it 😉

What I’m mainly saying is that being in a rarified atmosphere of baring it all, without judgment, being lovingly supported, with a constant commitment to a finer shade of truth, is what catapults you forward in your life.

And the proof is in the pudding.

I always say that things like orgasm and lubrication in women are the barometer.

And erections are the barometer in men.

When we do the inner work of sharing, repairing and opening, the outer physical expressions reflect that.

The orgasms, juice and erections just come.

Remember, we benefit the most when we have this twofold:

  • In our intimate partnership
  • In our community at large

I get that you may have family members or social obligations that don’t allow you to fully come out.

Make sure you build spaces where you do have that.

For a week in Bali, our days consisted of hours of talking about sex and all things intimate.

Couples had the luxury of hours-long sex and connecting dates.

Our dinner parties extended the conversations about deep throating, how anal sex brings you closer to God and the number of times the sheets had be be changed in a day from frequent squirting.

We all need this kind of free-flowing expression of all that we are.

Particularly our sexual selves.

Which I would say are the truest expression of who we are.

Build it, and everything will come.


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