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The Cervix: The Queen of Female Orgasms

The cervix is the queen of all female orgasms.

It’s the life-changing-est of them all.

Once you have one, you’ll lose interest in clitoral orgasms.

And you’ll know why I encourage everyone to go deep, deep into the vagina to get your sexual/spiritual enlightenment.

All the way up to the cervix.

Which, is the gateway of an energy channel that goes all the way up to the crown chakra.

What does a cervical orgasm feel like?

  • – Waves of full-body pleasure. Imagine your genital orgasm spreading out to every cell in your being.
  • – Being emotionally cracked open. Your feelings and heart are laid bare. You are naked and vulnerable, in the most delicious, tuned into the very heartbeat-of-the-universe way.
  • – Spiritual connection to self, partner and world. The crown chakra opens and you have access to an intuition, wisdom and power that is of your higher self and God.

Basically, it’s like being on Ecstasy.

For days.

All of the above qualities launch you into the domain of genius.

You become more brilliant in your thoughts, words, deeds.

Your body, face and aura radiate well-f**ked bliss, the bliss that attracts all good things to you.

The kind of feeling and energy that people can’t quite put their finger on, but want to put their fingers all over.

You become a beacon of light and love.

You uplift others around you. You conduct yourself with grace and honour and magic.

Without even trying to.

Because this is the place where the sexual and spiritual meet and harmonize: your cervix.

Get your cervical-spiritual enlightenment right here folks.

I’ve created an Orgasmapedia video series for you on YouTube. I want you to know—and have—all the different possible orgasms that are available to you.

Subscribe to my channel to see them all.

And if you read my Orgasm Manifesto, you’ll know that you can have them all.



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2 thoughts on “The Cervix: The Queen of Female Orgasms

  1. So what happens to a woman who has had cervical cancer and has had her cervix removed in a hysterectomy? Is this type of orgasm still possible?

  2. Wow, yes – really interesting hearing you talk about the connection between cervix and heart, Kim – I’ve been doing a great deal of cervical re-awakening work, and am today embarking on another 21 day pleasure/ waking cervix journey… It is amazing to have my heart experience voiced: in my recent relationship we were trying to get pregnant, but there was something totally closed – and I realise now that my lack of trust in him made me keep my cervix closed…. fascinating stuff!

    Many thanks for this beautiful video!