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Eco-Sex and Love

Love for the planet and the delicate eco-system of my body go hand-in-hand in my world. I’m interested in products that are in line with my values: organic, sustainable, artful and pleasurable. 

In the realm of eco-sex and love, there is a whole world out there of sexy, pretty, green and healthy things. Here are my picks for tools and brands to bring a higher-quality consciousness to your bedroom arts.

Sex toys: Over the past few years, a number of companies have emerged dedicated to creating body-safe, eco-conscious playthings that are also exquisitely beautiful.

Jimmyjane is one such company. Their vibrators are erotic objet d’art. They range from the gorgeous and functional “Form” collection to the platinum and diamond-studded, three-thousand dollar Little Eternity (Think of it as an addition to your investment portfolio). Some of their vibrators feature collaborations with different artists, like the “Ultimate Member” collection with Gorillaz artist Jamie Hewlett.

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