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How to Give a Blissful Yoni Massage: 15 Steps and Techniques

“I feel more connected to my intuition, my vagina, to what I love and more turned on.”
~ Tania

In a loving, passionate, dedicated yoni massage, we are aiming to awaken, activate and bring deep, life-changing pleasure to the vagina and a woman’s overall sexual being.

Over the decades of doing my work, as a holistic sex and relationship coach, the thing I hear over and over from women is how numb their vaginas are.

One of the biggest tools I recommend for de-numbing and re-pleasuring the vagina is the jade yoni egg.

By building strength, sentience and articulation in the vagina, increasing circulation and oxygen flow, ALL things flow better: from lubrication to hormone transport to orgasms.

The other practice I recommend is yoni massage.

With focused, loving attention, we can transform a numb vagina into a multi-orgasmic and highly aroused one.

In today’s video:

  • Benefits of yoni massage, including increased libido, lubrication and vaginal orgasms
  • 15 techniques for a blissful, life-changing yoni massage
  • Our epic demo flower mandala yoni
  • All star interview with Tania sharing how she initially had pain in her vagina, and through yoni massage that gave way to numbness, and then pleasure.

Watch the video now:

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