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#thingsiputinmyvagina: Kim’s Fave Organic Sex Toys

A primer on organic sexual accoutrements.

“Organic sex toys? Do such things even exist?”

There definitely are #thingsIwouldputintomyvagina.

And things I would not.

The whole Anami philosophy is based on cultivating the highest quality, Michelin 5-star experiences and using the healthiest and most holistic products in our intimate lives.

I created the Anami Alchemia online shop so that we could feature exactly that: erotic accessories you could trust to be an extension of the Anami way of life.

Beautiful, functional, impeccable quality, and nourishment for your body and spirit.

In today’s episode I dish on:

– My ultimate boudoir kit.
– How many dildos do you really need??
– What are the best body-friendly materials for dildos?
– Glass vs. crystal dildos.
– Can a crystal really help you to have better sex? Yes, and I’ll discuss the top ones to do so.

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TRANSCRIPT: #thingsiputinmyvagina: Kim’s Fave Organic Sex Toys

A primer on organic sexual accoutrements.

“Organic sex toys? Do such things even exist?”

There definitely are #thingsIwouldputintomyvagina.

And things I would not.

The whole Anami philosophy is based on cultivating the highest quality, Michelin 5-star experiences and using the healthiest and most holistic products in our intimate lives.

I created the Anami Alchemia online shop so that we could feature exactly that: erotic accessories you could trust to be an extension of the Anami way of life.

Beautiful, functional, impeccable quality, and nourishment for your body and spirit.

  1. Dildos.

One of the best ways to explore your orgasmic potential, especially if you are single, is with an armada of curated phalluses to play with.

Because one my main tenets is that all the good stuff is in the vagina, we’re not talking about vibrators or other clitoral simulation.

We’re heading straight into the promised land of the vagina.

To mainline ecstasy.


With any dildo, the materials used are of paramount importance.

Many dildos on the market are made out of a cheap, toxic plastic that leaches noxious and carcinogenic chemicals into the vagina, called phthalates.

There are NO regulation on the kinds of materials that are used in sex toys, and even to import them into some countries, they are labelled as “novelty items” to bypass obscenity regulations.

Instead of being examined as objects that may or may not be safe to be inserted into the body, there is zero regulatory oversight.

I remember using one of those jelly dildos years ago and afterward feeling an intense burning in my vagina.

I tried it again the next day with a condom and still felt it.

Somehow these noxious substances were even leaching through the condom.


The only materials that are body-safe to use are glass, crystal, silicone and theoretically wood, though it would have to be treated with something stable.

MY favourites are glass and crystal.

When it came time to create my own Holy Trinity line of couture dildos, I first looked at making them out of crystals.

But, the problem with crystals is that the kind that you’d want—and are safe to be used in your vagina, and that can actually be carved into shapes—aren’t crystals that are metaphysically good for sexual issues.

For example, the most common crystal you see used in dildos is rose quartz.

While it’s great for the general idea of love and heart opening and forgiveness—which are all wonderful things—they aren’t specific to sex.

The best crystals for addressing sexual issues are:


– Garnet

– Carnelian

– Rhodochrosite

A few years ago I set out to make elixirs out of these crystals, to sell in the Anami Alchemia shop.

Ingesting the liquid essence of the crystal is meant to be more powerful than just having the physical crystal in your space.

In my research, I also found that you can use this liquid essence to temporarily change the energy field of any object and “make it into” that particular crystal for seven days.

This seemed like the ultimate solution:

The elixirs can be applied to a dildo to create any crystal version of it you’d like.

I chose glass as the base material for two reasons:

1) With hand-blown glass, you can create whatever shapes you want, down to the millimetre of curvature.

And, you have complete freedom with color and design.

I LOVE Venetian glass, so I wanted to have them made in the traditional, hand-blown, Venetian-glass style.

I spent weeks in glass-blowing studios learning the methods—not to do it myself, I leave that to the master glass blowers—but so I would understand how we could achieve exactly what I wanted, down to the exact shade of each color we use.

We did countless tests, and I did plenty of testing on myself to create models that would be the absolute best for achieving vaginal orgasms.

And voila.

We now have the Holy Trinity.

The other thing I saw in crystal dildos is that they were all straight cut, straight lines.

That’s because they were all machine, assembly-line produced.

The vagina isn’t straight.

It has curves.

Especially the G-Spot.

You need a pronounced curve to reach it.

Either the crook of your finger, or a C-curve in a dildo.

So we have Akasha, our G-Spot dildo, which features the notorious G-Spot curvature, along with a bulbous top to fill in and stimulate the whole G-Zone area.

And then I made two for the cervix: Anahata, which is our cervix toy #1 and Seva, which is cervix toy #2 number two.

The whole trinity is meant to be used in tandem and sequentially.

In Taoist sexual philosophy, we talk about the three gates of female orgasm.

Gate 1: is the clitoris

Gate 2: is the G-Spot

Gate 3: is the cervix.

You progressively open them and the woman one by one, starting with the lower gates.

And each of these helps to prepare her for the much deeper and cataclysmic opening of the cervix, the gate to the spiritual worlds.

You start with your G-Spot to warm up the vagina.

And then you move onto Cervix #1 with that glorious length, to ensure you reach the cervix and can stimulate it easily.

Once you feel opened up there, you progress onto Cervix #2, called Seva, or what we affectionally refer to around here as “the Finisher”.

Seva is famous for her girth. She fills you up in a way that few can, and brings it all home.

Another great quality of glass is that you can play with temperature by heating up or cooling down your dildos.

I’m a Goldilocks fucker — I like it “just right” — not too hot, not too cold.

But the option is there if you like it.

Changing Your Dildo into a Crystal

First off, I’ll talk a bit about crystal healing because they are a tool we use in Anami Land as another important tool for overall sexual healing and growth.

As I mentioned, you can anoint your dildos and yoni eggs with them.

We also feature them in our body oils,

I first became interested in vibrational healing nearly thirty years ago when I had a treatment using vibrational medicine, and I had a MASSIVE healing experience from it.

So massive, it literally knocked me onto the floor for several days so that I couldn’t get up.

It was a giant Herx or detox response and afterwards I felt totally cleansed and reborn.

From that experience onward, I was sold.

Vibrational medicine, as well as herbs, have been my primary modalities of healing.

Years later, the works of Dr. Emoto emerged, showing how water takes on energy and intention.

Yes, thoughts really are things.

Because science.

As Nicola Tesla said: :If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


Crocoite is meant to be THE most sexual crystal on Earth—one I bet many of you haven’t even heard of until now!

We have photos of all of these on the Anami Alchemia website, under crystal elixirs, and I’ll put some into the transcript of this episode, which you can find at kimanami.com, along with the show notes.

It’s a stunning, vibrant orange, with stick-like formations. I flew to Australia to meet with the owner of a mine and buy pieces of it to use in my crystal elixirs.

It helps bring out your primal, animalistic sexual expression and passion in bed and in life and is meant to aid all manner of reproductive disorders.

Garnet and carnelian are thought to increase sexual appetite, fertility and creative mojo.

And rhodochrosite, which is meant to be THE healer of sexual abuse, and also builds confidence and self-love

I use some other ones in my remedies that are adjuncts in healing, like dioptase—to heal a broken heart.

But these are the main ones.

Three of these comprise our Bodacious elixir trinity and Rhodochrosite, is in our Deep Healer series for both men and women:

Luscious for Women and Resurrect for Men.

The best of both worlds is to ingest these elixirs and then use drops of your crystal elixir onto your dildo or your jade egg, to change it to that crystal for seven days.

Then it reverts back to its original form, which you can keep using, for douse it again, or change it into another crystal.

I advise the trinity for all the single ladies and they are also wonderful exploration pieces to use with a partner.

Because the shapes are so precise for finding and pleasuring the G-Spot and cervix, they can help a couple to discover these bliss zones.

2) Jade Egg.

Lube is not a girl’s best friend.

The jade egg is.

And, if you use a jade egg, you’ll eliminate your need for lube anyway.

So you know.

Two birds, one egg.

Most—all??— women have numb vaginas.


Because they are discouraged from using, exercising or receiving pleasure in them.

So they atrophy. They get weak. They go numb.

The vagina becomes the symbolic and literal repository of suppressed emotions, traumatic experiences and unresolved conflicts around all things sexual.

All lodged energetically into the vagina and reproductive organs.

All of which then manifest as physical symptoms.

The jade egg—at least the way I teach it—works multidimensionally to reconnect a woman to her power source: her vagina.

Physically it strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles so they can do what they are meant to do: create a hammock to hold the internal organs.

The physical exercise wakes up these muscles, gets the circulation and blood flow going—which is the key to natural lubrication.

Even though you may not think of the jade egg as a typical sex toy, it’s actually perfect foreplay for your vagina and psyche.

The jade egg is foreplay for your vagina and psyche.

Especially for a woman who has endured ANY kind of abuse, and has residual paralysis, pain, fear, anxiety — although I have other suggestions for healing sexual trauma— using the egg is a gentle and loving way to bridge the gap of dissociation and being penetrated.

Even for women who don’t have this history, it does the same job in terms of opening you, reinvigorating the vaginal muscles and tissues and bringing them back to life.

You increase your capacity for ecstasy and orgasm, in bed and in life.

In my work with the egg, I teach you on an energetic level as well, using guided visualizations as well as mp3 physical routines to reconnect you so that you truly OWN that Super Pussy.

When women use the jade egg to do their vaginal exercises, they are often so aroused that they progress into vaginal orgasms.

Always ascending.

I have a DIY Yoni Egg Kit and Salonette you can buy in the Anami Alchemia online shop anytime.

And my legendary Vaginal Kung Fu LIVE Salon runs each year, beginning in late January.

3) Body Oils

A staple in the Anami lifestyle is the idea of self-love and self-massage.

By touching, honouring and adoring the parts of us—especially the physical body parts—that we have rejected or that we project negativity onto, we re-integrate them into us.

Our bodies—and our reproductive organs especially—become what they were always meant to be:

Beacons and channels of light, creativity, pleasure and power.

Your genitals are your movers and shakers.

They are the channels for your life-force energy.

The fact that so many people—especially women—are routinely encouraged and allow their reproductive organs to be removed, shows us how CUT OFF they are from them to begin with.

This is all indicative of the level of separation people have from their own bodies.—and sexual selves.

I talk about yoni massage, lingam massage, breast massage, testicle massage.

And overall sensual body massage.

All of these are tools to enliven, awaken, de-numb and bring these parts of us back to life.

In my YouTube videos, I give routines for all of these types of massage.

And in my salons, I show you more in-depth techniques and step-by-step how-to guides.

In the Anami Alchemia online shop, we have a breast oil, a yoni massage oil and a couples sensual massage oil.

For the guys, I’d suggest using the couples massage oil as a lingam oil for cock massage and self-pleasuring.

All of these oils are made with 100% organic ingredients, and the breast and yoni oils also include crystal elixirs.

Breast and yoni oils

I use the breast and yoni oils daily.

Because the breast oil has hyaluronic acid in it, I also apply it as a facial oil.

I use the aphrodisiac blend sensual massage oil for any kind of overall body massage and I always take it with me when I get a massage in a spa and make them use it!

I use it as a hair oil treatment.

And it’s a lovely anal lubricant.

I’m stressing the word “anal”. Remember: vaginas don’t need lube:

They self-lubricate.

For more on that, check out my episode:

“A Tsunami of Lubrication”.



Massage is great as a self-love, exploration, reconnaissance and reawakening tool.

And also as foreplay.

I’m big on the idea of not only you spending plenty of time massaging your own genitals, and also spending good chunks of your sex dates massaging and loving up your partner’s genitals too.

Since your genitals are your power sources—your life-force and fuel—we want to ensure that they are firing on all cylinders.

One of the most epic experiences of my life—my original six-day sex date, that became the blueprint for my Orgasmic Enlightenment retreats—was comprised of hours—and days—of massage.

Full-body, Chest, breasts, inner thighs, perineum, buttocks, labia.

What this did was open up all the energy channels, dissolve all kinds of what-felt-like ancient blocks so that all of this super-potent high-quality sexual energy we were cultivating could travel throughout our bodies.

I have never felt so high, blissed out, so well-fucked and so utterly MYSELF in my entire life.

All the power is in your hands.

And at your genitals.


So these are my top recommendations for sexual accessories:

The Holy Trinity couture dildo set. All the lingam you’ll ever need. 

  • The jade yoni egg as healer and and vaginal awakener.

  • Body massage oils. Our Alchemia Aphrodisia oils are the best.

You can find all of these items in the Anami Alchemia online shop.

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One thought on “#thingsiputinmyvagina: Kim’s Fave Organic Sex Toys

  1. Thank you so much for this reminder.
    It’s been too long since my only course, and life took over. I had forgotten how much Kim Anami moved my life into another dimension. I’ve currently been using flower essences to remove sub-conscious thoughts that were blocking me from moving forward in my life, and now I’m reminded what an important part of healing is everything Kim spoke of in this podcast. Thank you so very much for making this available free of charge.