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I Had a Baby!!

Come and meet my baby! She’s a beauty. 

I’ve been pregnant for 23 months, and I have finally given birth.

A couple of years ago, I conceived the idea to create an Anami shop. I wanted to design an Anami line of superior-quality products in the realm of erotic accoutrements and sexual healing.

These items that would be an extension of my own multi-dimensional philosophy—that the deepest growth occurs when we address as many angles as possible: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

Alchemy has always been fascinating to me: the idea that we can turn dross into gold. We can mine our hurts, injuries and pain and transform them into powerful wisdom.

These products are all formulated to do exactly that.

Introducing the Anami Alchemia online shop!!

Here are our debut features: 

1) La Petite Mort Collection: Couture dildos.

Gorgeous, fuckable erotic objet d’art to help women achieve vaginal orgasms: G-Spot and cervical.

I have personally designed these with the length, girth and perfect shapes in mind to guide women to their full orgasmic potential.

To this end I have created a set of three: suitably dubbed “The Holy Trinity,” which, when used in combination, are all the lingam a woman would ever need.

2) Anami Crystal Elixirs: DIY vibrational healing in the form of gemstone remedies.

Much like flower remedies, crystals have multi-dimensional healing properties which are believed to permanently affect geometric codes in humans.

Did you know that there is a crystal which is meant to be the healer for sexual abuse? It’s in the Luscious for Her and Resurrect for Him remedies.

I traveled the world over to find the highest-quality crystals to make elixirs from. And I made them myself! So they not only contain their own unique healing frequencies, but I have “programmed” them for specific sexual and intimate issues as well. For example, Sexy Mama is programmed to remove the Madonna/whore blockage in women. Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan has done extensive research on how water can be imprinted with thoughts and intentions. I’ll be writing more about this in the future.

3) Jade Egg Kit and “Salonette.” 

Since the yoni egg movement has become so widespread, I wanted to offer a kit that people could order and get started with immediately, without having to wait for the next run of Vaginal Kung Fu (which we now run twice a year: February and June).

Being me, I couldn’t just sell an egg without instruction, or worse yet, ignorantly tell people to “wear their egg all day”, so I created a mini “salonette” with jade egg exercises and guided visualizations as well as all the do’s and don’ts for egg use.

AND if you’d like to join in on the full run of Vaginal Kung Fu in the future, you can credit 2/3 of the cost of the salonette to the course price of the full VKF 8-week salon anytime in the future.

4) Sex Cleanses.

Yep, you can do a juice cleanse and a food cleanse and now you can do a sex cleanse!

These are 30-day mini self-study salons that combine different Anami products, egs. a dildo, a set of crystal elixirs and then 30 days of daily email assignments delivered straight to your inbox to facilitate your emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical healing.

Right now, we have The Orgasm Cleanse and The Yoni Cleanse for women. Our Radical Erections Cleanse for men will be released early in the new year.

We’ll be continually releasing new products over time.


A few highlights from the Anami Alchemia Manifesto:   ????

  • Anami is a Sanskrit word which symbolizes the highest plane of heaven, which is ever-evolving. There is always another level to go. Anami Alchemia products are tools for healing, self-realization and taking one to the next stage of growth.
  • Highest-quality ingredients. From me traveling to Tasmania to meet with a geologist at his mine to purchase the highest-quality crocoite crystals in the world, to using special biophotonic glass for our bottles, we have sourced and used only the best of the best of everything.
  • Holistic and multi-dimensional healing. In this day and age of surgery and drugs, which rarely “heal” anything, people are eager for solutions which actually do heal, and do so in gentle and uplifting ways. Our modalities seek to illuminate and remove the root cause of ailments, working on emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual levels. We do not use Band-Aids.

So come on over and meet my baby!!


P.S. Check out our social media handles. Alchemia will be on Instagram and Facebook, where a big focus will be on sharing intimate and overall healthy lifestytle tips.

Photo: Sarah Orbanic

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