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Crystals for Epic Sex

How to use crystals to increase your orgasmic potential and heal sexual abuse.

Crystals have been used since ancient times for healing, protection and to amplify the bearer and wearer’s personal power.

They are on the new vanguard—or rather, resurgence—of vibrational medicine.

As people become increasingly disillusioned with the false promises and sad reality of allopathic medicine, we are more and more looking for ways to catalyze the wisdom in our bodies and cells to effect rapid transformation and permanent healing.

I have been using vibrational medicine for over 30 years—homeopathy, flower and gem essences, crystals, and machines that are programmed with vibrations of natural frequencies.

I believe in the most gentle remedies to help remind our bodies of what it is like to live in vibrant health. I believe that every potential physical and emotional stress we could encounter has its remedy found in nature.

Indeed, pharmaceutical companies believe this as well, as many of their formulations are based upon the molecular structure of plants. They simply make them into patent-able medications so they can derive a massive profit from them.

Since creating my own line of Crystal Elixirs—where the healing qualities of the gemstones are infused into water and then ingested orally—I’ve had miraculous shifts.

I had a very powerful experience even making these elixirs, locking myself away in my cliffside Bali villa for three days and nights over a full eclipse moon.

In case you are skeptical, the idea of vibrational medicine has been proven in the scientific experiments of Japan’s famed Dr. Masaru Emoto.

You may have seen his water experiments in the documentary What the Bleep Do We Know? He showed how our very thoughts change the world and all the beings surrounding us.

It’s mighty stuff.

And, it’s the subject of this week’s video.

Check out my line of Anami Crystal Elixirs.

And hear from people who have taken them, in our verified reviews.

Have you had powerful healing experiences with crystals? Tell me in the comments!


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