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The Holy Trinity

Kim Anami said:

“Let there be light!”

And there was light.

“Let there be orgasms!

And there were orgasms. 


In the beginning, there were no orgasms.

Western science and underfuked and sexually inexperienced OBGYNs said there were none.

They said women would be sad forever.

Then, Kim Anami said:

“Let there be light!”

And there was light.

“Let there be orgasms!”

And there were orgasms.

Orgasms to save the world.

Orgasms to save marriages.

Orgasms to save a woman’s vagina.

On the first day, Kim created: AKASHA.

She said:

“There shall be G-Spot orgasms and squirting ejaculate that hits the ceiling.

There shall be women having much pleasure.”

And it was done.

Forged deep in the fires of Mt Venus—came:

AKASHA: Bringer of G-Spot Orgasms and the squirting.

In Sanskrit, Akasha means:

“The primal matter or force that enters into all beings.”

“An ethereal fluid imagined as pervading the cosmos.”

Akasha or Akashic also refers to “an ethereal compendium of all knowledge and history”, as in, the Akashic records.

A woman will start to access this—her inner realms—and their wisdom will be available to her.

Also known as “The Opener”.

And so it was.

There was much rejuicing.

And rejoicing.

On the second day, Kim said:

“Women must learn how to connect their hearts and their vaginas.

Women will use their vaginas as a power source and way to unveil their true nature.”

And so she created: ANAHATA.

The activator of a woman’s deep sexual and feminine power.

Anahata opens a channel from the cervix, to the heart, to the crown chakra.

Stimulating the vagus nerve, often called the spiritual nerve, it connects a woman to her higher self and wisdom.

The heavens accessed through her vagina.


On this day, all women had cervical orgasms.

There were tears of pleasure and release and be-coming her true nature.

Of power and ecstasy.

On the third day, Kim created SEVA.

For the cervix was not yet done having orgasms.

It needed more and more.

So more fucks were given.

Kim said:

“We don’t not give a f**k around here.

We give lots of f**ks.”

Seva, with its great spiritual depth and girth, further opens and obliterates a woman.

Causing the death of her ego and her worldly persona. And opening her up to orgasmic enlightenment.

She is reborn into a well-fucked woman.

A spiritual giant to walk this earth.

In rediscovering her true self, she is better able to give her gifts to the world.

Her sexual, creative and orgasmic energies are harnessed and channeled into everything she does.


I designed these gorgeous pieces to be a progressive opening.

Beginning with Akasha for the G-Spot, to help a woman to release and let go.

Anahata for the cervix, to access her innermost depth and heart.

And Seva to fill her up with so much love and girth, that she explodes into oblivion.

Which is why we call it “The Finisher”.

All the lingam you’ll ever need. To save your vagina and soul.

So go f**k yourself!!!

I did!

With the Holy Trinity, you have the perfect combination of couture cock.

All the power is in your hands.

To activate the power in your vagina.

Come one, come all!!!!!!

You can find all of these gorgeous objets d’art sold as the Holy Trinity, or individually in the Anami Alchemia shop.

Give the best gift you can for Xmas: a bouquet of cock.




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