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Psychedelic Birth

Was your birth orgasmic?

Or psychedelic?

Was it pain-free?

Do you think this is even possible?

Not only is it possible, this is what childbirth is meant to be: A deeply pleasurable, transcendent, self-actualizing, orgasmic and psychedelic experience.

It is an initiation that unifies you with the cosmos and solidifies your role as a channel for the divine.

You are the vessel for life-force to come through.

You are a portal to other dimensions.

In accessing these places, you ascend to higher states of consciousness.

And you stay there.

Because you’ve earned it.

Yes, this is what birth was meant to be.

The fact that most women’s birth experiences and the collective cultural understanding—or shall I say misunderstanding—of what birth is, is so FAR FROM this, tells us a lot about the problems in the current paradigm of the allopathic treatment of pregnant women.

Left to our their own devices, our bodies, and nature will create the most perfect and even orgasmic, psychedelic birth experience.

In today’s interview, we have the legendary Well-F**ked Star Amanda. We chat about:

– What it’s like to walk through pregnancy and birth without seeing anyone about anything vs. her first two pregnancies with a midwife
– Psychedelic visions she received in each birth
– How being surrendered and UN-INTERFERED with allowed these visions to come through
– Orgasms as pre-natal care
– Plant medicine vs. birth and cervical orgasms
– How birthing from her own intuition has transformed her as a person to become her truest, highest and most confident self and mother

Listen now:

Or download the podcast version and listen on the go: 

The Sexy Mama Salon is open for registration! 

This is my 8-week online salon on all things holistic pregnancy and ecstatic childbirth.

It’s my view and experience that just like all women can have vaginal orgasms and voracious libidos, so too can they have orgasmic, transcendent, blissful births.

Yes, every woman can.

She just need to clear the blockages and programming she’s taken on via a corrupt medical system and culture at large that seeks to remove a woman from this power.

I seek to restore her to it.

That’s what we do in Sexy Mama. We systematically go through every stage from conception through pregnancy, birth and postpartum to “reprogram” you with all the strength and power and ecstasy to make these peak, life-affirming experiences and create an imprint of bliss for life.

Yes, it’s possible for everyone.

These women are living proof. And so too can you be.

Even if you aren’t currently pregnant or have immediate plans for children, I would suggest signing up so you can begin the “reprogramming” process and create confidence in your choices, knowing they are backed up by facts and impeccable research.

See you inside! 


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