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All Women Can Have Orgasmic Births

It’s the Anami Guarantee.

Birth is meant to be the most orgasmic, pleasurable event of your life, and the biggest, wildest, most life-changing orgasm and spiritually transcendent experience you will ever have. 

What if the TRUTH is that your entire pregnancy was actually an extension of the sexual act, where you feel erotically lit up and charged ALL of the time, brimming over with sensual and sexual energy, and at the edge of orgasm for nine months? Living in a perpetual state of arousal and bliss? 

What if the TRUTH is that your birth was then the peak of all of that, the building of NINE months of delicious foreplay, climaxing with the biggest, wildest, most ecstatic orgasm of your life, that will forever change you as a person, and hardwire your baby for a life of bliss and flow? 

It is. 

In this episode: 

– The connection between sex, God and birth 

– The only way to have blissful birth is if you are sexually connected to yourself and partner 

– Cervical orgasms as birth training 

– How to prepare for an orgasmic birth 

– The biggest reason why couples don’t have sex after children and how to avoid it 

SEXY MAMA OPENS for registration next week!

If you’re ready to educate, deprogram and then reprogram yourself as the truly powerful portal that you are, check out my Sexy Mama Salon! 

In my 8-week online program for women, you’ll learn:

  • How to reprogram yourself during pregnancy to prepare for a transcendent, blissful birth
  • How sensuality plays a role during your birth
  • Luscious tips to tune into during birth and easily open as a divine portal
  • Use your birth as an acension experience for deeper states of orgasmic ecstasy
  • The most important post-birth practices and tools
  • Vaginal reconnaissance: know thyself for the win
  • Keeping the simmer going with your lover, even after becoming a parent

Everything you need to have an orgasmic birth and be an intuitive, empowered and sexy mama.

In the meantime, check out the free preview video series and get on the list to be notified when registration opens.



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All Women Can Have Orgasmic Births

Some of the most fun we have here in Anami Land, is gleefully defying much of the social programming and limitations that are imprinted upon us from an early age.

The truth is:

All women are multi-orgasmic and can have G-Spot, cervical and ejaculating orgasms, shoot ping pong balls with their vaginas and be gushing lubrication at any age and stage of their lives.

All men can have superstar stamina and last for hours in bed, be multi-orgasmic, learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation and have rock hard erections well into their 70s and beyond.

And… all women can have orgasmic births.

I guarantee it.

All of these things are possible, for ALL people.

It’s the Anami Guarantee.

This is reality in Anami Land, where all things are possible, and my purpose is to show you why, and then how to get there.

The truth is:

  • Birth is meant to be orgasmic, pleasurable event of your life, and the biggest, wildest, most life-changing orgasm and spiritually transcendent experience you will ever have.

How could it not be?

At least in its natural state.

In this moment, you are literally co-creating with the universe itself, to bring new life into the world.

Your human and divine powers are combined and at their zenith.

Birth is simply the culmination of the great cosmic act that started it all: lovemaking and conception.

What if the TRUTH is that your entire pregnancy was actually an extension of the sexual act, where you feel erotically lit up and charged ALL of the time, brimming over with sensual and sexual energy, and at the edge of orgasm for nine months? Living in a perpetual state of arousal and bliss?

What if the TRUTH is that your birth was then the peak of all of that, the building of NINE months of delicious foreplay, climaxing with the biggest, wildest, most ecstatic orgasm of your life, that will forever change you as a person, and hardwire your baby for a life of bliss and flow?

It is.

Woah. Sexual pregnancy? Birth as an orgasmic and sexual act?

Sounds pretty heretic, doesn’t it?

I mean, we’ve all had the whole madonna/whore dichotomy shoved down our throats since birth.

The separation birth/pregnancy/motherhood and sexuality?

So much so, that even in Christian mythology, the famed son of God couldn’t even be born from a couple having sex.

They had to skip that part. Hahahahhahaah.

If it even means that. People take the bible so literally.

The truth is that sex and spirituality and sex and birth are inextricably linked.

Always have been, always will be.

The fact that birth IS painful and pregnancy can be such suffering for so many women, tells you how far from the truth of pregnancy and birth we have actually come.

So why do most people have experiences nothing like that?

1)    Programming

2)   Deliberate interference

3)   Make work program/job creation.

If you have an intermediary between you and God, and you and your own body—I mean, the fact that we actually buy into this tells you how much non-stop effort goes into the brainwashing and conditioning to make us believe this.

Just like you are told that you need a priest to be the go-between for you and God, in Western medicine, you are told that you need a machete-wielding witch doctor to “deliver” your baby for you, often by cutting it out of you in a bizarre sacrificial ritual.

The sacrifice is you, your body, your sense of self, your autonomy, your power, your confidence and belief in yourself and mostly being robbed of the most profound, self-actualizing experience you can have as a human being.

Because that is what you get from birthing a baby through natural means.

And nothing less than that.

You and the divine, grooving together, opening up the portal between worlds in the most shamanic of journeys, and bringing in new life.

How much more powerful does it get?

It doesn’t.

And in the Western world, that experience is taken from you.

And not only do you NOT get to have that, but women are generally left traumatized by what they go through.

Because when you interfere with that divine flow, and try to control and manage, it backfires spectacularly.


When I got pregnant, I’d already been living off the grid and in nature for a while. And this was before the time of cell phones and internet, so once you were away from civilization, you were truly off the grid.

I’d been on a journey for about seven years, exploring natural and herbalism, homeopath, mediation and all kinds of self-healing ideas.

I had the intuitive sense that “Of course!” My body knew what to do.

All I had to do was listen to and honor it.

And I did.

I had no interest in getting any kinds of tests or scans or some kind of outside validation to tell ME what was happening in my own body.

I knew.

All women know.

But we get convinced with huge marketing campaigns, that we do not know.

In the early 20th century, there was an orchestrated campaign by a new, emerging, made up profession called obstetrics and gynaecologists who sought to erase midwifery and make the field of women’s bodies their own.

Along with this smear campaign against midwives, was also the intention to make women think that birthing their own babies was a feat so daunting that they couldn’t possibly do it without a male doctor there to rip the baby out of them in some way.

This is a quote from the American Dr. Hodge in 1938.

“If these facts can be substantiated, if this information can be promulgated, if females can be induced to believe that their sufferings will be diminished or shortened, and that their lives, and those of their offspring be safer in the hands of the profession? There will be no further difficulty in establishing the universal practice of obstetrics. All the prejudices of the most ignorant and nervous female, all the innate and acquired feelings of delicacy, so characteristic of the sex, will afford no obstacle to the employment of male practitioners.”

All of this to say that the knowing gets obscured by brainwashing and marketing, make work projects like OBGYNs trying to secure themselves a job.

And the MAJOR point to remember, is that the biological default is bliss.

And not just bliss, but sensual and sexual bliss.

Anything other than that is a deviation from the norm.

The “norm” is orgasmic ecstasy.

Certain establishments and interests have worked very hard to make it seem like the “norm” is pain.

And that birth is a totally asexual act.

What if the key, what if the divine CODE (haha, to jump on a popular trope these days) is that you HAVE to be connected to your sexual flow in order to experience this kind of TRULY divine birth?

I believe that this is true.

I have seen this to be true.

And if you speak to any woman who has tapped into this, and had an orgasmic birth, she’ll tell you the same thing.

We’ve interviewed them on the podcast—you can hear Amanda’s story of how her birth was “all the orgasms I’ve ever had combined into that birth orgasm” on Season 1, Episode 37, in the episode called Birth Orgasms.

So what is the pathway there?

1.Become a Well-F**ked Woman.

Easy to say, and fun to do.

The “preparation” to be doing during your pregnancy and even before, is upleveling your sexuality.

Forget shopping for baby paraphernalia.

Your focus ought to be on tapping into your hot and sexy mama and archetypal wild woman who f**ks her way through her pregnancy.

Take my salons, listen to my podcasts and know that THIS is the most important preparation you could be doing for your birth.

Nothing matters more than this.

Signup for my Well-F**ked Woman Salon and Vaginal Kung Fu. If the salons aren’t in session when you want to take them, you can signup for the free preview video series in the meantime and then you’ll be on the list to be notified when they do open.

This goes for all my salons.

In the meantime, I have years of podcasts and YouTube videos to keep you going where I talk about all these things.

2)  Cervical orgasms are your biggest birth tool.

The cervix literally opens in birth and energetically opens during these deep orgasms.

Meaning, it relaxes and receives touch and energetic penetration.

The pathway to cervical orgasm is surrender. letting go of control and opening yourself.

It’s the exact same pathway in birth.

And the more you can practice this deep, deep, spiritual, physical and energetic surrender that characterizes cervical orgasms, it’s like going to the birth gym.

You’ll be training yourself and opening these neural pathways that will help you to get there.

Cervical orgasms activate the vagus nerve, which is considered to the be most spiritual nerve in the body.

It’s aligned with an energetic pathway that goes from the cervix, through the heart, all the way to the crown chakra and beyond.

This is why women often describe their cervical orgasms as rebirthing, self-actualizing, like they are on Ecstasy and they feel like they “see God”.

You cross the same threshold and the same energetic field—although not nearly as intense as birth—but the sense of having to confront the abyss, and leap and trust and fall into surrender is the same.

This is as much a spiritual principle and journey as it is a sexual one.

This is why cervical orgasms change a woman to her core.

And why they are the best tool you can use to prepare for the birth experience and the level of courage and surrender that will be required of you.

So get to bed and get to work!

Check out my podcast episode:

5 Steps to Cervical Orgasms from Season 2, Episode 3.

3)  Your relationship is key.

People overlook this as one of the most essential components to an easy, natural and blissful birth:

The state of your relationship.

If you are in turmoil, if you have a lot of unresolved issues between you—be they recent or longstanding—if you don’t have a very active or fulfilling sex life, I would be very surprised if you didn’t end up with a very complicated birth, full of interference and “oh we just HAD to cut the baby out with a machete or you both would have DIED!”

The truth here is that all the issues in your relationship and your bed show up in your birth.

This applies to the collective entity of your relationship, and to blocks that you have individually that prevent you from getting as close and deep with each other as you need to be.

To raise a child, you NEED to be fully in sync and in alignment with each other.

Birth trauma is the #1 reason why couples grow apart and stop having sex after their children are born.

It isn’t because you are “so tired” and you “don’t have time”.

These are just excuses.

If you had a traumatic birth experience—and most hospital births are this by default—this lingers in the space between you as a massive, unresolved issue.

Since most people will not think of their hospital births this way, or aren’t given permission to: “Hey, just be grateful that you and your baby are alive!” they can never process and grieve the shitshow that happened to them all at the hands of their OBGYN who needed to get home in time for dinner.

For more on this, check out my episode The Real Reason Couples Stop Having Sex After Children Season 4, Episode 30.

Before even getting pregnant, and during your pregnancy, your focus ought to be on everything you can do to create a gourmet sex, Super Power Couple relationship.

This is what’s going to give you the love and sexual intimacy to stay connected during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

The reason couples get exhausted in this time is because they aren’t fucking enough.

IF they were using each other as the refuelling station/sanctuary/recharge outlets that you are meant to be with each other, you’ll float through early childhood in bliss.

It’s true.

All of my salons teach you how to feng shui and uplevel your intimate relationship with yourself and your partner.

Coming Together is my salon designed for couples, but all of the other salons, like WFW and Sexual Mastery for Men have homeplay practices and techniques for both singles and couples.

4) Busting through the blocks and programming that we’ve been bombarded with since birth.

All of the TV shows and movies we see of some kind of farcical pantomime of a woman in a hospital, screaming at the top of her lungs, her legs spread open for all the world to come and have a look, and finally being SAVED by the white coat priest allopathic whore who will administer all manner of drugs and cuts to get the baby out because oh you poor little woman, you could’t possibly ever do this yourself!

WE WILL SAVE YOU FROM THE horrors of your own body.

You have to look at the bullshit brainwashing you’ve taken in—that we all have—and reprogram yourself.

If you don’t do this, then all of the unconscious wiring that’s been set in motion—including from your own birth experience and your partner’s—will take over as the default.

So…you educate yourself on the reality—which is that the most dangerous place in the world to give birth is in an American hospital.

They have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the developed world.

Routine C-sections and inductions and episiotomies and birth rapes.

Instead, rewire all of that with the inner truth that MOTHER KNOWS BEST.

Your body, your genetic code have been wired with all of the wisdom and information you need to do this.

You simply need to shed all of the lies you’ve been told and recalibrate to the wisdom within.


All of this is why I created my Sexy Mama Salon.

In this 8-week, online salon, I show you the missing link between sexuality and birth, and how to make your birth the most transcendent, orgasmic experience you’ll have.

In Sexy Mama, we systematically go through every stage from conception through pregnancy, birth and postpartum to “reprogram” you with all the strength and power and ecstasy to make these peak, life-affirming experiences and create an imprint of bliss for life.

And yes, it’s possible for everyone.

It’s The Anami Guarantee.


The Sexy Mama salon opens for registration in a few weeks. This may be the last time I run this salon live, and after this year, we’re thinking to make it a self-study.

To watch the free preview video series and be notified when the salon opens for registration, go to Sexy Mama.

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