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5 Steps to Cervical Orgasms

Cervical orgasms are the holy grail of female orgasms.

They are the most powerful, pleasurable and life-changing orgasm a woman can have.

I say life-changing, because they truly do change your life—I’m not exaggerating.

If the purpose of our sexual energy is to create new life, this is exactly what these orgasms do—birth new life, every time you have them.

Not necessarily little babies kind of life, but at the very least, some kind of shedding of the old skin of the self, and a rebirth.

A renewal.

A metamorphosis.

I have used cervical orgasms for decades in place of therapy. (Though good therapy still has its place. So long as its used alongside cervical orgasms!)

I have spent thousands of hours processing trauma and negative experiences from any parts of my life, but especially those connected to the heart and my sexuality, via doggie-style position.

Which happens to be the best position for having cervical orgasms.

Hands down.

In this episode:

– Why cervical orgasms are the queen of all female orgasms
– How it’s possible for every woman to have them
– What they feel like—essentially, like a psychedelic experience
– We’ll speak this week’s Well-F**ked All Star: Sarah, who came from a very religious background and upbringing and cleared herself of this programming of shame, to have cervical orgasms
– My five recommended steps for having cervical orgasms

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Read the full transcribed episode below:

5 Steps to Cervical Orgasms 

5 Steps to Cervical Orgasms

Cervical orgasms are the holy grail of female orgasms.

They are the most powerful, pleasurable and life-changing orgasm a woman can have.

I say life-changing, because they truly do change your life—I’m not exaggerating.

If the purpose of our sexual energy is to create new life, this is exactly what these orgasms do—birth new life, every time you have them.

Not necessarily little babies kind of life, but at the very least, some kind of shedding of the old skin of the self, and a rebirth.

A renewal.

A metamorphosis.

I have used cervical orgasms for decades in place of therapy.

I have spent thousands of hours processing trauma and negative experiences from any parts of my life, but especially those connected to the heart and my sexuality, via doggie style position.

Which happens to be the best position for having cervical orgasms.

Hands down.


The vagina is an alchemical cauldron. It stores emotions and experiences. If they sit there, unattended and unprocessed, these can later show up as cysts and growths and other symptoms of unwellness and stuck energy in the reproductive system.

But if you lovingly and consciously fuck these things out of you, it is literally like fucking the shit out of you.

You can transform these stuck feelings and energies into power.

Rebirthing them and you.

Cervical orgasms are often characterized by:

1) Intense, full-body pleasure.

2) Tears/ overwhelming emotion.

3) Feeling like you are high. If you’ve taken Ecstasy before, that’s what it’s like. But better. And all natural.

4) They can last for hours and days.

5) A sense of being reborn. Spiritual reset/“come into” yourself. The little death and rebirth.


So let’s talk about these things:

1)  Intense, full-body pleasure.

Unlike clitoral orgasms which are localized, well, at the clitoris, cervical orgasms radiate out from your pelvis into your whole body.

Every cell of you feels like it’s bathing in intense pleasure and euphoria.

Beyond the body high though, is the soul high. Not only do these feelings encompass your body, but your entire being.

Which leads us to:

2) Tears/overwhelming emotion

People often say that they feel like they have “seen God” and feel totally at peace with themselves and the universe.

This is my experience. A sense that everything is right in the world. I am open, I trust myself, I trust life to bring me good things. I trust that I can surrender and open to the universe itself, because it will support me.

You know the kind of tears you cry when you are so overwhelmed with love and emotion? Not sad tears necessarily, but tears of awe?

Those are cervical orgasm tears.

Though I will say, that at times, I have cried deep, deep tears of release and catharsis.

Women usually don’t know what the source is of their crying.

And it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that your body and psyche have found a way to release some very deep stuff. and you are letting them by going bravely into these orgasms.

In Taoist sexual reflexology, which maps out reflexology points in the vagina and vulva, the cervix is considered to be the heart point.

Being stimulated at the cervix helps to open the heart. And, women need to have at least some degree, if not a fairly open heart to get to these orgasms.

So that’s why they feel like a combination of your vagina, heart and spirit opening all at once.

The cervix is the gateway between worlds.

It is the doorway between life and death.

It opens during birth, to let new life pass.

And it opens at ovulation and menstruation, to let the possibilities or not—of life pass through.

This is a spiritual gateway for women.

These orgasms clear out old residue from the heart, the vagina and her entire being.

I have often said that a few hours spent fucking and having deep spiritual orgasms is worth hours and hours in the therapist’s chair.

I still think therapy is great, but this is a power tool you have available to you as a woman.

Use it.

3) Feeling like you are high.

There is an energetic pathway going from the cervix all the way up to the crown chakra.

Opening and activating the cervix turns on this pathway, sending sexual energy all the way up to the crown.

You open up that connection to your higher self, and your spiritual sight.

After my first cervical orgasm, I remember walking around, feeling like I was high.

I had insight into all kinds of situations and people, and I was utterly calm, full of trust and open to the world.

I felt utterly centered, grounded and beautiful.

You know the moments where you are so centred in your own self, and love being in your own skin?

Well, that’s it, times 100.

It’s lit.

From the vagina to the crown.

4) They can last for hours and days.

Clitoral orgasms are like a sugar high, but shorter. There’s a quick burst of intensity, and then it fades and you’re often left with a blood sugar plummet.

Cervical orgasms are like organic, bio-dynamically grown food that feeds you for days after.

These physical, emotional and spiritual sensations remain for hours.

And for some people, days.

These orgasms reach down into your cells, clearing out old residue and rebooting them.

This is why people feel like they are vibrating at a higher level after these orgasms, and they feel this way for days afterwards.

And the more you have, the higher you build and vibrate.

It’s like starting a meditation practice. If you do it sporadically, you get some benefit out of it.

But if you make it a daily commitment, you create a cumulative build of positivity in your life.

Making it hard to ever fall back down to a level of pessimism and negativity.

Yo raise your vibration so high that it’s like a protection and insurance against falling.

The same happens with these orgasms.

They are superfood for the soul and for all of your cells.

they help to self-actualize you.

Which leads us to point number 5:

5) The spiritual reset/“coming into” yourself. The little death and rebirth.

Your sexual energy contains the blueprint of you—all your DNA and self is in here.

When you tune into this energy, and especially going as deeply into it as you do in cervical orgasms, you reset yourself.

It’s like rebooting your computer.

Wiping it clear of any kind of viruses and malware and anything that takes it off its true course, creating false programs.

And resetting it to its original self.

This is what happens with these deeper orgasms.

They reset your whole autonomic nervous system, and bring you back into touch with your authentic, unconditioned, un-programmed, true self.

This is probably their most powerful action.

Way more powerful than any drug experience or anything else you could take or do.

And it all comes from you. From within. For free. Without you having to be depending on anyone else.

Yes, you may have a partner who helps to get you there.

But plenty of women, myself included, have cervical orgasms through self-pleasure.


Five Best Tools and Steps for Cervical Orgasms

These can all be summed up with one phrase: Feeling connected.

These aren’t the kinds of orgasms you can phone in.

Your vagina and your cervix are the ultimate truth-telling barometers.

If you aren’t present and connected and feeling the love, they won’t come.

It’s as simple as that.

Clitoral orgasms are a lot more forgiving.

You can bust those out watching porn, or fucking someone you aren’t really that into.

But not the cervix.

The cervix is all about deep and sacred truth.

There are three levels you need to be connected on:

Your vagina. Yourself in general. Your partner.


Here are the best ways to get there:

1) Using a Jade Egg.

Vaginal numbness is the source of so many female issues.

This numbness is symbolic of all the deeper ways women aren’t connected to their sexuality.

Vaginal numbness is also the product of physical atrophy.

A weak, uninhabited vagina just isn’t going to feel anything or communicate with you.

The best remedy for this is the regular use of a jade egg.

All you need is 10-15 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week and you will

The egg will help you to build articulation and strength in the vagina, so it becomes a mover and shaper in your life.

You fully occupy it, as your power source, compass and amplify all of your physical sensations within it.

I teach a full step-by-step yoni massage and of course complete jade egg exercises in the Vaginal Kung Fu Salon.

2) Yoni Massage.

These are tools you can use to release tension, tightness and energetic trauma in the vagina.

We “de-armour” the vagina, removing any kinds of walls and protection that it’s built up over the years.

By doing this, you awaken and activate the self-healing and creative powers of your reproductive organs both on a physical level and emotional and spiritual.

And since cervical orgasms are nothing if not emotional and spiritual, this is essential to do.

3) Our Cervical Orgasm Couture Dildos.

I mentioned before that it’s totally possible to achieve cervical orgasms on your own.

All you need is a good sized cock!

And I can give you that.

I’ve designed two different cervical couture dildos which we carry in our Anami Alchemia online shop.

We have Anahata, which is phase one and a longer specimen, and Seva, which is phase two, and a girth-ier model.

I recommend using them in tandem with Akasha, the G-Spot toy, as part of our Holy Trinity set.

That way you can fuck yourself progressively, starting with Akasha, moving onto Anahata, and then you finish it off with Seva.

This way you open the vagina incrementally, all the way home.

4) My Vaginal Kung Fu Salon

Not only do you learn to use and master the jade yoni egg, and build more sensation and strength in the vagina, the VKF salon helps you to heal past trauma, rewire your nervous system and clear emotional blockages and, as well as any negative programming and beliefs you have picked up along the way.

This includes sexual abuse, trauma from your upbringing and even beliefs you have about your sexuality and what it means to be a woman.

Anything that’s standing in the way of you fully connecting to and inhabiting your own body is going to show up in bed.

It shows up in the way of low libido, lack of lubrication, and most definitely, a lack of orgasm.

Once you’ve done this internal feng shui, you clear away the debris that covers over your true self.

And then you can claim what’s rightfully yours: cervical orgasms and wetting the bed with your ejaculate.

5) My How to Be a Well-Fucked Woman Salon.

The other major component to having cervical orgasms is learning to let go.

Your heart has to be open to have cervical orgasms. You have to be able to surrender and open yourself on such a deep level.

This is an ongoing process of learning to communicate and express your truth, and keep the conversation open with your partner, if you have one.

As you do that, your orgasms will reflect just how close and open you are!

IF you are very connected, these orgasms come easily.

If you hold each other at a distance and are content to go along with a “don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t rock the boat” kind of relationship, you’ll never get to these orgasmic places.

VKF and WFW are like part 1 and 2 of How to Be a WFW.

VKF goes more specifically into the egg work and all things vaginal and female body users’ manual.

And WFW goes more deeply into the art of feminine energy, how to surrender more deeply, how you communicate with your partner, and even sexual techniques.

Both of these salons comprise a woman’s complete sexual education.

This week’s Well-F**ked All Star.

All right!! Now it’s time to hear from Sarah, this week’s Well-F**ked All Star.

Sarah has come out of a deeply religious upbringing, where sexuality and women’s bodies were totally shamed.

From there, she’s navigated her way out of that and all the way into cervical orgasms.

She’s an alumni of Vaginal Kung Fu and my How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman salons.

“A Woke AF Vagina!”

KIM: Welcome, Sarah. It’s fantastic to have you here.

SARAH: Thank you, Kim. Thank you so much for having me.

KIM: Tell us all about your journey to cervical orgasms.

SARAH: Awesome, yeah. I’m so excited to share this because once it happened to me, I felt I needed to scream it from the rooftops, so here we go. But I really don’t know where to start, so I’ll just pick a spot.

I grew up in a huge family. I have seven sisters, and on my mom’s side they’re Christian. On my dad’s side, they’re Jewish, but we went to Baptist private school, and so I had a lot of religion in my life. Even though there was variation in those religions, one common, clear message was streaming through all of them and that was that sex was bad, it was dark, it was wrong. Orgasms and pleasure were bad, dark, and wrong. And so, I grew up with a very dark view on orgasms and self-pleasure and I didn’t really know anything about the female body except that I have boobs and I can bleed and give birth.

KIM: And usually all of those things with pain.

SARAH: Exactly. And it was something to be ashamed about and just not proud of, right? That was really frustrating because when you grow up with a lot of women in your life—I looked at women as these amazing people that could do so many things. I felt so lost because I had all this pressure and all this spiritual abuse, I guess you could say, telling me that it was bad and wrong and shameful to be a woman.

And so, I grew up hating that. I hated the fact that I have a vagina, and that became hatred towards that part of me. When I found your work—

KIM: Hang on. I just want to jump in and say, I think that’s pretty normal because there’s so much negativity and shame and blame placed on women and their sexuality that girls and women growing up in this culture are going to internalize that. At the very least there will be disassociation; the worst would be really negative loathing-type relationships to their bodies, and that’s all reinforced through allopathic medicine. “Oh, you have a difficult period? We’ll just put a giant Band-Aid on that and put you on hormone blockers for the rest of your life.”

SARAH: Exactly.

KIM: Everywhere you look, the dominant messaging is, being a woman is difficult, painful, and all you can really do is sort of grin and bear it. There’s not a real solution, there’s no real joy in it, just tough luck: you were born a woman. [Laughs]

SARAH: Exactly. You said it right. It was so frustrating, too, because in my mind, I’m thinking, well, if God made me that way—I’m a female. What am I supposed to do?

And I found this in a lot of my own sisters, too, where they hated it as well. Then I found out my friends hated being women as well; man, this sucks. What do we do about it?

It’s funny because even though I’m not religious, I am still spiritual and I do believe in God. I thought, All right, you know what? I’m just going to pray and ask God, because this loathing was carrying into other areas of my life. I hated dating. I hated opening myself up because I just didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, which was really sad.

I remember praying: “God, angels, universe, whoever, can you help me out here? I hate feeling this way. Please send me something to help me feel better, to help me help myself.”

And literally the next day, this girl who I was following on Facebook said, “Oh my God, you guys need to check out this woman. She’s lifting a surfboard with her vagina.” This was back in 2014 or 2015 or something. I thought, Wait, what? And I clicked on it and I thought, Oh my God, that’s amazing. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was a little bit freaked out. Not in a bad way, but just kind of like, Wait, how is she doing that? It was more of a curiosity thing. I went to your website and just gorged on all your material. And then I discovered, “Oh, she has this salon!” And I consumed as much of your content as I could and then enrolled in your class, G-Spot Ecstasy.

It was really powerful for me, but then I realized I needed deeper work. I needed a complete rewiring and reprogramming of my subconscious mind, my body, everything.

KIM: Just so people understand, the G-Spot Ecstasy is a four-week, do-it-yourself, focusing-on-the G-spot program. And then you’re going to talk about Vaginal Kung Fu as the deeper, longer, more in-depth study.

SARAH: Exactly. G-Spot Ecstasy was amazing, but I knew I needed more groundwork because of my past, so I enrolled in Vaginal Kung Fu. I learned about jade eggs and lifting things with my vagina and all this crazy stuff and I healed so much. So, so, so, so much.

Then, right after taking Vaginal Kung Fu, I thought, Okay, I want to take The Well-F**ked Woman, because I felt like it was Part 1 and Part 2.

KIM: Yes, yes.

SARAH: It was honestly, Kim, the sex education I never had, that I always needed, and it just completely changed my life. I can see that, hand on heart.

At the time, I had a boyfriend. We’re no longer together; it’s been a couple years. But I told him about all these different ways that a woman could orgasm, because I thought you could only orgasm through your clit and that was it.

KIM: Right. That’s most people’s perception, yeah.

SARAH: Right! Yeah. My boyfriend at the time said, “No, actually you can have things called G-spot orgasms.” I said, “What? [Laughs] What are you talking about?” He said, “Yeah, I’ll show you.” And I said, “Oh okay. I didn’t know you could do this.” Then I thought, Oh, I need a man to do it, right? But then your work counteracted that and said, “No, you can have a man, or you can also do it by yourself.”

We started slow and worked up to G-spot orgasms and then my first cervical orgasm, I had with him. Funnily enough, a few weeks later, we ended up breaking up, and I remember thinking, Oh no, can I no longer have these? Because I’m not dating him again.

But then I just kept going back to your salon and I said, “Well, Kim says that she can have them when someone touches her arm, so if she can do that, I know I can. I know I can.” I just kept telling myself—and I know it might sound a little crazy—but I told myself, “I am a multiorgasmic woman! I am a well-fucked woman!” I literally said it to myself over and over and there’s so much power in your mind, because if you train your mind to believe something, your body will follow.

KIM: Vaginal orgasmic affirmations.

SARAH: Exactly. And then I would tell myself over and over again, “I have a woke-as-fuck vagina.”

KIM: A woke-as-fuck vagina. That’s such an awesome one. I love it.

SARAH: Exactly. I just kept telling myself that following your salon, just doing everything you said, and I said, “She’s right. She was right.” And then I started having cervical orgasms on my own and it was in that moment, even though I was grieving the heartbreak of this person, that we were no longer together, I knew I was going to be okay. Because I could have a lovely orgasm, but I also felt healed. I felt like I had access to something that I didn’t have before.

I honestly feel, in a way, closer to God. I said, “Wow, he didn’t make this to be bad; he made this to be pleasurable. I wouldn’t have the capability to do that if it wasn’t in me.” It just completely changed my life, so thank you. [Laughs]

KIM: Well, that’s amazing and I love that you liken it to being a spiritual experience because that was my own journey from the very beginning. Having my first cervical orgasm was actually the first orgasm I ever had.

SARAH: Oh wow.

KIM: It was a feeling like I was in this transcendent, ecstatic, super, all-is-one kind of place. That’s how we describe them as being these super powerful, connectors. The idea, at least in Taoist sexology, is the cervix, the point there is connected to the vagus nerve, which goes all the way up to the crown chakra and is often referred to as the spiritual nerve of the body. When we activate that energy, it goes all the way up to the crown chakra through the heart, so it helps to open the heart—we also need an open heart—and then it really just explodes out where we attain this sense of enlightenment from these orgasms. That’s why I say that these are some of the most powerful, self-actualizing, and personal growth tools that women have available to them and they only make us better people.

If women aren’t having cervical orgasms, I’d say they’re operating at a deficiency because they don’t have this extremely powerful tool and shortcut to these wild, amazing, higher-level places in themselves.

SARAH: Absolutely. For me it was the most powerful tool I had for personal transformation and spiritual evolution because not only did it heal me from the inside, but also the outside. That’s, I think, what your work is based on. You can’t sugarcoat stuff. You can’t just treat a symptom. We’re going to the root of the issues here and cervical orgasms, at least in my experience, amplify your life and all the good things. But then it’s also almost like dusting off these old cobwebs and dirty files that you haven’t really looked at and it causes you to go deeper and deeper and deeper. Like you said, it’s a self-actualizing tool that is just completely transformational.

KIM: Beautifully said. Yeah, I look at them as ways that I’ve worked through trauma and processing over the years, like you said, to process even your breakup. They’re really good at going through acute situations. We take our grief, our stress, our unresolved trauma, into the vagina, and it works as this alchemical cauldron to transform it into power, into bliss, into wisdom. We also are able to release these things. One of the hallmarks of cervical orgasms is having sometimes deep, guttural, crying tears that we often don’t know the source of, and we don’t need to know the source of. All we need to do is follow that trail into that feeling and then allow it to overtake us and move through us.

It’s this incredibly deep portal and vessel for transformation if we are able to go there. I think another really pivotal piece of getting to cervical orgasm is courage. Because when you’re standing at this abyss of emotion or unknown, you have to keep going. A lot of women maybe come up to this place in themselves and they feel some kind of fear or there’s a giant abyss and so they pause, and they contract, and they hold back and don’t go there.

I think the real price of admission is the sense of courage and continuing to open and trust and fall. I think that cervical orgasms are so much like spiritual experiences because they’re the same concept of opening to a power, opening to an energy greater than you. Whatever your spiritual belief system is, whether it’s a traditional religion or you just have a spiritual concept of life, you’re opening, “Thy will be done.” This energy, this presence, has some kind of greater knowledge and wisdom than us and we open to that.

That’s the same thing with the trust and the orgasm. In God and orgasm, we trust. [Laughs]

SARAH: Amen to that. I love what you said about it taking courage because I’m fascinated by words and languages. The Latin word for courage is “cor” and it means the heart. That’s what I felt cervical orgasms did for me because they opened up my heart. Just opened and opened it and opened it and that’s, I think, part of the formula to having them; you have to have an open heart and they can help you open your heart.

After my boyfriend and I broke up—I was really in love with that guy. I was the best girlfriend I could’ve ever been. My friends, after we broke up, said, “Oh well, just go date another guy.” I decided, No, I’m not going to get under someone to get over somebody else. I need to process this. I need to get through it.

He took that route, and then never dealt with the hurt and the pain of it and is apparently still dealing with that. Whereas I feel completely healed of it, stronger than before.

One of the greatest tools you can have, if you’re going through heartbreak, is to have a cervical orgasm or attend Kim’s salon, everyone, so that you can learn how to have them, and you’ll be just fine. They’re the ultimate heartbreak healer.

KIM: Yes. Can you describe for us how cervical orgasms feel to you? Physically, emotionally, spiritually. You’ve touched a bit on the spiritual element, but how do they also feel in these other realms?

SARAH: Sure, yeah. It’s kind of interesting because I remember when I first learned that they were even possible. I didn’t even know I had a cervix until I was19 or 20 years old, because all I was taught was I had a vagina.

KIM: Right.

SARAH: I didn’t know anything, any anatomy. For me, physically, they’re nothing like a clitoral orgasm, nothing. Clitoral orgasms kind of remind me of when you walk up a little 15-foot ledge and then you jump off a 10-foot waterfall. It’s like, “Whew!” And then it’s done—goodbye.

Whereas a cervical orgasm, to me, feels like you’re just going further and deeper and deeper. You’re vibrating and it’s consuming, it’s powerful, and it spreads throughout the entire body. It’s this orgasmic, spiritual, enlightening, intense, but also safe, in a way, climax. It lasts longer for me. I’ve had them last for hours at times. Not every single time, but they’re definitely something that you feel throughout your entire body. You get this incredible massage and spiritual tune-up, and you just let out all these tears of emotion and you don’t even know what you’re crying about.

It just feels incredible. I’ve never had anything like it, so it’s kind of hard to compare it to something else, because it’s not like anything else. Every time I have one, I feel healed. I feel like everything is going to be okay and everything is safe. But it’s not like a clitoral orgasm where it’s centrally located to the vagina. It’s literally inside out, every fiber of your being—your hair, your eyelashes, everything.

[Laughs] Does that make sense?

KIM: [Laughs] Yeah. I love it. In some ways it’s hard to describe it physically because it is physical, but to me, it’s always felt mostly spiritual, like an energetic. Yes, there’s physical pleasure. If you take a clitoral orgasm and spread it throughout your entire body, there’s a sense of it being a full-body orgasm, but what’s even stronger than that is more like what you said—waves of bliss and pleasure, but with a sense of serenity and deep faith in the world. As you just said, everything is safe and everything is going to be okay. It’s like having the most open, full heart you’ve ever had, multiplied by 10, and spread out all over your whole body. Like you said, every cell. You’re just existing on this different plane. I remember going out into the world after some of those early experiences and feeling like I was floating or I was in this divine absolute trust and faith. Every iota of circumstances in the world was lining up in a divine spiritual way and I had insight into that, and utter faith in life.

SARAH: Exactly.

KIM: That’s versus the anxiety, scurrying kind of mentality or way of being that many people, I think, exist in. It’s very different, you know? That, to me, is the most powerful part of it. That’s why I’ve always downplayed the importance of clitoral orgasms because it’s a quick hit, and then a drop and it’s over. I’ve never really felt they contribute to my betterment as a person or the betterment of my life.

Because I was fortunate to have had cervical orgasms so early on, that was my template. “This is what sex is; this is what orgasms are.” It wasn’t until a few years later I even experienced a clitoral orgasm. I said, “Well, this is fun, but this isn’t really an orgasm.” [Laughs]

SARAH: Exactly!

KIM: They’re good for a kick, but that isn’t really what orgasms are all about.

SARAH: Yeah. I think clitoral orgasms are good for when you go and visit in-laws and family members who are kind of annoying. I don’t do drugs or drink or anything, so I think, Okay, I’m not going to go smoke a cigarette. Let me go to the bathroom and touch my clit for a minute. Now I have a little bit of a way to mentally process being around these annoying people.

But that’s what they’re good for, in my opinion.

KIM: I use them for my coffee breaks. I talk about stimulating the clitoris, similar to what you’re saying, to get a burst of energy, to get a hit. I don’t do coffee, I do orgasms. I’ll go and stimulate myself to get this sense of pleasure and bliss and rejuvenation, but it’s not the deep, life-changing version that vaginal orgasms—and especially cervical orgasms—give a person.

SARAH: Exactly.

KIM: There’s a time and a place, but to me, the real pursuit, the real holy grail is cervical orgasms.

SARAH: Yes. Absolutely.

KIM: Is there anything else you would add about the effects you’ve seen in your outer life? Because you have described that very beautifully and I so relate to that. Is there anything else you would say about how they’ve changed you as a person?

SARAH: Yeah. I remember when I first found your work and I said, “Okay, I believe in investing in my growth, whether it’s spiritually, mentally, or emotionally.” Then this was the first time I said, “Okay, I’m investing in my sexual growth,” which was kind of a new thing for me.

But I said, “Okay, I really believe in this woman and in her work, and I believe that if I invest in this, it will come back to me tenfold. And I’m not sure why I felt like that, because at the time I wasn’t doing well financially and I was very lost and confused in my life. This was years ago. But I just believed that I would make that investment.

I think the biggest exterior result I’ve seen is wealth. In my business, in money. Before, I was really struggling financially. I now own a few different companies. I own my own coaching business and that has just skyrocketed in growth. I own a consulting marketing business with my sister; we’re just launching another CBD skincare line. That’s been doing great.

It’s just crazy because that wasn’t something I was expecting—oh, I’ll have cervical orgasms; I’m going to make more cash. It’s not like that was going on in my head. But it released this feeling of surrender and knowing that I was going to be taken care of. And that’s one of the seeds of manifestation. If you want to create and generate more wealth, part of that is having trust and faith. What better way to practice trust and faith than with orgasming on a daily basis?

It was almost this roadmap to wealth, which was not what I was expecting, and I was able to get out of debt. I would say that’s the biggest change that I’ve seen from a physical standpoint.

Then also, I feel more confident in myself, which has helped me to put myself out there more. I do a lot of speaking and teaching at retreats and stuff, whereas before, I would’ve been too shy to do that. But I feel like I have this reservoir of confidence in me and I’m not sure where it comes from at times. Then I realize, Oh yeah, it’s the orgasms. They give that sexual energy.

I think those would be the two main things that I’ve seen transformed in my exterior life.

KIM: I love that, and you talked about manifestation. Sexual energy is our life-force creative energy and I think for women, the deepest way to tap into it and own it is through accessing their cervical orgasms and that potential. It just amplifies everything. Our ability to create and generate wealth and sex and money and creativity is all second-chakra issues and so when you help to start to liberate the sexuality, people notice it. I literally hear things like, “Money just fell into my lap,” and I think, Well, that’s because what attracted it to you is your lap. [Laughs]

SARAH: Your lap attracted it; that’s exactly right. I love it. And that’s where I’m at, too. It’s not just expected income; it’s also unexpected income. I have this thing on my phone where I track unexpected income that flows to me because what I have found is that when I track it, I’m activating the RAS, the reticular activating system part of my brain. And what it does is it filters out certain things for you to pay attention to.

Have you ever been driving a car and then you get a new car and then all of a sudden you see that same car everywhere? You think, Oh, I never noticed that car before. Well, that’s your RAS and it’s your brain saying, “Okay, pay attention to this. This is important.”

I make notes. I track that someone bought my coffee for me for $5. I don’t even really drink coffee, I like tea, but, you know, $5, and they paid for it, I’ll write that down and I’ll say thank you to myself. Then if I get an upgrade on a flight or a free ticket to something or whatever, I’ll write down. When I took your salon, I think it was The Well-F**ked Woman Salon, you sent us these beautiful oils and I said, “Wow, I would’ve had to pay for that, but I didn’t, because it was given as an extra gift,” so, I tracked that.

And what I found is the more I do that and the more grateful I am, mixed with this whole orgasmic sexual energy that’s always brewing, the money comes to me. It says, “I want to come to you because you’re grateful and you’re open and you have faith and trust that you can make this happen, that you’re deserving of it.”

That has been my trick, I guess you could say, for manifesting unexpected wealth. I’m not talking 50 bucks, I’m talking, since doing your work, almost over $100,000 of unexpected income, just coming through all different ways. Everything from winning a little scratch-off to someone saying, “Hey, here’s a free car to use for a year.” It’s just crazy the opportunities that come when you are in tune with that, because you’re paying attention to it. But then it’s also backed up by that sexual energy that’s revving inside of you.

KIM: I love that. I love that practice of you tracking the gifts that you’re receiving because it’s so powerful. It’s one of the tools I use, not every day, but at times, to do a daily gratitude. “Okay, what happened to me today that I’m grateful for?” And list 10-20 things. And just stay in that place of abundance and acceptance of receiving all of these gifts because you’re activating that part of yourself. I love that as your tool.

SARAH: Thank you. It’s been helpful. I’m grateful for it.

KIM: What would you say that some of the most important steps were for you to get to this place of having cervical orgasms?

SARAH: Taking your salons, number one. If anyone’s listening, just take the salons. If you haven’t, just take them. That was the first thing. Because it’s one thing to read about it. It’s one thing to hear about it and try to do it on your own. Same thing with when people try to learn vaginal weight lifting. I remember buying this jade egg off Amazon for $10 or something years ago. I said, “Okay, you just put some floss through it and lift it” and I had no clue what the hell I was doing. When I took your course, I said, “Oh, that’s how you do it.”

If you want the results that other people have, learn from them. I would say that was the first thing—taking your salons. But from a more technical standpoint, the actual process for me is looking at areas of my life where I’m not surrendering. Looking at areas of my life where I’m not being honest with myself on how I feel or if I’m letting people take advantage of me. Because that can retract you from the heart of who you are.

When there is that retraction, the whole point of cervical orgasms, in my view, is to bring you closer to yourself and that heart. Eliminating things that no longer serve you from a physical standpoint and a mental/emotional standpoint, and then practicing surrendering, deep breathing, and faith and trust and just letting yourself know, “Hey, it’s okay to go here, and even if you’re with a partner or you’re by yourself, no matter what, I got you. I’m with you. I have your back, no matter what.” Because you are your longest commitment.

The greatest promises you’ll ever make to anyone are the ones that you make to yourself. If you know that you have your back and that you can hold space for whatever comes up from those cervical orgasms—because they can be very intense, and as you mentioned, you can cry about things that you don’t even know what you’re crying about—if you allow yourself to hold space for yourself, then they will come more easily, more quickly, more powerfully, and bring more transformation.

That’s been kind of my area of processing it. And then also vaginal weight lifting has been a key integral role in all of this. Because if you have a numb vagina, then it’s not going to feel good and there’s going to be that disconnect. The egg has been really a beautiful instrument in allowing me to bridge that gap from where I was to where I want to be, but I would say learn it from someone, a professional such as you, and learn why it’s there and use it as a tool to heal and learn and grow from. That’s what’s allowed me to get to that point.

KIM: Tell me more about your experience with the jade egg in terms of what it did for you. You mentioned a numb vagina. I talk about that a lot with women. If the vagina is numb, they can’t feel anything and they’re just disassociated from it, disconnected. The egg is such a great tool to reestablish that connection, to bring pleasure back into the vagina. Tell me more about how the jade egg facilitated that for you.

SARAH: Yeah. I grew up in a very religious household and it was very confusing because we’d celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah and Passover and Easter.

KIM: You had all the gifts! [Laughs]

SARAH: Yeah! [Laughs] It was great, but it was also like, “Wait, what are we doing? Who are we?” And it was really confusing. But that one story, that one thing remained true in all of it, which said sex and all these things were dark, bad, evil, wrong.

I was taught that it was wrong to insert anything into your vagina until you were married.

KIM: What? Anything?

SARAH: Anything! Not even a tampon. I had this fear of it. I’m not embarrassed by it, but I’m hearing myself say this out loud, and I think, Wow, that’s really fucked up, that I was taught that.

KIM: I’ve always suspected, because a lot of women have issues with putting things in their vagina. You’re articulating it as sourced from these teachings in your religious paths. But other women have this sort of revulsion towards doing that. Then I always talk about how the original Kegel exercise involved putting a device inside the vagina and that’s where they had this miraculous 90 percent success rate, curing urinary incontinence, things like that.

Then once it moved on from Dr. Kegel’s work, all these other OB/GYNs who adopted the practice told women not to put things in their vagina. I honestly think that movement came out of this fear of telling women to put things in their vaginas. You’re kind of confirming more of the origins of my theory of why that happened, because as soon as women stopped using an internal device, the success rate completely tanked. It immediately dropped 50% and then kept plummeting, so it’s a pretty big deal.

Anyway, carry on. I’m just interested to hear that. Yeah.

SARAH: Yeah. Absolutely. It was a very warped belief, but when you’re taught that by religious teachers, who you’re supposed to respect and who supposedly care about you, you believe it. I don’t even like to call it brainwashing; it was almost brain damaging because it was so ludicrous and outlandish, looking back at it. But at the time, I didn’t know any better.

KIM: Who told you that? Who actually said that to you?

SARAH: I went to a Baptist private school from the time I was in the second grade to, I think, the sixth or seventh grade. The reason we went to this school was because my great-grandmother wanted us to have a good education, and we did get a great education, but everything was Bible-bullshit based.

KIM: Tainted, yeah.

SARAH: Yeah, tainted. Not really teaching the true aspects of it. The teacher once had all the boys leave for recess and she kept all the girls behind and she said, “Okay, ladies, I want to talk to you about something,” and she would not make eye contact with us and I and all the girls in my class all thought we were in trouble.

She said, “Around this time, your body starts doing these things and it will start to release blood,” and basically gave us the period talk. But she said that using tampons wrong because it would break your hymen—all these things. She said, “You want to use a pad and pantyliners and things like that. If you use a tampon, you are basically breaking your hymen and then you’re no longer a virgin.”

KIM: And God doesn’t like that.

SARAH: And I remember just looking around at my class thinking, WTF, right? I did not know what to think. I was just thinking, Okay. This seems really odd. But that’s what we were taught.

KIM: It’s so interesting though, this you cannot know your own body. This imposing or trying to create this obstruction between you and your own self-knowledge of your body and your sexuality.

SARAH: Right. Yeah. And if you explore that, it’s wrong and bad and evil and vile and that makes you vile and evil. When you’re a little girl who just wants to do the right thing and you’ve been scared your entire life that if you even tell a tiny little white lie that you’re going to go to hell, you’re going to want to follow the rules because you don’t want anything bad to happen to you. I just kind of said, “Okay, this does not make sense, but I’m going to follow the rules,” and I did until I was about 18. And then I said, “This doesn’t make sense.” I was still warped in my mind with the whole sex thing, but I definitely knew at 18 that it was safe to use a tampon. I don’t think God is going to punish me for that.

There was a little bit of rewiring that I did on my own, just from my own thought process, but the bulk of that rewiring came after learning from your salons.

KIM: Fast-forward to the jade egg practice. How did that help with that?

SARAH: It brought me back to connecting with myself, number one, and knowing that it’s okay to insert things into your vagina. It’s not even just okay, but it can be a wonderful healing, transformational thing.

And it also made me feel more connected to myself, that I was doing this to pleasure me, or to heal me, not that it had to be with another person for another guy. I could do it for me, all for me, only me, and it didn’t have to include anything else. Because that was another thing I was taught, that the purpose of women was to raise a man’s babies, have his babies, and give him pleasure, but don’t be in the way.

And then it also helped me heal the numbness in there. You spoke about in your salons of what if you allowed yourself to explore your vagina with your fingers. What would that be like? When I started doing that, I almost felt like I was going to throw up because I was not doing good in that area of my life. I said, “I want to believe that this is okay, but everything I’ve been taught is that it’s not.”

It allowed me to heal the numbness in there and then within a couple weeks, I think I had my first G-spot orgasm.

KIM: Wow!

SARAH: I don’t even remember the time frame from the G-spot, but it wasn’t that long before I then had my first cervical orgasm. And yeah, I just feel like it’s stronger and I can lift a few pounds, which is cool. I have these little weights that I bought, and I have the silk pouch they came in. It just makes me feel like I’m kind of in a relationship with it. Like you mentioned in the salon, it’s just time to put it up my vagina. “Okay. Hey, little egg, how are you? Okay, cool. Today we’re going to do our vaginal practice.” It’s almost like I’m talking to it and saying, “Hey, you can take out anything that doesn’t need to be in there and put in all the good stuff that does need to be in there.”

One of my favorite, favorite parts of my day is that 10 minutes of time and I’ll do the breast massage while I do that.

KIM: That’s amazing. I love that. Yeah, the egg practice is multidimensional. The most physical element of it is building strength and more pleasure sensitivity, awakening the vagina, but because we look at the sexual organs as having all these energetic and reproductive, creative qualities to birth ideas and thoughts and feelings out into the world, then it takes on this whole other element. Yes, the egg can act as this thing that absorbs negativity out of the vagina and then releases positivity in its place, because it’s a seed; it’s an egg.

SARAH: Exactly. Very symbolic and it’s very beautiful, too. And jade, as you know, is the healing stone. That in itself is really powerful.

Here’s a crazy story. My ex that I spoke about earlier, he was all into G-spot orgasms and cervical orgasms. He said, “Yeah, let’s do it.” But when I presented the whole jade egg thing to him, he said, “Oh, that doesn’t make sense.” I said, “No, I’m telling you.” And my egg that I had at the time, I used it every day. That was during the time I was doing the most work on healing my past and all the BS that I was taught.

And he could feel the difference, too, after even just a week. He said, “Wow, you feel stronger, you feel tighter, you feel even wetter.” It just came with so many physical benefits, not just for me but also for him.

KIM: I love that element, too. I teach the jade egg instruction on my retreats that I do twice a year and I’ll have a day with the women where we do the practices and then they go back to their partners in the afternoon. The partners can feel the difference even from one session of working with the egg. In a week, they can start cracking walnuts and whatever. [Laughs]

SARAH: [Laughs] Opening bottles! I saw your bottle-opening challenge that you did; that was amazing.

KIM: Oh yeah, that was fun. I won that thing.

SARAH: You did.

KIM: There’s no one who did that better than me and my vagina, really.

SARAH: Yeah, I agree.

KIM: If anyone doesn’t know what we’re talking about, I think it was last year. Was it last year? There was this bottle-cap challenge that Jason Statham started online where he did this roundhouse kick and spun the cap off a bottle. Then all of these other people started to do it and post their versions of it. Of course, I posted my version of it, which was me opening up a bottle with my vagina. [Laughs] You can find a copy of that video on my YouTube channel.

SARAH: It’s quite the sight; it’s amazing.

KIM: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

SARAH: I’d just like to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done. Anyone who is listening, if you haven’t taken Kim’s salons, just take them. I promise, you’ll make back your investment and it’s just the greatest tool I’ve found for personal transformation and spiritual evolution and it’s just healed so, so, so much. I don’t know who I would be if I hadn’t found your surfboard-lifting vagina. It might be years ago, but I literally don’t know who I would be. I’m getting emotional talking about it because to this day, it just continues to give me gifts and the salons, you have access to them forever and I’ve taken them over and over. Every time I take them, it’s almost like taking them for the first time because I learn so many new things that I didn’t know before.

That would be the one thing I would like to share. Everyone, give yourself that gift, because you deserve it.

KIM: That’s so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your breakthroughs. It’s so inspiring. It’s so wonderful to have you share and be a beacon to other people, especially with your religious background, because that’s so common and people internalize so much of that stuff and often remain mired in it, right? You were able to kind of feel your way out of it and then take what you liked and leave the other stuff. Religion and spiritual paths definitely have a lot to offer, but they’re often colored over by—and they’ve had editing done—by humans. They’ve had some insertions that probably weren’t the original content, right? [Laughs]

That’s the problem and so we have to then rely on ourselves as intuitive sounding boards to figure out and define our own relationship with spirit and pick apart what we think is true and real. Then we leave the stuff that has probably just been put in there as edits and control factors.

I think it’s wonderful that you can share that aspect of it to be a beacon for people to find their way out of similar circumstances. You’ve come a long way from what you described in your upbringing and that kind of programming. Awesome work!

SARAH: Yes. Yeah, thank you. Yeah, I learned from the best and I have to say, it was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done on myself. It’s one thing to go to the gym and go to therapy or even make your bed every morning and to try to do things that encourage a positive lifestyle, but to go deep within yourself, to the center, to the heart of who you are; it is some of the harder work, but it’s the most rewarding.

Don’t be afraid to do that and don’t get discouraged. It’s a process and everyone’s timeline is different. If you haven’t experienced cervical orgasms, you absolutely can. Just keep telling yourself that you can, and do Kim’s salons. I can’t refer people to anyone else because there is no one else. I’ve taken a few other courses and I think, Can I have a refund? This sucks. [Laughs]

Just take Kim’s work; it’s the Holy Grail. Then take it from there. Just do it and watch your life change for the better. Have a world-class vagina.

KIM: I love it! Well, thank you so much, Sarah.

SARAH: Thank you. Yeah, thank you, it was such a treat.

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