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Full-Body Orgasms

What are they? How do you have one? Or have many?

Ah, the elusive full-body orgasm!

One of the holy grails in the sex world.

Mysterious and unattainable, like men who can have sex for hours and women who can ejaculate across the room and couples who can come together.

But not actually so mysterious or difficult.

First, what is a full-body orgasm? 

Just like it sounds, this is an orgasm that you feel throughout your entire body.

It starts at the genitals and waves of bliss and pleasure radiate through your torso, out your arms and legs and even into your head and face.

It feels as though every cell in your body is having an orgasm.

People often report feeling shaking and tingling in their hands and feet and even that their faces go numb.

And not just for a few seconds.

Full-body orgasms often go on and on for minutes and hours.

Days even.

You walk around feeling like your entire body is one giant honeypot of bliss.

Listen to the entire podast on full-body orgasms and how to have them.

Plus, we went live on my Bali Bliss Retreat and you’ll get to hear from some of the attendees who have made the Well-F**ked All Star Hall of Fame, who just had their first full-body orgasms, some on the fist day of practice.

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