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Full-Body Orgasms

What are they? How do you have one? Or have many?

Ah, the elusive full-body orgasm!

One of the holy grails in the sex world.

Mysterious and unattainable, like men who can have sex for hours and women who can ejaculate across the room and couples who can come together.

But not actually so mysterious or difficult.

First, what is a full-body orgasm? 

Just like it sounds, this is an orgasm that you feel throughout your entire body.

It starts at the genitals and waves of bliss and pleasure radiate through your torso, out your arms and legs and even into your head and face.

It feels as though every cell in your body is having an orgasm.

People often report feeling shaking and tingling in their hands and feet and even that their faces go numb.

And not just for a few seconds.

Full-body orgasms often go on and on for minutes and hours.

Days even.

You walk around feeling like your entire body is one giant honeypot of bliss.

Listen to the entire podast on full-body orgasms and how to have them.

Plus, we went live on my Bali Bliss Retreat and you’ll get to hear from some of the attendees who have made the Well-F**ked All Star Hall of Fame, who just had their first full-body orgasms, some on the fist day of practice.

The Coming Together Salon is open! 

I show you exaclty how to use your intimate relationship to have more orgasms, cash and creativity.

The salon begins today!

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Ah, the elusive full-body orgasm.

One of the holy grails in the sex world.

Mysterious and unattainable, like men who can have sex for hours and women who can ejaculate across the room and couples who can come together.

But first, what is a full-body orgasm?

Just like it sounds, this is an orgasm that you feel throughout your entire body.

It starts at the genitals and waves of bliss and pleasure radiate through your torso, out your arms and legs and even into your head and face.

It feels as though every cell in your body is having an orgasm.

People often report feeling shaking and tingling in their hands and feet and even that their faces go numb.

And not just for a few seconds.

Full-body orgasms often go on and on for minutes and hours.

Days even.

You walk around feeling like your entire body is one giant honeypot of bliss.

Why have one?

Knowing that sex is a major energy source, I love to have a lot of it.

I’m interested in mastery and transcendence.

Applied to sex, that involves amplifying the power and pleasure it gives us.

Most people, even if they are sexually active, dont harness and utilize the power of their sexual energy.

The leak it out unconsciously.

Every time you have sex, you have the power to create new life.

What if you can take that power and channel it into your day-to-day existence?

You can.

The life force energy that is the essence of our sexual connection builds and peaks at orgasm.

Most sexual encounters follow a similar trajectory: there is an ascension, we reach a peak of pleasure at orgasm and this is followed by intense pelvic contractions and a burst of ecstasy.

Then we see an energetic descent.

What if there didnt have to be a decline?

There doesnt.

You can tap into that cycle and draw that energy back in for yourself.

After sex, you ought to feel vibrant, witty, calm, heart-centered, tingly-all-over and happy to be alive.

If you dont, you arent doing it right. Im serious.

Men are especially vulnerable to this energy loss.

The cliche of the man who has sex and rolls over and goes to sleep is a cliche for a reason: It happens far too often.

One of the major reasons I took up Tantra and Taoist sexual energy practices (beyond the spiritual dimension they add to sex) was so I could train my lovers to last much longer.

I like marathon sex.

I love to go deeper and deeper and experience the sense of transcending in myself, and into new levels with my partner.

I get really high off this kind of gourmet, five-star sex.

It feeds my relationship and my life.

This is why I’m so into 3-hour sex dates, sex weekends, and sex weeks.

In fact, I’m on a sex week right now!

I’m in Bali on my annual Bali Bliss retreat.

I’m here with a bunch of couples, making them have sex every day, all day.

Well, not all day.

Just several hours a day.

And I’m showing them how to have full-body orgasms, among others.

You’ll meet a few of these beautiful, well-fucked people later in the episode!

How do you feel after?

Instead of spent, you feel energized, Instead of depleted, you feel rejuvenated.

Instead of withdrawing, you still feel a sexual buzz.

You are humming with sexual, kinetic energy.

You wear the glow of a well-fucked person.

You emit a kind of radiance and magnetism that is the hallmark of a person who is well fucked and is inhabiting their sexual energy.

It’s palpable.

You’ve literally spread your sexual energy all over your body and you wear it like clothing.

It’s an aura that you inhabit now that people can see and feel around you.

Which brings us to: HOW do you have one?

The magic question.

It’s a combination of things. The first factors is:

1) Feeling open, surrendered and relaxed.

If you’re with a partner, the space is clear between you.

Meaning, you are in a good flow together, you feel open to one another and not in a place of defensiveness.

No good orgasms—or any orgasms at all—happen from that place! So openness is key.

The second factor is:

2) Breath.

I talk all the time in my work about the importance of breathing deeply during sex.

The key to getting to all these wild and amazing places is expanding and recirculating your sexual energy.

At that orgasmic peak I described, most people eject all of that high quality energy out of their bodies. Instead, you bring it back in.

You do this through breathing.

If you practice yoga, this will be easy for you.

That four-count inhale, four-count exhale (or longer) Vinyasa flow breath will serve you well here.

As we see in yoga, breath carries energy.

We could even say that one of the main points of yoga is the movement of energy; releasing and clearing stagnant energy and bringing awareness to unconscious areas in our physical and emotional bodies.

The poses are simply vehicles for this process.

The same applies in sex.

By ensuring we breathe steadily throughout the sexual encounter, we redistribute our sexual energy throughout our bodies.

This energy is even stronger and denser than regular chi or prana.

In fact, the Taoists had a separate name for it: ji.”

When we recirculate this potent ji” throughout our systems, less of it escapes at the moment of orgasm.

In fact, it doesnt have to escape at all.

Most people tend to hold the breath, breathe very shallow and tighten up the body as they approach orgasm.

All of these things curtail energy flow.

Imagine having sex thats like a yoga class: You breathe steadily throughout.

When you get into a demanding position, instead of holding your breath, you train yourself to breathe even deeper.

It carries you through to the other side.

Afterward, you feel like you broke through some stuck part of yourself.

Youve grown.

Using sex and the breath this way has the same power to find your stuck and inflexible areas and release them.

Its very, very powerful.

The expanded orgasm…

What happens when you expand this flow of sexual energy is that you expand the experience of orgasm.

It goes from being a very distinct burst of pleasure, to a feeling that spreads throughout the body, giving rise to the term “full-body orgasm.”

And it goes on. And on. And on. For hours.

Sometimes days. Even when the physical contact stops, the feelings carry on.

Imagine being perched on the edge of orgasm all night. Or day.

You can ride this edge for as long and as deeply as you can breathe.

Although this might sound torturous to some (a good kind of torture), trust me, its pure euphoria.

By channelling your sexual energy consciously in your body, that flow spreads into all that you do.

You feel revitalized, connected and tuned into the rhythms of life.

It also puts you in the running with Sting for marathon sex.

Speaking of all-star fuckers, let’s chat with a few people from my Bali Bliss Retreat.

We’re only a few days into the week, and we’ve already got some all-stars.

They’ve been diligent about following my instructions and they’ve got some epic, full-body orgasms stories for you.


KIM: We’re here with Patrick and Adriana, who are a Well-F**ked All-Star Couple on the Bali Bliss Retreat. We’re live here and I want to chat with them and have them share with you their experiences in achieving full-body orgasms.

Today’s day four of the retreat, but I guess it was day two and three that they already had these experiences. 

Tell us, in your words, what was it like having a full-body orgasm? How would you describe it?

ADRIANA: It was like electricity coming from my organs, my vagina, all the way up to my head. And then you kind of lose consciousness a little bit and instead of crashing down, it’s a low gliding down there. Peaceful. It’s very different. Very different.

KIM: How is that different from your regular orgasm?

ADRIANA: Well, throughout the 20 years that we’ve been together, the previous orgasms were more of a chase. Trying hard to get there. You clench all your muscles and then through the clitoral stimulation, you spike, and then you crash. And when you crash, you’re kind of out of breath; it feels like you’re at the end of a race and it’s gone.

And with the full-body orgasm, it’s not totally gone. It kind of stays there as you’re landing very peacefully. It takes time to land, to come back to earth, so to speak.

KIM: You still retain a lot of that energy?

ADRIANA: Yes. You’re not tired at all. After, we were sitting up and chatting and we went out on the patio and had a great conversation because we were not tired.

KIM: Excellent! How did that feel? Describe more, if you had an emotional feeling accompanying that.

ADRIANA: I think this is more of a bliss or happiness that puts that smile on your face and stays. It’s not necessarily ha-ha-ha! But it’s, whoa! And that smile—you can almost hear the smile in people’s voices and that just stays. It’s very peaceful. The after-landing is very peaceful.

KIM: That’s awesome. Patrick, how would you describe it? You’re having a birthday and for your birthday, you got the present of a full-body orgasm and a gorgeous cock massage to boot. But tell us about your full-body orgasm!

PATRICK: I think it’s similar to what Adriana said; it’s different. Mine was a steady, steady, steady build and I think one of the things that we learned on your retreat was how important the breathing process is. Through controlling my breathing, I was able to just enjoy things for a lot longer and I found that the longer I enjoyed it, the more relaxed I became.  

When you’re going to orgasm, I think you sort of get really excited, you clench up, and then there’s the moment. And in this case, I was able to just relax and as I did that, my whole body got relaxed. It just was the most beautiful thing to succumb. And you’re right, in this case, it was her giving me pleasure and it was just lying there and receiving. It was just gorgeous. 

I think probably about three-quarters of the way through, I found myself completely leaning back, closing my eyes, and it felt like I was floating. And at the climax, it was incredible. I wish I could’ve gone longer, but I was enjoying it so much; it was just time.

When it happened, I was warm all over; my chest felt hot; my arms were shuddering. My arms were shaking like I had been doing 100 push-ups and they were just so fatigued. I was lying with my arms free, but they just felt exhausted and I could feel electric pulses in my fingertips and my whole hands. I got these shocking feelings, like those carnival things where you touch the electricity. It was incredible. And as she said, when I sat up, I was just in this nirvana for a while. It took probably three or four minutes for that tingly feeling to go away and there was so much joy and satisfaction, obviously, but just a really pleasurable feeling rather than this collapse that I might typically have from a shorter orgasm.

KIM: Wonderful! It sounds amazing. You’re just selling it to everybody! [Laughs] 

ADRIANA: We hope! We hope! [Laughs] It’s available to you, too!


KIM: That’s so awesome. I’m so proud of you for the work that you’ve done. Put in the work, get the reward.

ADRIANA: Oh, my pleasure, mistress. [Laughs] 

KIM: [Laughs] 

PATRICK: I wouldn’t have gotten there, I think, without at least the visualization of what’s possible, right? Hey, we thought we were pretty well-fucked before we came.


PATRICK: And I think with the coaching, it’s like, “Try it another way.” I think, to me, the two things that have helped a lot were just the breathing and the communication. Sometimes when partners are together, we have to pace each other or know where you are, and so we’re checking in, “Where are you? Are you at a 6 or a 7?” And then dialing it up and holding it. 

ADRIANA: In your salons, you talk about the three-hour sex date and before we were here, we thought, are you kidding me? This will never happen. Because I always go from 1, 5, 7, to 10 in 60 seconds. It’s so hard for me to hold that old orgasm that spikes and crashes. 

And day two, I’m learning to hover. Oh my good gracious, the second day when we really, really applied all the teachings and the conversations that we are having here, we hovered for two hours.

KIM: Amazing.

ADRIANA: And that’s when I got my full-body orgasm. If you had told me the day before that I would last in bliss for two hours, I wouldn’t have believed it.

PATRICK: Yeah, I think the most interesting part about it is, it’s kind of like the longer you go, the warmer you get, and the warmer you get, the more easily that pleasure can just go throughout your whole body.

You’ve talked about this in terms of a woman opening up for the man and it takes a long time to really open to receive. There’s a physical and a psychological parallel with that. The physical one is, the body is getting warmer, the body is getting more limber, and the sensations, obviously the nerves are firing more and more and more. But as the body limbers up, it loosens up and the pleasure has farther to go throughout the body. 

I think psychologically, that was my interpretation of what happened; that energy just went throughout my whole body, as opposed to staying concentrated around my cock. Right?

KIM: Yeah, exactly.

PATRICK: You’ve been a good teacher in this. That was how I visualized what happened. I was so relaxed, and it just went everywhere, and it was just awesome.

KIM: Love it! All-Stars, yay! Happy birthday!

PATRICK: Thank you.

ADRIANA: Happy birthday, my love!

KIM: Now we have Heidi with us! Heidi is a Well-F**ked All-Star on the Bali Bliss Retreat. Welcome, Heidi!

HEIDI: Hi! Thanks for having me.

KIM: It’s a pleasure to have you on the show! The Well-F**ked All-Stars, live at the Bali Bliss Retreat. You just have them lining up at the door.

HEIDI: Yeah. It’s been a momentous week for a lot of us. It’s been exciting new times and new discoveries, so we’ve had a fantastic time so far.

KIM: That’s awesome! Tell us, you had your first full-body orgasm on what, day two? Day three?

HEIDI: I think it was day one.

KIM: Day one?

HEIDI: Yeah.

KIM: So, tell us, how does it feel and how did you get there?

HEIDI: Okay. I’ve always had clitoral orgasms, which I thought were the be-all/end-all or maybe the only type of orgasm, until we started the retreat and actually learned there was a whole other buffet or smorgasbord of orgasms that we could be having. Both my partner and I have always—to use Kim’s phrase—humped, dumped, and slumped after having an orgasm. [Laughs] 

The first technique that Kim got us to do was to get ourselves worked up till about an 8 out of 10 and then just deep breathe and then pull back and try this three to four times. 

The first time that we got up to an 8 or a 10, then my partner pulled away and I started the deep breathing. I actually was thinking, Wow, this is such a tease. You know, sexual frustration was high. But like good students, we kept at it so the second time that we reached that 8 to 10, then I started to feel this very light tingling in my hands, like a very faint pins and needles. 

And then once we got to the third time, it was almost like this electric current that was running through my body. The pins and needle feeling in my hands became so strong that I thought that if I touched my partner, I would actually give him an electric shock. And this kind of current, as I described, went all through my torso and into my head and then eventually down my legs. I actually kind of had to stop my partner. I felt like my whole body was almost electrocuted. It was incredible. Nothing I had ever experienced before.

Then the energy that was prolonged after that was crazy throughout the entire sex session. We stayed completely lubricated and had energy to keep going and going and going. It was almost a complete 180 to what I had experienced previously with orgasms.

KIM: That’s amazing, that you could have that kind of a dramatic shift so quickly.

HEIDI: Yeah, exactly. When I had never experienced that before ever, yeah.

KIM: That’s amazing. Testament to your focus and dedication. [Laughs] 

HEIDI: [Laughs] That’s it. And of course, all the skills and handiwork that we’d learned from you beforehand, yeah.

KIM: Would you say that there was any kind of emotional accompaniment to it, or was it more physical for you?

HEIDI: Not so much emotional, but in saying that, we had worked on our blocks, my partner and I, earlier. We didn’t have a lot, but I think it’s probably just talking through issues that maybe we had had, or that could arise in the future. Probably just meant my inner self was very calm and at peace. I’m sure that probably had a part to play with actually experiencing that full-body orgasm as well.

KIM: Fantastic! Anything else you want to add?

HEIDI: Not really, but I’m excited. We’re on day four now, learning more and more new things, and each day is a new discovery. Both my partner and I pinch ourselves with how happy we are that we actually came, because not only can we be better partners to each other, but I feel like we have these amazing tools for the bedroom, but also for our relationship that we’re just going to go from strength to strength.

KIM: Love it! And I just have to say; obviously, you guys listening can’t see her, but she has the total look of a Well-F**ked Woman.


KIM: The way that you looked like a few days ago when I first saw you and now, totally different.

HEIDI: Absolutely.

KIM: Really radiant, beautiful, sensual, open in the face, very, very attractive. Magnetically attractively. And you’re agreeing with me. Can you see the difference?

HEIDI: Absolutely. Yesterday evening, I’ve never felt sexier in my life and my partner, just us talking to each other across the table at dinner and the looks we’d give each other, he’d say, “Oh, now I’ve got another boner.” Just the energy and the magnetism between us is palpable. It’s amazing. It’s life-changing.

KIM: So good! You’re so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

HEIDI: Thank you. 

And that’s our show for today.

As the Orgasm Fairy, I have work to do!

I have to get back to my peeps and give them some more orgasms.

My retreats tend to sell out very quickly and have long waiting lists, but if you are interested, email us and get yourself on the waitlist.

And my Coming Together for Couples salon beings today.

This is my signature 10-week online salon for couples. We explore everything from the elements of gourmet sex, to conscious monogamy to multiple, full-body, ejaculatory and energy orgasms—yes, orgasms that you can have without even touching your partner. 

Are you coming???


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  1. I like the way that sex doesn’t feel freaky and naughty here. It feels as necessary as exercise. I’ve really been beginning to normalize sex and masturbation just by listening.

    Thank you, grateful