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There is a whole world out there of orgasms waiting to be had by you.

Each different orgasm has its own qualities of pleasure and self-actualization.

Yes, not only do your orgasms get you high, they help you to become more of who you really are.

They are one of my most-used tools for health, wealth and connecting to myself.

Your entire body—especially your genitals—is a reflexology map of sensations, emotions and psycho-spiritual wealth.

Just like I give you sexual prescriptions of which positions to use to make you smarter and richer, I also show you how to use your orgasms for enlightenment.

Here’s a brief overview of some different orgasms and their metaphysical purposes.

Let me preface this by saying: All orgasms, all people. 

ALL women and men are capable of ALL different types of orgasms. It is utter and tragic bullshit that “only some people can” get to these transcendent places.

And orifices.

If anyone tells you this, all they are revealing to you is that they have never had these orgasms and have no idea how to.

I have, and I do.

And so can you.

1) Clitoral. The warm-up. It helps to get a woman’s juices flowing and open her up to deeper (like, cervix deep), and more profound pleasures to come. It’s what I use as my “coffee break” orgasm. Fun, light and sets the stage. Contrary to popular belief, this orgasm is an aperitif, rather than the main course.

2) G-Spot: his and hers. A little deeper—physically and emotionally. These orgasms require more openness and trust and a willingness to let go. This in itself is curative as the act of surrender reverberates through your entire being. You let go of the things that don’t serve you in your life more easily.

3) Squirting. The intense release of copious amounts of fluid comes from G-Spot area stimulation. This fluid is considered to be the “nectar of the Gods”, and highly potent for both recipient and “squirter”. These waters are mined deep within the woman and are massively cathartic to share.

3) Cervical. The queen of all female orgasms. The cervix is the reflexology point for the heart in Taoist sexology. It is also the start of an energy pathway that leads all the way up to the crown chakra. Life-changing, spiritually awakening and essential (daily!?) medicine for all women. Each one of these is like being reborn.

4) Nipplegasm. Connects the heart and genitals. Sexual energy flows up through the chest, into the heart and infusing the breasts with fullness and radiance. Similar sensations and benefits to G-Spot and cervical orgasms, as they stimulate the brain in the same way.

5) Anal. Got shit stuck in your life? Feeling tightly wound? You probably need to get fucked up the ass. Anal penetration and sex unwinds your tension in a very deep, core way. The effects extend out to your daily life where it seems suddenly easier to deal with your problems and they just dissolve. It’s ass magic! Very therapeutic and feel similar to cervical orgasms.

6) Energy. Handy when you and your partner are on opposite sides of the room at a party, or on opposite sides of the planet. You can orgasm without touch, aka “thinking off”. These orgasms help you to expand your intuitive and extra-sensory powers in your life overall and keep you deeply in tune with your partner when physical touch isn’t happening.

7) Full-body. Rather than pleasure being localized at the genitals. You are using your sexual energy to shower every cell in your body, wake it up and give it an orgasm. You shake with bliss.

8) Three-day orgasms. You are in a perpetual state of arousal, pleasure and bliss for days after your last sexual encounter. You continue to feel waves pulsing through your body and psyche and you wear that very unmistakable “well-fucked glow”.

9) Orgasm without ejaculation. Al the benefits of orgasm, without the potentially depleting aspects of excessive ejaculation. These orgasms are much more pleasurable, powerful and energizing. Plus, with the bonus of keeping his erection, a man can more easily bring a woman to the deeper states of vaginal orgasms because he can see her through to the end. These are how a man sublimates his sexual energy and funnels it into his day-to-day life for more power, creativity, charisma and overall life and business success.

There you have it!

And you can have it.


Again and again.

What happens in bed, happens in life.

Your can use your orgasms and sex life intuitively—or strategically—to heal, self-realize and of course, be saturated in pleasure.

Your bed is your sanctuary and refuelling station.

I walk you through these different orgasms in my salons.

The Coming Together for Couples Salon is a full primer on all things orgasm: why and how.

You’ll learn how to reach these ecstatic states, as well as remove the blocks that prevent you from getting there.

The CT salon also includes pussy and cock massage techniques to open and activate the genitals, paving the way for these deeper and elusive orgasms.

Today is the last day to signup.

Registration closes at midnight PST tonight.

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~K xx

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