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4 24

Three Sex Positions to Make You Smarter!

Did you know that you can fuck your problems away?

That cock can heal your depression? And open your heart?

That pussy juice can take away your back pain? And give you energy?

Did you know that certain sexual positions can make you smarter? 

That’s right. You have a veritable pharmacy in your bed.

Sex Rx—or Good-Fuck Medicine, as I like to call it—is healing power that you have at your fingertips.

Or, rather, your genitals.

Intercourse is the best acupressure treatment ever!

In this video, I’m going to share with you three very hot, and rather challenging sex positions to make you smarter.

All this and more in today’s video.

The Coming Together Salon is now open! 

In this 10-week online salon, you get the full prescription for sexual healing and loving. 

From communication techniques, to energy sex to cervical orgasms to how to use sex as medicine, it’s all hear. 

The sex education we all ought to have had. 

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