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How to Clear Sexual Blocks

One of the main facets of my work is up-levelling people sexually.

Showing them what’s possible in their intimate lives.

Most people don’t know what they don’t know.

I pride myself on opening people’s eyes and genitals to new and transcendent experiences.

I teach men how to fuck for hours at a time, and to separate orgasm from ejaculation. I show them how to give women G-Spot and cervical orgasms. I get women to ejaculate across the room and shoot ping pong balls with their vaginas. I teach both men and women how to have multiple orgasms and get high off of sex.

Yet, these things are only possible if people have set the stage for them.

Meaning, we all carry our share of wounds and traumas.

If we haven’t dealt with them, and by “dealt with” I mean:

  • Examined and made conscious
  • Illuminated and healed
  • Forgiven
  • Let go of

Essentially: healed.

For example, let’s say that someone has had sexual trauma, like rape or abuse, or in their childhood. Unless that trauma gets some kind of deep healing, the person is going to be wearing the residue of that festering, untended wound going forward.

It’s all connected.

It’s like breaking a leg and not going to the hospital, thinking that maybe it will set itself.

Without proper care and healing, the leg won’t heal. It will impede walking, running and living every single day going forward.

The same holds true for our emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds.

I have had numerous clients who have suffered injuries like these and had various issues like:

  • Inability to orgasm
  • Numb vagina or pain and tightness with intercourse
  • Emotional triggering (tears, anxiety) during sex
  • Low or no libido
  • Needing to use drugs or alcohol in order to have sex
  • Needing to be on anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drugs in order to cope with day-to-day life
  • PMS, menstrual and menopausal difficulties
  • Impotence
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Anorgasmia
  • Growths on reproductive organs
  • Growths that eventually led to the organ removal

In our culture, it’s perfectly acceptable to to go the hospital for a physical injury.

Yet there is a stigma of addressing emotional or mental wounds.

“Just get over it!”

“You’re going to get your head shrunk?”

“It’s in the past.”

You may have heard the analogy of building a house. Every house needs a foundation. If you have a shaky foundation, you start to build on top of it, and over time, you find cracks in your walls, or a strong storm comes along and is able to topple your whole house.

Because the foundation is weak.

A big part of my work is ensuring that people have strong foundations.

While it is true that I can take people to all kinds of wild and transcendent places in their intimate lives, they are going to find it harder to get there if they have a weak foundation—i.e. unhealed past wounds.

These wounds need not be dramatic, like epic sexual abuse.

They can be emotional trauma or neglect.

The GOOD NEWS is that all of these things can be cleared and healed.

So while I spend a lot of time on showing people what’s possible—and getting them there—I also help them traverse the darker areas of what needs to be healed in them.

I have a host of quantum-leap methods for doing this.

The healing can be gentle and fast.

And fun.

Like all of my work, I take a multi-dimensional approach: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

One of the best healers for the vagina and they sexual psyche is the jade egg.

The crystal energy of the egg helps to absorb trauma and toxic experiences and then transform them into personal power and love.

It takes stuck energy that eventually turns into dis-ease and catalyzes it into action.

The physical work of the egg strengthens and reconnects this dissociated part of the body.

I have watched women heal and rectify past relationship and family issues through their vaginas.

I have watched women manifest new houses, careers, relationships and babies.

With their vaginas.

Your vagina is your mover and shaker!

And power source.

If you heal and activate it.


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