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Conscious Monogamy

I’m often asked my thoughts on monogamy.

“Is monogamy natural?”

“Is it even possible?”

It’s such a hot topic right now, with more and more people exploring open relationships and polyamory.

What do I think about all this?

I’d say that 99.9% of people are non-monogamous.

What I mean by that is that most people live some version of pseudo-monogamy.

They think it means to simply “not be with other people.”

I go far beyond that.

I’ve coined the term “conscious monogamy” to describe when a couple truly commits to each other emotionally and physically.

There are no secrets lives, no piles of white lies, no “don’t ask, don’t tell” conversations.

They show up.

They are naked, raw, vulnerable and fully exposed.

99.9% of people don’t have that.

They hold back emotionally and sexually.

They might not be intimate with other people.

But they certainly aren’t being intimate—sexually or emotionally—with each other.

This podcast is all about what I see true monogamy as being:

A deep, powerful, surrendered, cataclysmic, sexual and emotional connection.

That’s what propels you into a quantum leap dimension in your lives.

That is your superpower.

But like I said: hardly anyone has this, nor do they know how to create it.

So then it becomes easy to say: “Oh, monogamy doesn’t work.” or “Humans weren’t meant to be monogamous.”

I agree—the kind of “pseudo-monogamy” most people have, doesn’t work.

It’s a relationship based on dishonesty and a tacit agreement to live a lie.

But conscious monogamy works better than anything else I’ve ever seen.

This is a very vital podcast episode, because I break it all down.

I speak to Maryanne, who has been married for 19 years.

By her own acknowledgement, the first decade or so of their relationship was “non-monogamous”.

Meaning, they had the kind of pseudo-monogamy that most people have.

Not sleeping with other people, but not fully connected either.

Then she found me.

She threw herself into my work, reading every single blog post I ever wrote, and then read them to her husband.

They both threw themselves into my work.

Now their lives are full of deep honesty, soaked sheets, cervical orgasms, ecstatic births and careers that are reflections of their true dharma.

Love you all,


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Image: Ernesto Garcia Pena

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10 thoughts on “Conscious Monogamy

  1. This concept of monogamy has shifted my perspective in a powerful way, for the 1st time i can see myself practicing monogamy and not feeling like I’m missing out on anything.
    Nuff thanks for sharing,
    – D. x

  2. I LOVE your work and the topics that you press on, Kim Anami <3 Thank you for being in tune and from that, sharing [most if not] all that comes from your connection with infinite knowledge.

    Once I physically manifest what's necessary to attend one of your retreats, I will be on the way! I am already looking forward to it! 😉

  3. Thank you Kim, you truly help me to transform to the woman I want to be. I am not in a relationship right now but my consciousness and awareness of the type of relationship I want with all those attributes you speak about hopefully will help me to manifest it next time. I love your work and you are an inspiration and I have learned so much from you already.

    1. Thanks so much Monika! I always say, doing this work when you are single helps you to up-level and attract a higher-quality partner.

  4. Kim this is fucking brilliant!!!!! We teach the same subject matter. I love your perspective on this for vanilla couples. I am a kinkster, a submissive, and a swinger. My Master and I though rarely play outside of our relationship because of the depths that we reach inside of our sweet little union. You are super cool and just love your work.
    The Dating Yogi
    The Yogi Submissive

  5. Thank you Kim and Maryanne… this was good… and timely!
    Yep, I must have drawn this srraight to my inbox today without realizing it. Lol!