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Stamina: The Most Important Sexual Skill for Men

“If you fall, I will catch you.”

“If you open yourself in wild, cataclysmic, fully-surrendered sexual ecstasy, I will hold you.”

“Give it to me. I can take it.”

If you have no stamina, you can’t even enter the ring.

75% of men ejaculate within 3-5 minutes.

For women to reach the deeper vaginal orgasms—G-Spot and cervical—it can take 30-45 minutes.

Women were built for the long haul.

They are naturally multi-orgasmic and sexually insatiable.

One of the main reasons they never realize their full potential is because they’ve had a series of male lovers who are two-pump chumps.

And so they give up on sex.

Maybe it’s not a conscious decision.

But when it comes to sex, they feel like they can take it or leave it.

Let’s take a moment to define STAMINA.

I’s when a man has complete control of his ejaculation.

He comes when he wants.

Even in the most sexy, wild circumstances, with his woman’s butt up in the air, and her back arched and she’s making those crazy noises that just. send you… you keep it together.

You hold the course.

In today’s episode we explore:

– Why to become a marathon fucker and to make building your stamina the most important focus you can have as a man.
– The impact on women and your relationship when you have no stamina
– Why two-pump chumps won’t ever bring a woman to vaginal orgasms: G-Spot and cervical
– How to turn your woman from a naggy, complaining “shrew” into your biggest support
– How your stamina in bed is connected to your ability to conquer challenges in life
– One word that can take you from a a two-pump chump to an eight-hours-a-night Sting

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  • ?Bring her to the deeper, vaginal orgasms: G-Spot and cervical
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