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Ageless and Fit as F**k

I’ve recently been on a transformative fitness journey and am now in the best shape of my life.

Today’s episode is a personal share on:

  • How I became fit as f**k
  • All things aging, or rather, anti-aging
  • My personal heroes
  • My diet and exercise routine
  • 80 is the new 50
  • What I say to people who ask me to post pictures of “normal” people’s bodies

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We cover:

  • How to boost your libido, clear your blocks and become a sexually insatiable woman
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  • My full orgasmapedia of vaginal orgasms: how to have G-Spot, cervical and squirting orgasms.
  • Self-pleasuring 101
  • Breast massage to tone and lift the breasts
  • Taoist techniques to convert sexual energy into creative energy
  • How to use your sexual energy to heal yourself and your body
  • And much more!

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TRANSCRIPT – Ageless and Fit as Fuck

Over the past few years, as there has been a movement to normalize obesity, sponsored by companies like MacDonalds, I have NOT participated in this advertising campaign in the slightest.

As always, the imagery I use in my posts and videos is of fit, athletic people.

For a while, I’d get messages from people saying “Hey Kim! Why don’t you post more “normal” people’s bodies?”

Firstly, my answer to that is: “Fuck off.

Secondly, if you don’t like going to the gym, that isn’t my problem.

And thirdly, let’s define “normal”, shall we?

If we look in nature, do you see any FAT animals? EVER? No. NEVER.

So “normal” animal and human bodies are actually fit and functional.

The only fat animals you EVER see are the ones locked in cages in zoos, where they’re fed shitty food, force-fed drugs and are prohibited from exercising.

Take from that analogy to human life what you will.

MY heroes are NOT the fatties.

My heroes are the fitties.

Like Julia Linn Olson, a 67-year-old competitive body builder.

And Jeannie Rice, the 76-year-old marathon runner who broke the record for her own 75-79 year-old age group.

And “Ripped at 70” Wojciech Wectawowicz, aka “fit_oldboy” on Insta who has the physique of an ultra-svelte 20-year-old.

And 99-year-old Betty Brussel who recently broke three world swimming records for her age category in one day: the 400m freestyle, the 50m breaststroke and the 50-m backstroke.

And Mighty Joe Stockinger, who, at 90 years old, holds several power lifting world records in his age category and can deadlift 405 pounds.

And Nian Soli, the 106-year old Balinese Legong Dancer.

THESE are my heroes.

The people who make “being great” great again.

Because at the end of the day, the only thing separating the svelte from the flab is self-discipline.

And self-love.

If people were so “fine” with being overweight, would they really need to run around the internet screaming at people and begging everyone to accept how overweight they are?

And getting angry when people promote fit bodies?

They could spend that same time going to the fucking gym and it would be problem solved.

Yah. So that’s the weight thing.

And then there’s the aging thing.

About 7 years ago I did over 100 hours of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at a 2.6 – 3m depth.

I spent two hours a day in a chamber where you can’t bring in your phone or computer or even a book.

I had to watch movies.

So I watched the Sex and the City TV series from start to finish, all six seasons of it.

I never saw it live, in its heyday.

To be honest it looked a bit boring and I never got what the fuss was all about.

Then one day I was at my gym and SATC was on the TV.

I watched a clip where one of the characters, Miranda, the career woman lawyer, is dating Steve, a working class bartender.

The show was exploring the dynamics between a woman who is more career-driven, successful and financially well off than her partner and I thought, well this is fascinating.

I’d love to see what they do with this. So I got in on the SATC action.

Anyway, for anyone who never watched it, or never had TV, like me, the show is about four single women in their late thirties, navigating dating and love and sex in modern-day Manhattan.

The women characters are all very strong, smart, successful, emotionally intelligent, extremely well-acted and rounded out.

The show was pretty universally loved and is still highly regarded as iconic.

And then.

A few years ago, at the height of the DEI = Didn’t Earn It movement, they decided to do a reboot.

They tracked the characters 20 years into the future, as 50-something women.

So in MY world, 50 is the new 30.

The people and the role models I have for myself, are sleek, hot, powerhouse women, still rocking their sexual power—perhaps more than ever—in their fifties.

But no.

In the HBO world of these ladies, 50 is the new 80.

The reboot of this beloved show, called And Just Like That, which is entirely unwatchable, like something akin to torture, and bearing no resemblance to the wit, brevity, fun, playfulness of the original show, was a pathetic exercise in public humiliation.

It looked like Sarah Jessica Parker had caught wind that the show, 20 years ago, which featured inter-racial and gay relationships and zero sexual judgement, wasn’t progressive ENOUGH by today’s standards, which is to say that the show wasn’t a grovelling act of shit swallowing, and so it would seem that as some kind of time traveling penance, they resurrected the show JUST so they could embarrass and humiliate the characters for not having ENOUGH people of color and trans and non-binary plot lines.

You know. In the lives for four straight women.

Not only was the show a pukefest of retroactive apology and virtue signalling, it portrayed each of the 50-something women as borderline senile, 80-something senior citizens.

Carrie, the main character, gets a hip replacement in her mid-fifties.

Charlotte has a stroke. Oh no, wait. She mistakenly eats a pot brownie.

Miranda, the once whip-smart, doesn’t-miss-a-beat-senior-partner- power-lawyer has Alzheimers.

She bumbles around, socially and emotionally inept, a frumpy old out-of-touch grandmotherly dork who can’t seem to get the hang of today’s climate of ultra-stupid whiners.

I mean, who with any modicum of intelligence, can?

The only reason I know anything about the show is that I was following it through the online analyses of it—not because I watched it, like I said it’s wholly unwatchable, unless virtue signalling apology porn is your thing—because I was curious about what kind of agendas were being embedded into it.

Which were:

  1. You have to apologize for things that need no apology.
  2. 50 is the new 80.
  3. 50 is really, really old.


Recently someone posted a meme about Betty White, who was in the TV show Golden Girls.

Again, this is a show I never watched.

I thought it was about a bunch of 70-year-old ladies sitting around knitting and cracking shitty shit-com jokes.

They women certainly look 70.

They all have short, curler-style, old-fashioned, grandma hair, they’re all frumpy and overweight and wear clothing from the shop “Potato Sack Zero Sex Appeal Asexual Plaid”.

Like I said, I never watched it so I don’t know what these Golden Girls got up to—and for all I know, they were all racy and down to fuck—but if I’m just looking at their physical portrayal, I was shocked to see that most of these women were meant to be in their fifties.

According to TV PROGRAMMING the “golden age” for people—or at least women people—is 50.

What I’m saying here is that we have this CONSTANT messaging and programming—which is the exact purpose of television PROGRAMS, telling people, and in these cases, especially women, what it’s like to grow older.

This same thing happens in the realm of childbirth, with all the PROGRAMMING around birth being painful and the most traumatic punishment of a woman’s life, when in actuality, it’s the opposite.

It’s meant to be the biggest, most pleasurable orgasm of a woman’s life.

But the relentless narrative is so strong and pervasive, few women ever experience it this way.

Except in Anami Land.

The same brainwashing also happens with menopause.

In many cultures, they don’t even have a word for menopause, i.e. the cessation of women’s periods, because it isn’t even a thing.

It’s a non-momentous, NON-event that ISN’T accompanied by a slough of terrible and painful symptoms that will apparently plague a woman until the day she dies.

And which, conveniently, can only be solved by a 40-year regimen of daily hormones, estrogen creams and vaginal electrocution.

That narrative only takes place in Western countries and in particular in North America, where menopausal woman are the cash cow of allopathic medicine.

Nah. It’s not “menopause.”

You’re just underfucked.

In Anami Land. the women of a certain age, are lubricating and orgasming all over the place like nobody’s business, with raging libidos.

So what IS life like in Anami Land?

Well, the point of this podcast is to show and tell you.

So here is some anti- or POSITIVE programming for you.

So. What does all this have to do with my fitness journey?

Because FUCK all of this shit.

I’m currently in the best shape of my life.

We get fed these ideas of what we’re supposed to look like and what we’re meant to be capable of, at various ages and stages of our lives.

I’m much more interested in optimal health, quantum healing and maximizing the potential of my body and mind.

And so I do.

For most of my adult life, I”ve been fairly fit.

I was an athletic kid, playing competitive soccer, sprinting in track and field competitions, cycling, playing tennis and just generally running around a lot.

In my 20s, I wasn’t into fitness that much, but I was into healthy eating.

In my late 20’s, I got really into the gym again.

I was working out with heavy weights three times a week and I’d spend my summers running up mountains.

I’ve had a very healthy, organic, whole foods diet and have run the gamut from raw foodist, vegan, pescatarian and then a few years ago I started eating meat again, but now I’m a solid pescatarian.

I love fish.

Fast forward to about five years ago when I was working out a few days a week and then surfing nearly every day, sometimes 2-3 hours a day.

I was eating mostly vegan with some fish.

And one day I looked around my body, and I realized I’d lost a lot of my muscle mass.

My ass was gone.

My legs were gone.

Years of training and muscle building had evaporated.

I didn’t realize it, but with all the high intensity cardio of surfing, and the 30,000 or so steps a day I was getting, and the LOW amount of my protein intake, my body had cannibalized itself.

I wasn’t taking in enough calories or protein to sustain all the activity I was doing and so my body started eating its own muscle.

Now I will say there was a correlation with things that were happening in my life at the time, where I was, in effect, eating myself on an energetic level.

So. there’s that.

Then during the Great Psyop of 2020, I was living somewhere I wasn’t surfing that much, and I’d built a home gym, but wasn’t training as hard as I might.

There was stagnancy.

I’d had a set point weight for about 20 years and in this recent time period, it went up about 10-15 pounds.

I actually didn’t even notice it at first.

Because I don’t weigh myself.

I’d ordered some clothes, and when they arrived, nothing fit me.

I couldn’t understand it.

I honestly thought that these companies had changed their sizing or something and I was going to write a Karen latter to them, all upset.

And then I thought. Wait a minute. Is this me?

And shocker, yes, it was me!

So I’d lost muscle and gained fat.

I’d tried upping my workout routine but that wasn’t really moving the needle.

I was working out with a trainer and boxing and nothing.

I’d been hearing people talk about “tracking macros” and I had no idea what that meant.

But I was getting the intuitive hit that this was what I needed to do.

I’d never tracked a macro before—I didn’t even know what one was— and I’d never counted a calorie.

And really, if the perfect storms of all the things that happened around the same time hadn’t happened, maybe I never would have.

But they did happen and I had to figure a way out of it.

And so I did.

I hired a trainer who could also help me with the whole macro journey.

We started me out with taking my weight, and used a calliper to take my body measurements and body fat percentage, which at that time was 21.8%.

My goal was to lose 10 pounds, which would have brought me back down to what I think I weighed before.

My trainer put me into a caloric deficit, or a “cut” based on the average amount of activity I typically did, which over the last five months has been:

  Working out three times a week at the gym

  • Surfing 2 hours a day, 3-4 days a week
  • Getting an additional 5000k on average steps a day

In a couple of months, I hit my target and then we kept going.

I lost another five pounds, so a total of 15.

It was amazing to feel so light and totally lean.

My body fat percentage is now between 10 and 12%, but I’m not totally sure on that, because the machine I’m using to measure it where I am may no be the most accurate.

In the macro tracking journey, I’ve been amazed at:

  • How much protein we really need
  • How little protein I was consuming over the years
  • How much work you have to put in to GET that protein, although now after doing it for several months, I’m definitely in a groove.
  • How I was relying on sweets and sugar—even healthy sugars like coconut sugar—for energy when I was actually protein deficient

So for anyone who doesn’t know, your macros are the daily  percentages of carbs, fats and protein in all of your food.

In my fat loss and muscle building journey, my targets are to be eating 1% of my body weight in grams of protein.

And even up to 1.2 or 1.3%.

I’ve been counting my calories on an app and I love it.

I’ve been tracking my macros and I love it.

I’ve been going to the gym for three decades, on and off—mostly on—but I’ve never been as fit or sculpted as I am now.

I LOVE working so closely with my trainer to be like “okay I want to build the butt a bit more and pop the abs a bit more” and off we go.

Plus, she doesn’t let me not push myself.

Meaning, she’s there with every set and rep to make sure that I’m not pulling back and selling myself short.

I’m a pretty disciplined person, but when the weight is heavy it can be easy to to cave and not go that extra few reps.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to Ultimate Performance.

These guys are on it, on it, on it.

My trainer was—and is—amazing.

She totally held my hand through it all and guided me and answered all my questions.

If you hit them up, let them know I sent you.

This has all been a big learning journey for me—one that I’m still on, and aim to be on for the rest of my life.

Because my #fitnessgoals are to be in the 60, 70, 80 and 90 and 100-year-old plus super-athlete, fit-as-fuck categories.

The word Anami means there’s always another level to go.

When people buy into the notions and the programming that they’re too old, or too menopausal or whatever excuse they want to give themselves as to WHY they can’t do something, I’ll be forever here, holding the torch, showing you why and HOW you CAN.


My legendary Well-Fucked Woman Salon opens for registration at the end of this month. This is the Anami guide to ALL things “as f**k”:

  • Orgasmic as f**k
  • Feminine as f**k
  • Sensual as f**k
  • Creative as f**k
  • And of course, not giving a f**k.

In the meantime, you can check out the free How to Be a Well-F**ked woman video series and take the very enlightened quiz: Are you underf**ked?

Go to kimanami.com. Look for Sexual Savant Salons and click on How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman.

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