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Multi-orgasmic, plenty of lubrication and the ass of a 20-year-old.

Remember that movie that came out a few years ago? “This is 40”? Bemoaning the lives of 40-something women as some kind of juiceless, sagging state of existence? 


I’m 48. 

I defy these stereotypes all the time. 

Aging is another area where there is a normalization of dysfunction and ill health. 

While I’m all about embracing what is, “what is” doesn’t need to be a substandard state of being. 

You can still be a wildly sexual, super fit force of nature. 

There is an idea in North America of the obsolescence of age, which is a great incentive for people to try and buy youth. 

I get mine for free! 

But the dominant messages are that women “of a certain age”/ menopausal/post-menopausal women are:

– Not fit
– Not wet/lubricated
– Not sexual – it’s “normal” to have no libido

Oh, and they have their internal organs removed. 


Not buying into that. 

I plan on being a fit, active, healthy, multi-orgasmic woman for as long as I live! 

The 90-something yoga teachers and 80-something gym bunnies—these are my role models.

That’s “normal” to me.

Listen to more on age-defying and the new era of NO APOLOGIES for being awesome, in this week’s podcast:


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1:03 Is it possible to be sexually voracious and lubricate past the age of 40? Hint: Yes!

1:15 Aging is an area where society normalizes dysfunction

2:41 You can create your life through radical self-responsibility

3:37 Does Kim have children?? Has she been through menopause??

4:47 We feature our Well-F**ked All-Stars on the podcast because they are living proof of how sexual energy can transform one’s life. I’m not making this stuff up!

5:29 Having babies, postpartum and menopause are not excuses for ill-health

5:55 How did we get to a place where we shame and apologize for success? It’s bullshit. 

Had an orgasmic birth? Have a hot 48-year-old ass? Have a raging libido? Good for you, don’t apologize.

8:51 My role models are the 90-year-old yoga teachers, 80-year-old gym bunnies, the 72-year-old man who took up Tantra for the first time, the women in their 60s gushing lubrication and raising their libido after taking up yoni eggs—this is normal

9:42 Every moment in life is an opportunity for change, and the doorway is always open—you just need to walk through



And absolutely fucking shameless, bitches.

Remember that movie that came out a few years ago? “This is 40”? Bemoaning the lives of 40-something women as some kind of juiceless, sagging state of existence?


I’m 48.

I defy these stereotypes all the time.

Multi-orgasmic, plenty of lubrication and the ass of a 20-year-old.

Aging is another area where there is a normalization of dysfunction or ill health.

While I’m all about embracing what is, “what is” doesn’t need to be a substandard state of being.

You can still be a wildly sexual, super fit force of nature.

There is an idea in North America of the obsolescence of age, which is a great incentive for people to try and buy youth.

I get mine for free!

But the dominant messages are that women are not:



  • Or sexual
  • And that they ought to have their internal organs removed.

This is convenient for a medical system that profits off of their ill health and dysfunction.


Not buying into that.

I honestly don’t even pay attention to this kind of messaging, because I’m very careful about the kinds of media influences I let into my sphere.

So I just keep doing what I’m doing.

And don’t really notice if it’s supposed to be age-compatible.

I’m out surfing several hours a day and having sex and running my empire.

I’m too busy!

I don’t buy into any of that stuff.

I plan on being a fit, active, healthy, multi-orgasmic woman for as long as I live!


In my work, I’m all about radical self-responsibility.

Meaning, I take the approach that I—and we—create our own lives and realities.

IF there is something we don’t like, then on some level we created it.

And the amazing thing about this, is that it means we have the power to change it.

If you didn’t create it and you were just a random bystander, then you have no power to change anything in your world.

I know we are currently living in the “everyone gets a trophy” climate, but that isn’t my world.

I actually find all that stuff pretty DIS-empowering.

Last week I posted an image on my Instagram with my fit body and raging hot 48-year-old booty.

In the post I talked about how I don’t buy into aging stereotypes.

There was plenty of kudos and praise and love and support.

Then there were the odd comments like:

“Oh, but you don’t have kids”

Oh, but I do.

“Oh, but you haven’t hit menopause yet”

OH, but I have.

What else have you got, bitches?

Cause I’ll lay it all to waste.

If you haven’t heard of these things before—like sexy menopause or 90 year old yoga teachers or natural non-cancer causing birth control, I’m happy to explain them.

I’ll be doing a podcast in the next couple of weeks on The Myths of Menopause, and on Sex and Bodyweight, so I’ll go into all that in more detail later.

But suffice to say for now, I believe that if a person is in a healthy, radiant, sexually alive place, then they skim through these life transitions with ease.

Having babies, postpartum, menopause.

Rather than the common approach to use them as excuses for ill health and non-productivity, they can be portals to new and higher states of existence.

That’s how I frame these things.



The other topic I wanted to address along these lines of “everyone gets a trophy” is this act of constant apology.

We seem to be living in The Age of Apology.

When did this happen?

It used to be that America was all about the idea of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, no matter your background, working your little butt off and making something amazing of your life.

and now it seems that the people who do that are expected to rein that in and… apologize for greatness?? 

I saw two Instagram posts recently that reflected this ethos.

One was from a woman who recently became pregnant.

She’d been having fertility struggles, as so many women do, especially when they’ve had a lifetime of hormonal birth control.

She’d gone the naturopathic route—she’d revised her diet and her lifestyle, was taking herbs and supplements and managed to conceive within a few months.

In her pregnancy announcement, which ought to have been purely celebratory, she felt compelled to add an apology to all those people still trying to get pregnant and struggling.

She couldn’t even have her moment of victory without having to apologize for it.

This is insanity to me.

Another woman I know put out a blog post announcement after having her orgasmic free birth—home birth: more on this in the future!!!—and she had people replying, upset about their own birth experiences as though she somehow shouldn’t be sharing hers and that by the very act of doing so was somehow “shaming them”

This shaming bullshit has to stop.

Shaming someone is being mean directly to them and making them feel bad intentionally.

Being awesome and healthy and having a great ass is NOT by definition or any possible definition., shaming those who don’t have those things.

I’m hot and fit and sexy and totally not motherfucking sorry about it.

Never will be.

I work my ass off.


The woman who orchestrated her orgasmic home birth did a fuckton of preparation to get there.

The woman who healed her own fertility issues did the same.


These things aren’t random accidents. You CAN change your life, you can heal yourself.

My work is all about showing people HOW to do these things.



The 90-something yoga teachers and 80-something gym bunnies.

The man who came to one of my retreats at the age of 72…. after losing his wife of 55 years, wanting to better himself so that he could be in a great space for his new partner.

He’d been studying Tantra for a year and had mastered being able to orgasm without ejaculation.

At the age of 72.

The 60-year-old woman who dares to NOT go on hormones in her later years and instead takes a chance on trying a yoni egg and working to unleash her sexuality and is now gushing puddles left right and center.

These are my role models.

That’s “normal” to me.

That’s what I strive for. That’s how I see life as being—rich and wild and sexual and self-empowered at any age and in any circumstance.

It’s said that spiritually speaking, every single moment is an opportunity to change.

To change the entire course of your life and existence.

That doorway is always there.

In this current climate of the normalization of dysfunction

Ill health and lack of fitness and disease has become “normal-ized”.


In Anami land, we take full responsibility for our choices and our health. 

Own what you’ve got, or change it.

But don’t go around trying to tell people to not shine their light or that they ought to apologize for what they’ve achieved.

In the words of the famous Canadian suffragette Nellie McClung.

“Never explain, never retract, never apologize. Just get the thing done and let them howl.”

My ass gets it done.



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6 thoughts on “#thisis48

  1. Ditto to Victoria! I am 70 and going strong!!!
    I love this statement, Kim…sing it from the rooftops!

  2. You go girl!!! I am well into my 70″s and having the best sex of my life, thanks to to a younger male friend. He is in his 60’s, and making sure we both have the best sex of our life.
    I have been married 4 times and this is the best sex I have ever had. I feel bad for my girl friends who don’t want, need or desire sex. They say,”I don’t need a man”. Well it is not about need. Men add that extra dimention to your life. I don’t need a man either but want one. Dan and I have been together for 10 years now (and we will never marry) and have lots of fun together, upright and horizontal. He has taught me so much and I love him for it. I have taught him how to celebrate life and he has taught me how to trust again and open up my entire body to love.

  3. I love you, Kim! And I love being connected with all the women who are defying fucked-up and immensely limited ideas about what we’re capable of!!

    Yes – absolutely – that is a real phenomenon these days, of folks apologising for being happy/ well/ successful, and I HATE it – especially *women* keeping themselves small, feeding off of each others’ negativity and small-mindedness: never looking at what it might be to think big and move consciously towards that vision….

    Not to make anyone feel guilty, but it has made me so mad in the past, when I’ve shared some potent, potentially liberating information, and some folks’ first reaction is to blast it aggressively, with all their pent-up sexual energy turned into a weapon! Yikes – so ugly, so unnecessary, so perpetuating the mythology around our being supposed to be afraid of our bodies. Boooooooo!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the huge growth of awareness around natural and spiritual perspectives on sexuality, and the super-accelerating visibility in recent years, of women and women-centred voices. It is so damn exciting to have grown up in such a repressive culture, and to be seeing the expansiveness going on in so many fields.

    I’ve witnessed how many people are mimmicking your work, Kim – but of course you are the pioneer, and the leader in so many ways. It’s such an honour to know about your work <3

  4. Always Brings hope and YES! Go for it! I have nothing to lose and MUCH to gain. Keep showing up! I had been down a rabbit hole for many years and now excitedly climbing out! What a road! What a journey!

  5. I love this I am 53 and look dam good . I havent cared about age for a long time. Now I am doing self pleasure I keep exploring this and I can have orgasms and its starting to be easy. I alwasy said I wasnt going to dress or act like I have been told. I do work out and in the best shape I have ever been.

    I dont give a fuck what others say about my lifestyle. I am a coach for women and teach them to eat intuitively and live that way.. You keep on rocking bad ass..

    1. I took the vaginal kung fu class this spring, and all I can say is yes Yes YES! I am in awe of how deeply awakening my sensual and sexual self has fed all areas of my life. My spiritual practice is touched,my workouts are stronger and I have earned the income in my coaching business in six months that it took me 12 months to earn last year. I I anticipate attracting the right man in my life, so we can take the couples class together!! Meanwhile, it feels absolutely amazing to be able to give myself the kind of pleasure that I’ve dreamed about! I feel strong, juicy empowered, and I love being a role model for younger women. As a 53 year old single mom – I am rocking it and take MILF as a compliment. Lol!! Thanks Kim!! I share your website and IG with everyone I think can benefit! Xoxo