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Natural Birth = Ecstatic Birth

The best expert in the world on birth: You.

Today on the podcast, I have a supreme expert in pregnancy and birth: 

A woman. 

Yes, it so happens that this particular woman has birthed eight—yes, eight—of her own babies, most of them at home and “free-birthed”. 

She also has 20 years experience facilitating the birth of other women’s babies. 

But, the main reason I am calling her an expert, is because by very nature of being a woman, she is one. 

Human females are the only species to be convinced that they cannot birth their own children, without it constituting a major medical emergency. 

The truth is, that women’s bodies are designed in a beautiful orchestra of hormones and biofeedback, to have blissful, orgasmic, self-actualizing birth experiences. 

What interferes with this is a typical hospital setting. 

I’ve written about how the most dangerous place in the world to give birth is an American hospital. 

It’s true. 

Statistically speaking, more babies and mothers die in the US than in any other developed country in the world. 

In hospitals. 

In this episode, we’ll talk about how to set the stage for the most optimal birth conditions. 


  • The hormonal flow that nature designed for women to have ecstatic births 
  • How interrupting that flow through the typical hospital experience is what leads to “stalling” out in labor 
  • How that interruption has far-reaching effects, leading to problems with everything from breastfeeding to postpartum depression
  • How birth, in its natural state, is one of the most powerful spiritual portals available to women, to self-realize  

I’ll preface all of this information, as I did last week, by saying that in no way am I “blaming” or “shaming” women for whatever birth experience they had. 

I am absolutely blaming and shaming an allopathic/OBGYN system which discounts the instinctual power of a woman’s body, and manufactures birth “emergencies” simply to reinforce their own position of power—and employment. 

I’m initiating these discussions, because women—and their partners—need to know that there is a safe, gentle, pleasurable alternative to surgical “techno-birth”. 

It’s the woman and her genetically encoded self that has been doing this for millennia. 

Hundreds, thousands of millennia. 

Mother knows best. 

Listen to the episode now, featuring Yolande Norris-Clarke @bauhauswife 

Or download and listen on the go:

Yolande Norris-Clark is mother to EIGHT children, all of which were home-birthed and seven of which were “freebirthed”; meaning she cared for her body holistically through pregnancy and birthed at home with only her family and/or non-medically trained friends present for emotional support.

She came to recognize that she had a sacred mission to open this secret, and to share the power of birth as the portal to one of the most profound experiences of awakening and planetary connection available to human beings, and also that birth itself is the foundation for peace. Peaceful babies, happy mothers, connected parenting, and even healthy relationships and marriages.

She has also supported hundreds of other women to choose the same path–first as a full-spectrum birth attendant, witnessing births throughout my community, and now as a birth coach and consultant, working with women and families all over the world.

She is the co-creator of the online course, The Complete Guide to Freebirth (www.freebirthsociety.com), and is on the cusp of publishing her book, “Wild Pregnancy, Free Birth, The Guide to Manifesting Your Ecstatic Homebirth”.

Find her at: https://freebirth.ca/




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