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I first found out about raw food fifteen years ago when I was living in Byron Bay, Australia. As an uber-alternative community, it was filled with people interested in all manner of healthy regimens. I met raw food-ists, fruitarians and even some quasi-breatharians.

The more raw food I eat, I experience increased mental clarity, a lighter feeling in my body and more energy. The live enzymes in the raw food not only make it less taxing for the body to digest, but have the added benefit of clearing out old debris and toxic material in the body.

– Raw Nachos by Juliano

I include a lot of raw food in my diet and have had periods where I’ve eaten only raw food. Eating 100% raw can be a huge time and planning commitment. Luckily, we now have a 100% raw restaurant in Vancouver: Gorilla Food, located at 436 Richards Street in downtown Vancouver. They’re open from 11-5 daily. They’ve recently expanded their menu to include such delights as raw pizza, pasta and falafel.

If you are keen to explore some raw un-cooking yourself, I’d recommend Juliano’s The UNcook Book. He also has a restaurant in Santa Monica called Planet Raw, if you ever make it out to LA. I’ve eaten there before, served by Juliano himself and it was exquisite. The man is a culinary genius.

Also, some friends of mine have a website called The Healing Feast. They are age-defying raw food-ists and they publish their own delicious recipes online.

Trust me, artfully prepared raw food can taste even better than any cooked, gourmet meal.

Healthy eating !

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