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The Myths of Menopause

All-natural secrets to orgasmic, wet and libidinous menopause.

“My beautiful wife has a VERY high libido (we make love several times a week), and is succulent and juicy on a permanent basis. She squats and deadlifts 65 kilos (143 pounds), which is 25% above her body weight. She has a gorgeous body and wears the sexiest Bordelle lingerie you can imagine.

She has been running her own business for more than 20 years.

I am so blessed!!

She is 73 years young.”

~ A note from a very proud husband, after he heard my #thisis48 podcast.


So how do you like them apples?

Last week I talked about defying age and especially the common stereotypes that go with it.

Women have this even harder, when they get a menopausal death sentence handed to them and then they are told that this is NORMAL.

NORMAL to have:

– No natural lubrication

– No natural hormone production

– No libido

Basically, no life.

At least, no life-force.

All gone!

But instead, because your body is so inept, you can very conveniently be saddled with a lifelong supply of KY jelly, artificial hormones and a brand new drug for female libido, and a few organ removal surgeries to kick off the festivities.

If you are an allopathic doctor or OBGYN, menopausal women are your cash cow.

They are the gift that just keeps giving.

Lifelong drugs and organ removal for everyone.

This is such a crock of shit.

Menopause as a wilting, dead experience is a largely Western and mostly North American concept.

There are places and cultures on the planet that don’t even have a term to refer to this stage of a woman’s life.

In this week’s podcast, we’re breaking down the bullshit about menopause.

We’ll be talking to Sami, a gorgeous 70-year old (another one, because I have a ton of them) about her daily, multi-orgasmic sex-capades (roving blow jobs, anyone?) and keeping your life-force going strong at any age.

We’ll also explore root causes to why women may experience challenges during menopause.

The point is, it’s not mandatory.

Because in Anami Land, there is always a solution.

And a natural one.

Listen now.

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Show notes and highlights:

0:54 A succulent, high-libido, lubricating, dead-lifting and fit 73-years-young woman

1:58 Menopausal women are told it’s natural to have no natural lubrication or libido

2:29 Menopausal women are the allopathic medical cash cow, guzzling down a lifelong hormone prescription and removing internal organs

2:47 Menopause as a negative experience is mainly a western concept and some cultures don’t even have a name for it in their vocabulary

5:38 Stress, ill-health and imbalance will exacerbate the turning point of menopause if not taken care of

6:47 When a woman is optimally healthy she will sail through this time without issue

6:52 Most people are operating in stress, and experience what’s called the pregnenolone steal, which impairs proper hormone production

7:56 Tips to support health during this time

10:02 One of the best ways to combat stress is sex!

10:43 Meet Well-F**ked All-Star Sami, yet another juicy and vibrant 70 something year-old woman

13:22 Following The Come Diet and absorbing your partner’s fluids becomes more delicious with time

16:29 Sami discusses having regular sex dates with her partner and having a juicy vagina all day long

19:56 Sami’s sexual connection makes her feel younger than she’s ever felt, at age 70. 

29:23 There’s no such thing as boring sex when you keep the sexual simmer alive

34:34 Who’s in charge? You or your hormones?




Myths of Menopause

I want to kick off this episode with a note we received from a very proud husband.

He listened to last week’s podcast “#thisis48” and wrote in to share this with us. He says:

“Just a short note to say that my beautiful wife has a VERY high libido (we make love several times a week), and is succulent and juicy on a permanent basis. She squats and deadlifts 65 kilos (143 pounds), which is 25% above her body weight. She has a gorgeous body and wears the sexiest Bordelle lingerie you can imagine.

She has been running her own business for more than 20 years.

I am so blessed!!

She is 73 years young.”

So how do you like them apples?

Last week I talked about defying age and especially the common stereotypes that go with it.

Women have this even harder, when they get a menopausal death sentence handed to them and then they are told that this is NORMAL.

NORMAL to have:

  • No natural lubrication
  • No natural hormone production
  • No libido

Basically, no life.

At least, no life-force.

All gone!

But instead, because your body is so inept, you can very conveniently be saddled with a lifelong supply of KY jelly, artificial hormones and a brand new drug for female libido, and a few organ removal surgeries to kick things off.

Look, if you are an allopathic doctor or OBGYN, menopausal women are your cash cow.

They are the gift that just keeps giving.

Seriously. ON drugs for life.

They are a drug dealer’s i.e. an allopathic doctor’s wet dream.

This is such a crock of shit.


First off, menopause as a shitty experience is a largely Western and mostly North American concept.

There are places and cultures on the planet that don’t even have a term to refer to this stage of woman’s life.

France is known as “the country that menopause forgot.”

In Japan, they don’t even have a name for “Hot flashes”.

And there are indigenous cultures that don’t even acknowledge any kind of shift.

It’s just part of life and there isn’t any mandatory awful symptoms that have been prescribed along with it, so women simply don’t have them.

Because they don’t know they’re supposed to.

It’s also seen that in cultures where older women are perceived as still sexual and beautiful, women experience less of these prescribed, North American symptoms.

And of course, you have our old friend, the Western medicine motto: the Normalization of Dysfunction. 

Meaning, if you can make it seem that it’s NORMAL that people experience such poor health, then your baseline is pretty low.

And NOT having problems it the rarity.

And now, we have this gloriously fucked up culture, that’s pretty much I would say a calculated campaign by people who profit off these things, to say “OH, you are SHAMING  women by saying they can have a pain-free, trouble free, soaking wet vagina, a billion orgasms menopause. That’s terrible.:

So you’ve just armed this whole sect of people to fight! For the right!

Well, we don’t do that over here in Anami Land. So if you want to learn how to free yourself out of this unhealthy and deadly paradigm, then stick around and learn.

If you are whining about shaming, you can see yourself to the door.


I choose when I get my cycle—I have for the past 30 years.

I’ve practiced conscious menstruation and now I’m in conscious menopuase.

Meaning, I’ve chosen to stop bleeding now, because I don’t want to have more children.

And when I was bleeding, I chose to bleed every six months.


My own explanation for difficult menopause has been that if a woman is loaded up with several factors of stress, ill health and imbalance, then the turning point of menopause will exacerbate these things.

It’s a transition time in the body, where it naturally looks for other sources to produce the hormones it needs for the woman to remain alive and juicy.

Do we really think that nature is so dumb, or in this case, mean too, that it’s going to say, oh, you are totally finished. Bye Bye!


It’s a time of re-configuration.

If the woman is healthy and strong, this will pass with nary a blip on the radar.

If she’s not, it will be like another stone on a pile of rocks that weigh her down.

Most people DO NOT take very good care of themselves.

Their diets aren’t optimal, they don’t exercise regularly or at all, and they don’t keep their emotional house in check.

So MOST PEOPLE are going to be hit very hard by these transitions.

Why is it that the women I know, including myself, who are committed to radical good health, sail through this time, no problem?

From a physiological perspective, there is a name for this “failure to thrive”.

It’s called pregnenalone steal and it can happen in men and women.

It’s a common symptom of the modern world.

Pregnenalone is known as the “mother of hormones”.

When your body is in a constant stress state, it’s generating adrenalin and cortisol and there isn’t much left over to produce the other hormones that you need, say, for proper sexual health.

Like: progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone.

This can mean you feel tired, depressed, have a low sex drive, increased weight gain and it effects your periods and menopause.

So my view is, that a body and woman in optimal health are going to waltz right through menopause.

The things a woman need to, would be:

  • Exercise her vagina: with a jade yoni egg.
  • Eat well: whole foods, organically grown diet.
  • Exercise her whole body. I mean really exercise. Walking a few times a week isn’t exercise. you need to sweat! 
  • Feng shui her sexual self and relationship.

These things will get her going again.

Especially the sexual pieces.

I’ve had women who are in the category of NOT eating that well, not really exercising, not even exercising their vaginas, and they come gushing back to life when they clear blocks in themselves and in their relationships.


I’ve also had women who simply began exercising their 60-70 year old vaginas, and feng shui their sexual selves, and BOOM, all the 60 and 70-year-old ladies be gushing.

My point is, that these conditions are not mandatory. They aren’t a necessary part of menopause.

Low libido, lack of wetness, not feeling amazing.

There can be different factors contributing to these thing.

Yes, stress can effect hormone production, and overall health.

But there is always a solution.

And hacks!

Meaning, that just using a jade egg can trump having stress.

Once you wake up your sexual energy and heal sexual blocks, that creates such an elevated effect in your system that it TRANSCENDS these ofter factors.

Even diet and exercise and stress.

It goes beyond them.

My view is that in nearly every situation there IS A SOLUTION that is natural, healthy and uplifting for the entire system.

My solutions DO NOT include drugs and surgery, except in extreme, extreme cases.

The sexual prescription is #1.

One of the best ways to combat stress and cortisol??


The oxytocin you generate through gourmet sex and orgasms, especially vaginal orgasms, has the effect of immediately wiping out cortisol.

So lot of orgasms and great sex is actually your best remedy for menopausal stuff and potential pregnenalone steal.

The women I know who triumph through this time in their lives, have sexual self-knowledge, are committed to their sex lives and have the intention that they will slide right on through.

And they do.

Today we’ve brought in Sami, a Well-F**ked All Star, to talk to you today who is, in her words:

“70, absolutely scintillatingly strong, alive, vibrant and juicy”

And FYI, this isn’t the same 70-something woman from the beginning of the podcast.

Nah, It’s a different one.

Because I have a ton of them.

WFW All Star Sami

KIM: Hello, Sami, welcome!

SAMI: Oh, Kim, my sweetheart! I am just so thrilled and happy to be talking to you. You and your work have so revolutionized my life. I can’t wait to talk about it.

KIM: I’m so excited to hear more. This whole project of The Well-F**ked All Stars is a way to really highlight people who have done this personal sexual work and have had really transformational results in their lives. 

You, in my mind, are an especially epic representation of this. Tell us a little bit about yourself, like how old you are —this is a very important detail, especially for you—and what you do in your life.

SAMI: I’m 70! I’ve been on this planet for seven decades and I’ve been talking and teaching about sex for some 50 years now. Talking about it longer than that, probably 65 years, as soon as I could talk, but I’ve traveled around the world, studied with lots of teachers, and I really want to say, Kim, you are absolutely superb. You are way above the margin. In fact, you’ve really started a revolution, as far as I’m concerned here.

I’m a sexuality counselor, among other things, also a grief counselor, etc., and pastoral counselor. Also, a sexological bodyworker. That’s why I’ve followed every dimension about sex, trying to learn everything I possibly could.

When I found you, oh my gosh, I said, “She’s speaking my language and teaching me more.” That was just so remarkable.

For example, my spouse, my mate, is so thrilled about the come diet, which I have always been into, but he also swallows as well, squirting. It gets more and more delicious as time goes on. I don’t know anybody else who uses that term, so it’s probably your term, but man, what a great thing!

Not just that. There’s so many other things. I was mentioning to you a little earlier about the whole-body orgasms. ’Gasms all over the place! You first introduced me to elbow-gasms, nipple-gasms, and all these ’gasms, you know? Which I was already experiencing, but I never attached it to that kind of—that that’s another form of orgasm. Especially people in my age range, who still have this very isolated programming about you only have one form of orgasm, right? That’s it. Usually for the males, you get it up, you get it in, you get it out, that’s it. And then you go to sleep and start snoring. 

KIM: Yeah!

SAMI: Right. And I also took your Male Mastery Course as well, which is phenomenal. Every woman, besides males, should do this, as well as all your courses. The Well-F**ked Woman is just utterly amazing and incredible.

I’m so enthused about this because people in my age range atrophy. People around me are atrophying. The bodies are atrophying. Spirits are atrophying. They don’t know what can happen for them. They don’t know and they’ve lost the belief and the hope and the energy to re-jucify themselves.

One of the big things in people my age, of course with males, is the limp dick—this horrible expression of ED which sets up a negative program in the brain. Also, for the women, the dry vaginas. And so, they don’t know that they can regenerate themselves. They don’t know how to plug in and get turned on.

One of the things that I’m really finding is that both in my own personal relationship, as well as in my work, the fundamental principle of really amazing sex is trusting and feeling safe, because in this condition, we can allow ourselves to really surrender. We may get turned on, which encourages the sympathetic nervous system to pour out the adrenaline and so you get, “Oh my God, this guy is hot!” and that’s that adrenalinization, but then we have to also bring in the parasympathetic. 

The oxytocin, the serotonin, we have to flood the system with that in order to, in my experience, come into the state of really surrendering. Opening, opening. This allows the lubrication. This allows the penile engorgement. This is where we really can move, in my experience, into the dimensions of polarity, which is another wonderful term and experience that you talk about in your courses.

KIM: Right. Let me just jump in there for a second. I want to focus on a few things that you said. The idea is very reinforced in our culture that once people reach a certain age, even in their forties, they start to perhaps need Viagra. There is a promoted idea that women need lubrication, they need hormones, they have to supplement with all these things, or they are going to be sexually inept. They won’t have any of these natural responses any longer.

The fact that you have seven decades going and you have what you refer to as a juicy vagina, tell me about that. You have a juicy vagina.

SAMI: Yes.

KIM: You have regular sex dates with your partner.

SAMI: Yes.

KIM: You have clearly flown in the face of all of these supposed concepts. Tell us, if you would, about your juicy 70-year-old vagina. [Laughs] 

SAMI: Yes, yes, yes. I’m very eager to talk about my juicy 70-year-old vagina, because I’m also doing a lot of work with my pelvic floor physical therapist as well because my vagina—and I have other issues of dryness in my whole body—started to dry. Not only that, but the vaginal walls themselves started to not only thin, but sort of—you know how older folks tend to stoop?

KIM: Yeah.

SAMI: The bones start to move, become more fragile, and gravity pulls them. Likewise, I was experiencing a tightness in my vaginal walls, which a lot of women do. And I’ve been to so many gynecologists and people say, “Oh my gosh, I can’t tell you,” who really had no idea. They didn’t know what to do for me.

I said, “Nope, I’m doing my own exploration. I am going to juicify my vagina.” And that’s when I began to realize, first of all, how to turn on my parasympathetic system to move into the aspect of surrendering, of opening, of relaxation, of breathing, lots of breathing techniques. I practice meditation techniques. I practice to really open and allow my vagina to speak for herself.

Also, teaching my partner, my husband, softer entry. Because he was already experiencing that anyway, and nature does that for us, with older people.

I’ve used dilators to help me with meditation, to help me expand my walls, along with my own meditation techniques, and along with talking. This is the other thing. The communication with my spouse, with my mate, my main partner, talking about “this is what I’m experiencing, this is the challenge I’m having. Can we try moving this way, can we try moving that way?” 

His openness to being willing has given me the information that I needed to say, “Okay, I’m feeling a little safer here. I’m feeling love safe. I’m feeling that I can relax more.” Because unless the communication goes on, my vagina clamps shut. It does. It’ll stop lubing itself.

This never happened to me before. I think I started around 65 or maybe 60 and 65 years old. Prior to that, man, I was gushing all over the place. I never used lube. I always had a juicy vagina. I didn’t even think about it. But it really started becoming an issue at that point and it was something I never thought I would ever experience.

For older folks, especially older females, I teach this technique, that communication, along with meditating and the communication with my partner, establishes the polarity. That really establishes it because he becomes stronger. He becomes more the male that then can work with his own penis and how to enter me.

As I feel safer and more comfortable with that, then I start to lubricate! I do, naturally! It starts. I also practice daily self-pleasuring. This is another very, very important thing. I do it on an everyday basis and I do a whole variety of different techniques. It would take me another two hours to describe all the different things I do. But, basically, I’m with myself, I’m loving my vagina, my vulva, my pelvic floor, my body, my stuff. Loving, loving, loving. This is also what increases lubrication. Basically, I’m walking around the whole day long well-lubed, very juicy.

KIM: Always wet, perpetually wet.

SAMI: Yeah, always wet.

KIM: Our lady of perpetual wetness.

SAMI: [Laughs] Our lady of perpetual wetness! I love this phrase! [Laughs] Yeah. And then from meeting you and listening to you, I said, “Oh! That’s it! She and I are on the same page here.” That’s really what I strongly promote. Several older females I’ve worked with, who really seriously have this issue, they also are doing these kinds of things I just described and they’re youthening and rejuvenating themselves.

Speaking about youthening, this has made my vagina younger than what I am. I don’t feel like I have a 70-year-old vagina at all. It feels more like maybe 40. It’s not as it was when I was 20 or 30, but I’m not the same person I was at 20 or 30. This is the other thing. My youthening, because of all the sexual stimulation and life that I pursue and that I have, I feel younger than I ever felt in my life. 

KIM: Amazing!

SAMI: I would say maybe not like a teenager, but I don’t want to be like a teenager.

KIM: A smarter one. [Laughs] 

SAMI: Yeah! It’s all the things I’ve learned, plus my body is amazing. My health is amazing. Well, you can hear it!

KIM: You definitely can.

SAMI: I’ve been working this morning since 4 a.m. I’ve been working and I’m the same energy and I work until like 6, 7 in the night and it’s the same energy. I’m alive.

KIM: You do. It really shows in your voice. You sound very vibrant, very alive, very positive. You’re wearing that vitality, and this is something that I talk about a lot—the well-fucked-ness is something that we inhabit, and we wear, and we radiate. Not only does it give us more energy to live our lives and infuse into everything we do, but we also wear it like this energetic magnetism that we begin to draw things to us, draw people to us, and we just shine with this vitality that’s palpable to the people around us.

SAMI: Oh, totally, totally.

Like, when I walk into the local shopping food place, the local mall, wherever I’m going, I feel radiant, and people respond right away to that. I can feel it and the connection is there. We never have to experience loneliness. This is something that consistently, especially folks my age range—or younger people, too—feel is this fear of loneliness. “I’m going to be alone and if I don’t get this one, then everything is going to suck. My life is going to be at an end.” I say, oh my gosh, we are social human animals. We never have to feel lonely. 

Once we turn on that sexual life-force energy and keep it moving, we turn our own pilot light on. One of my teachers used that phrase, turn your own pilot light on. Turn the light on, then it stays on. You radiate all over the place, you connect with everybody! I feel like I’m having orgasmic experiences when I’m walking down the street. [Laughs] 

KIM: Really! That’s it. That’s this expansion where we take the sexual energy that usually most people have just concentrated at the genitals and then they get aroused and just dump all of that energy out of their system and they get depleted. In this work, it’s about recirculating that sexual energy and then wearing it and learning how to constantly channel it into all parts of your life.

But it also takes that sexual energy as a vitality, an energy source, not just this encounter. You wear it. It infuses all of your cells. You become this. You actually inhabit this turn-on in your day-to-day life. You feel aroused by life. You feel aroused by the projects that you engage in. You certainly feel aroused by yourself and your partner and your work.

SAMI: Oh yes. Oh yes, totally. Totally. Keeping that edge, keeping that point of the orgasmic lengthening really allows me to keep going all day long. To radiate. Just as you described, it infuses the work.

It infuses finances. I don’t even think about finances, they come. Whatever I need, comes. It comes because I’m drawing that to me because I feel rich inside. I’m not a wealthy person externally, but I’m so full of wealth internally and I have every single thing I need. Wherever I am is a paradise. That’s the point, too. That no matter where I land, no matter where I live, no matter what age I am, I’m making paradise. I’m creating. It’s sort of like creating the heaven thing. And so that’s how I feel. That’s how I feel. 

I started using the term sexual life-force energy years and years ago and then when I heard you say it, I said, “Oh! This woman is really something!” 

KIM: [Laughs] Thank you.

SAMI: You’re really something, Kim! Keep going! [Laughs] 

KIM: Tell me about your sex dates with your partner. You said part of your whole regime is that you have regular sex dates with your partner.

SAMI: Every day. 

KIM: Every day? You have sex every day?

SAMI: Yes. We have some form of sexual expression every single day. The whole day for me is about orgasming, is about being turned on. When his physical presence comes back from wherever he is—and even when he’s not, I call, I text, I think of him. I send him energy, love, goodies, kisses. I can feel him when he comes in the door [laughs]. I can feel him. I brush his shoulder; that to me, is thrilling.

I touch his cheek. I kiss his lips, his nose, his neck, his head. I touch every part of his body. We do this frequently throughout the day, if he happens to be home. If he’s away and when he comes back, I can do all of this physically. We do this every day. Every day.

We don’t have intercourse every single day, but when it’s practical, we do. We have lots of blow jobs all over the place. Everywhere, everywhere, every part of the house, and outside, everywhere we can, in bathrooms; it doesn’t matter.

KIM: The roving blow job. 

SAMI: I love it!

KIM: That’s my favorite blow job; anywhere, anytime. The best!

SAMI: The roving blow job, yes! It’s fast, it’s a quickie, it’s long, it’s delicious. I teach women how to give blow jobs. Many women come to me and they say, “Ick! Those are ick! I don’t even go near him, ick!” Of course, they’ve been conditioned about this. They don’t know how gorgeous cock is, how wonderful, or vulva, if they’re into vulvas. 

KIM: Right.

SAMI: How wonderful the vulva is. The whole pelvic floor, and not just the genitals, as I said before, kissing, hugging, smooching all the parts of the body.

KIM: I love what you’re saying. You’re keeping your sexual energy high all the time.

SAMI: Yeah. Keeping it hot.

KIM: Not just relegating it to a time and a place in the bedroom and in the evening—that’s when this happens, and then it doesn’t really spill out of there. For you, it spills out over any time of the day, any part of your life. You’re wearing this energy constantly. You’re aware of it in yourself, in your relationship. Then you are constantly exchanging and playing with, engaging with this energy with your partner.

SAMI: Right. 

KIM: You’re living in what I call a state of constant sexual simmer. You’re simmering all of the time. You never really have this extinguishing of the flame or this dropping down to an ice. 

SAMI: No. 

KIM: You’re always in that hot zone, nearly at boiling all the time. That’s where I encourage people to live. When you really take advantage of all of that life-force energy, of your sexual power, is when you really do tune into it as a life force, as nourishment, as a superfood supplement you can take all that time.

SAMI: It is! Right.

KIM: And get energy from. I talk about my coffee breaks. When I need a bit of inspiration during the day or feel my energy drop, I’ll go and self-pleasure for about 15, maybe 30 minutes, and then come back to work with all kinds of creative juices simmering.

SAMI: Right. I love that term, sexual simmer. That is fantastic. And because of that, there’s no such thing as boredom in sex.

KIM: Why is that? Why do you think there’s no such thing as boredom in sex if you’re doing what? What makes sex not boring?

SAMI: The sexual simmer. The radiating of it every single day. When I approach myself, my body, when I turn myself on, there’s always something new to discover. There’s some new place, new area that I haven’t touched in a different way. I’m looking forward to the way I can touch the back of my neck, my throat, the inside of my mouth. Not just my vulva, but my legs. Music also is part of my life, so I use that to directly stimulate me.

When I’m approaching my partner, every approach is new. Every single day, every time, is new. There’s something new to explore.

KIM: Do you think it’s your attitude?

SAMI: They can’t be bored with that.

KIM: It’s your attitude that there’s something new to explore?

SAMI: Attitude, totally. There is. Not only just my attitude, but it’s a reality. The body, every single, I guess second, probably, but certainly every minute there’s new cells being born throughout the process. The old cells are dying; new cells are being born everywhere in our body. Therefore, there’s a new me coming about every single—I feel at every moment, but certainly every day.

And so with him, so with my partner. There’s a new person there. It’s a cellular, a chemical experience, as well as a conscious attitudinal experience. I don’t know, it’s like chicken and egg, I don’t know which comes first, but now they’re so blended together that every morning when I wake up, it’s like, wow! It’s a new day! Wow! I get out of bed with “wow! What can I do now?”  

And sure, I have aches and pains. But it’s not a hindrance to me because pain is also a messenger. I treat it as a messenger that I can listen to and communicate with and transform. Any kind of pain, whether it’s a pain in my vulva or it’s a pain in my joints or wherever it is, I say, “Oh, okay, so tell me what’s going on there. Tell me what you’re feeling. Are you afraid of something?” 

I have actual dialogues with my body. [Laughs] And I teach people how to do it, too.

KIM: That’s great.

SAMI: Yeah! It’s so great because then despair doesn’t happen—not that all the other emotions don’t happen, they do, because of old programming that’s still lodged in my brain, that’s lodged in all of our brains. You know, we’ve absorbed this stuff from our society.—But everything can be changed. I’ve experienced that over and over again.

I wrote about a lot of this change and stuff in my book. I have a book. It’s about my life. I wrote it basically to show that any middle-class person, anybody, no matter where they are born or what they were born into, can change their life. No matter what traumas and experiences they have, they can change their lives because that’s what happens on this planet. There’s the law of change. It’s a part of the planet. It happens everywhere in nature, everywhere in the rest of the animal kingdom, and we’re social human animals.

KIM: What’s the name of your book?

SAMI: Oh, it’s called Scalded: The Making and Undoing of an Extremist. How about that?

KIM: [Laughs] That’s great. Is there anything else that you’d like to add that we haven’t covered that you feel is integral to being a well-fucked 70-year-old woman?

SAMI: Keep going forward, whatever is happening. That’s my motto. I keep going forward, no matter what trauma, what devastation, what experience, what ecstasy, whatever it is. Keep going forward. There’s no limit. There’s absolutely no limit. It’s fantastic. It’s phenomenal. Life is phenomenal.

And even after leaving the body. I have lots of communication with “the dead,” with spirit. That’s how I also know that it keeps going on way after leaving the body. When the body goes back into the earth, which it will, my DNA will influence everybody else’s DNA. I have everybody else’s DNA, and this is a process that’s circular, that continues, and it’s a spiral that can keep going upward. 

KIM: Excellent. Well, just by listening to you, in your voice, the tone, the sound, the inflection, the energy in your voice is so vibrant and contagious and beautifully open and aware. You clearly are wearing the energy of a very sexually inhabited woman and it’s so beautiful to see.

 SAMI: Aw, sweetheart. Thank you so much for all you’re giving all of us, to the world. You are doing a most courageous, a most amazing work and your life is a testimony to it. Everything I’ve heard about your life. It’s a total testimony to it. You have also been doing all of these things, I feel, and we’re together in this.

KIM: Thank you, Sami.

SAMI: Thank you, Kim!

Who is in charge here? You or your hormones?

Last year I did a workshop with Wim Hof. IF you don’t know “The Ice Man” as he’s called, he’s this amazing guy who is learned how to hack and override his autonomic nervous system or ANS for short.

He’s set about 16 Guinness world records for things like Climbing Mount Everest in a pair of shorts, and running a marathon in Iceland in his bare feet.

He’s defied so many of the supposed physical limitations that humans are told they have, according to (air quotes) “science”.

He does these things, like sitting in a bath of ice, for hours, because he overrides his ANS.

So your ANS is responsible for things that we don’t have to consciously think about controlling or doing to stay alive—like breathing, your heart beating.

We just do them.

And we’re told we have no conscious control over them.

We do.

I’ve been controlling the duration and frequency of my periods for the past 20 years.

And, when I knew that my partner and I didn’t want to have any more children, I stopped my menstruation altogether.

NO big deal.

No symptoms of “menopause”.

These are techniques I teach in my salons, for all women, particularly in Vaginal Kung Fu with the menstruation control.

And the overall well-fuckedness and sexual energy claiming and block clearing in my how to be a Well-Fucked Woman Salon.

The big message here is that you can rise up and gain control of these things—of YOU!

If not you, then who?


The How to be a Well-fucked Woman Salon is coming!

Are you?

This is my signature 8-week salon for how to live, thrive and orgasm in a female body. Check out the free video series on my site, and look out for registration opening in mid-July.

Feeling Insatiable?

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9 thoughts on “The Myths of Menopause

  1. HI Kim, Loved this episod, Would love you to share any resourses (books, cources etc) on ellegant menaporse, I am same age as you and have not gone through it yet, and woudl love to know what you did to sail through it-

    many thx rowan

  2. Amazing episode! – I’m 49 and have not been to a western doctor or gynecologist in years. In fact since I took the King Fu Vagina course, I have chosen like you to take my health into my own hands. I feel more healthy, more self aware, more orgasmic, more balanced than ever and I am a mother of 3 juggling 2 careers. I love your quote about radical self responsibility. This rings so true for me. As I approach menopause my intention is to embrace the changes not try to mask it through hormone replacement- to see it, as you said, as a portal to a higher state of being. Thank you , as always I am moved and Inspired by your work

  3. I am a guy and I enjoyed listening to your Myths of Menopause. Your interview brought up many of my feelings about all kinds of ways couples can have blow jobs and everything else. It was fantastic. I have told you before my partner is 9,500 miles from me now. How ever sexting and emailing her I use a lot of the techniques you talked about to kept us together even though we are not physically together. However that will change in Oct. or Nov. of this year. Her responses to me are the same as the person you interviewed her partners responses. I work hard to make her feel loved and cared for we call it the well loved intoxicated woman and all my loving gives her and my self so much pleasure every day. I create different scene every day kissing new areas have not kissed in a while . She says she wakes up with wet sheets and goes to sleep with wet sheets . everything that you talked about is what I strive to do every day with her. Her responses tell me I have her well intoxicated in love. My other comment is you had a physician on your podcasts this year and she has her own internet show she is a holistic psych doc. In watching her videos before and after she attended your salon wow a major transformation. She is and looks like a well fkd woman. I was blown away by her transformation. I think it is awesome. I am happy for her. Every time I watch another of her podcasts the new doc. is phenominal. When ever my partner sends me new photos she is looking so different each time happier. I might be 74 but am having the best time of my life thanks to you and beliefs that I have always had but until my new partner never able to achieve. She understands and values the same views about sex as you and I do.. I listen to every podcast you do then archive it. Thank you for your inspiration and help in giving me a happier life. I use a lot of your information to keep her happy and sexually vibrant. During our long distance relationship. My heart and brain thank you also. allan

  4. The pharmaceutical companies in America in cooperation with the insurance companies have created a monopolistic control over the American health care system which is responding by transforming medical healthcare into big business. The most important, highest priority of medical health care big business is the bottom line, profit. There are very few, if any, “mom & pop” Doctors practicing in America today. Medicine traditionally taught by men to men practiced by men has been inherently limiting in its scope. Doctors traditionally looked upon by lay people as those who have been taught the holy grail of “Practice of Medicine” have been too willing to accept the “God Complex” and are always considered to be absolutely correct in all things to do with medicine. A slippery slope, indeed.

    With the drive of pharmacology for their profits, the earliest doctors assumed whatever the pharmaceutical companies said was the truth and were easily convinced to prescribe whatever the research pharmacists “research” indicated was the “best solution” to the medical “problems.” With insurance companies eventually getting involved to provide “medical insurance” they have now created a “menu” for this “symptom” you must conduct these tests, the results of which will provide the “surgical and pharmaceutical” treatment. So it is no wonder there are so many created “diseases” like menopause, a created dysfunctional state of the women that live in the United States. I would estimate “menopause” is one of hundreds or thousands of similarly fabricated “diseases and dysfunctional states” created solely for the residents of the United States. It is a multi-billion dollar business annually.

  5. I want to become a well f**ked woman soooo bad! I have paid over 1,500 on procedures that didn’t work. So this is very important to me to know that this works,I DM you on Instagram. Shaunda s_j_c_growing_83 I don’t eat the way I should when I eat and stress is my life and sex was my relief until I starting experiencing dilating to 100.

  6. Amazing! thank you for exposing the “behind the scenes” of this business of menopause. I am hopeful the TRUTH is coming out of the closet! LONG LIFE TO WILD WISE WOMEN!!! 🙂 THANK YOU !!! love and freedom 🙂