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The Myths of Menopause

All-natural secrets to orgasmic, wet and libidinous menopause.

“My beautiful wife has a VERY high libido (we make love several times a week), and is succulent and juicy on a permanent basis. She squats and deadlifts 65 kilos (143 pounds), which is 25% above her body weight. She has a gorgeous body and wears the sexiest Bordelle lingerie you can imagine.

She has been running her own business for more than 20 years.

I am so blessed!!

She is 73 years young.”

~ A note from a very proud husband, after he heard my #thisis48 podcast.


So how do you like them apples?

Last week I talked about defying age and especially the common stereotypes that go with it.

Women have this even harder, when they get a menopausal death sentence handed to them and then they are told that this is NORMAL.

NORMAL to have:

– No natural lubrication

– No natural hormone production

– No libido

Basically, no life.

At least, no life-force.

All gone!

But instead, because your body is so inept, you can very conveniently be saddled with a lifelong supply of KY jelly, artificial hormones and a brand new drug for female libido, and a few organ removal surgeries to kick off the festivities.

If you are an allopathic doctor or OBGYN, menopausal women are your cash cow.

They are the gift that just keeps giving.

Lifelong drugs and organ removal for everyone.

This is such a crock of shit.

Menopause as a wilting, dead experience is a largely Western and mostly North American concept.

There are places and cultures on the planet that don’t even have a term to refer to this stage of a woman’s life.

In this week’s podcast, we’re breaking down the bullshit about menopause.

We’ll be talking to Sami, a gorgeous 70-year old (another one, because I have a ton of them) about her daily, multi-orgasmic sex-capades (roving blow jobs, anyone?) and keeping your life-force going strong at any age.

We’ll also explore root causes to why women may experience challenges during menopause.

The point is, it’s not mandatory.

Because in Anami Land, there is always a solution.

And a natural one.

Listen now.

Or download and listen on the go:

Show notes and highlights:

0:54 A succulent, high-libido, lubricating, dead-lifting and fit 73-years-young woman

1:58 Menopausal women are told it’s natural to have no natural lubrication or libido

2:29 Menopausal women are the allopathic medical cash cow, guzzling down a lifelong hormone prescription and removing internal organs

2:47 Menopause as a negative experience is mainly a western concept and some cultures don’t even have a name for it in their vocabulary

5:38 Stress, ill-health and imbalance will exacerbate the turning point of menopause if not taken care of

6:47 When a woman is optimally healthy she will sail through this time without issue

6:52 Most people are operating in stress, and experience what’s called the pregnenolone steal, which impairs proper hormone production

7:56 Tips to support health during this time

10:02 One of the best ways to combat stress is sex!

10:43 Meet Well-F**ked All-Star Sami, yet another juicy and vibrant 70 something year-old woman

13:22 Following The Come Diet and absorbing your partner’s fluids becomes more delicious with time

16:29 Sami discusses having regular sex dates with her partner and having a juicy vagina all day long

19:56 Sami’s sexual connection makes her feel younger than she’s ever felt, at age 70. 

29:23 There’s no such thing as boring sex when you keep the sexual simmer alive

34:34 Who’s in charge? You or your hormones?




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9 thoughts on “The Myths of Menopause

  1. HI Kim, Loved this episod, Would love you to share any resourses (books, cources etc) on ellegant menaporse, I am same age as you and have not gone through it yet, and woudl love to know what you did to sail through it-

    many thx rowan

  2. Amazing episode! – I’m 49 and have not been to a western doctor or gynecologist in years. In fact since I took the King Fu Vagina course, I have chosen like you to take my health into my own hands. I feel more healthy, more self aware, more orgasmic, more balanced than ever and I am a mother of 3 juggling 2 careers. I love your quote about radical self responsibility. This rings so true for me. As I approach menopause my intention is to embrace the changes not try to mask it through hormone replacement- to see it, as you said, as a portal to a higher state of being. Thank you , as always I am moved and Inspired by your work

  3. I am a guy and I enjoyed listening to your Myths of Menopause. Your interview brought up many of my feelings about all kinds of ways couples can have blow jobs and everything else. It was fantastic. I have told you before my partner is 9,500 miles from me now. How ever sexting and emailing her I use a lot of the techniques you talked about to kept us together even though we are not physically together. However that will change in Oct. or Nov. of this year. Her responses to me are the same as the person you interviewed her partners responses. I work hard to make her feel loved and cared for we call it the well loved intoxicated woman and all my loving gives her and my self so much pleasure every day. I create different scene every day kissing new areas have not kissed in a while . She says she wakes up with wet sheets and goes to sleep with wet sheets . everything that you talked about is what I strive to do every day with her. Her responses tell me I have her well intoxicated in love. My other comment is you had a physician on your podcasts this year and she has her own internet show she is a holistic psych doc. In watching her videos before and after she attended your salon wow a major transformation. She is and looks like a well fkd woman. I was blown away by her transformation. I think it is awesome. I am happy for her. Every time I watch another of her podcasts the new doc. is phenominal. When ever my partner sends me new photos she is looking so different each time happier. I might be 74 but am having the best time of my life thanks to you and beliefs that I have always had but until my new partner never able to achieve. She understands and values the same views about sex as you and I do.. I listen to every podcast you do then archive it. Thank you for your inspiration and help in giving me a happier life. I use a lot of your information to keep her happy and sexually vibrant. During our long distance relationship. My heart and brain thank you also. allan

  4. The pharmaceutical companies in America in cooperation with the insurance companies have created a monopolistic control over the American health care system which is responding by transforming medical healthcare into big business. The most important, highest priority of medical health care big business is the bottom line, profit. There are very few, if any, “mom & pop” Doctors practicing in America today. Medicine traditionally taught by men to men practiced by men has been inherently limiting in its scope. Doctors traditionally looked upon by lay people as those who have been taught the holy grail of “Practice of Medicine” have been too willing to accept the “God Complex” and are always considered to be absolutely correct in all things to do with medicine. A slippery slope, indeed.

    With the drive of pharmacology for their profits, the earliest doctors assumed whatever the pharmaceutical companies said was the truth and were easily convinced to prescribe whatever the research pharmacists “research” indicated was the “best solution” to the medical “problems.” With insurance companies eventually getting involved to provide “medical insurance” they have now created a “menu” for this “symptom” you must conduct these tests, the results of which will provide the “surgical and pharmaceutical” treatment. So it is no wonder there are so many created “diseases” like menopause, a created dysfunctional state of the women that live in the United States. I would estimate “menopause” is one of hundreds or thousands of similarly fabricated “diseases and dysfunctional states” created solely for the residents of the United States. It is a multi-billion dollar business annually.

  5. I want to become a well f**ked woman soooo bad! I have paid over 1,500 on procedures that didn’t work. So this is very important to me to know that this works,I DM you on Instagram. Shaunda s_j_c_growing_83 I don’t eat the way I should when I eat and stress is my life and sex was my relief until I starting experiencing dilating to 100.

  6. Amazing! thank you for exposing the “behind the scenes” of this business of menopause. I am hopeful the TRUTH is coming out of the closet! LONG LIFE TO WILD WISE WOMEN!!! 🙂 THANK YOU !!! love and freedom 🙂