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8 22

F*ck, Motherf*cker! Ft. Wim Hof

Wim Hof on breathing, sex and erections in ice.

When I started my Orgasmic Enlightenment podcast, I said that whoever we had on here, I’d make them talk about sex. 

Well, with Wim Hof, there wasn’t any “making” involved. 

He was a VERY eager participant and keen to have a space to speak on this topic, totally uncensored. 

So here it is. 

For many of you, this may be a side of him you’ve never heard before. 

If you aren’t familiar with his work, prepare to be blown away. 

Wim Hof and I share many similar ideas. 

A couple of the main ones—among many, as you’ll see—are that:

1) We can override the programming and even supposedly “scientific” ideas that we are sold about what our minds and bodies can do.

2) Anyone can. Wim—and I—assert that with the right tools, anyone can get to these places of coming Mt. Everest in a pair of shorts, or have 30 cervical orgasms in a row. 

I went to a workshop with Wim in Australia last year and have been practicing his teachings ever since. 

As you’ll hear in the podcast, on some of the days I ice bath, I’ll go from catching 10-15 waves in an average surf session… to 50. 

Wim’s work is profound for both sexes, but I like to think he has a little something extra to offer the men in our audience as a living example of using nature and his own mind to amplify his power in the world and truly embody masculine energy. 

Listen to the interview now: 

Or download and listen on the go:

Sexual energy is powerful, life-force energy.

Every time you ejaculate, you have the power to create new life.

Instead of ejecting out all of that high-quality energy, you can redirect it into yourself and have it available to use in your life.

This is your “pro-creative” energy.

This is how you tap into your sexual superpowers.

There are several breathing techniques I teach to show men HOW to do this.

You can check them all out in my Sexual Mastery for Men Salon.

Learn how to build stamina and separate orgasm from ejaculation, how to open your woman and give her G-Spot orgasms and cervical orgasm and turn her into a truly well-f**ked woman.

All this and more in the Sexual Mastery for Men Salon that is now open.

This is my 8-week online “how to live, love and f*ck” in a male body program that everyone ought to have.

Come one, come all! 

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17 thoughts on “F*ck, Motherf*cker! Ft. Wim Hof

  1. Bonjour,
    Serait-il possible de trouver les vidéos avec des sous titres en français s’il vous plait ?
    Merci et belle journée,

  2. Thank you.. I love you. Love you Wim Hof. In 20 minutes my life was charged forever…. For the better. But that’s just my opinion.

      1. Yeah, actually it is first time I listen to him on a podcast and inspired me so much that this morning I decided to upgrade my cold showers to ice baths! 🙂
        Feels amazing.

        Anyways, do you know someone who can coach penisal (if vaginal is vagina-l, what is for penis?) kung-fu to the mastery level?


  3. Wait you can control your menstrual cycle?! Why don’t you teach women about that? I bet many women would love to know how.

      1. So your course teaches how to skip/control menstrual cycles? I have several clients that have PMDD. It would be a great to recommend them to you.

        1. Yes. I’ve been doing it for over 25 years.

          Women are told that periods, PMS and menopause are supposed to be horrible suffering. They aren’t. They can all be blissful and powerful spiritual openings.