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Confessions of a Supercock MD

Supercocks come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, parts of the world, and professions.

Yes, the mighty Supercock can appear anywhere.

Even in a man who presumed he could never be more than an average cock.

But alas.

He just didn’t know, what he didn’t know, was possible.

I have huge respect when people come into my work, with an open mind.

And especially if they have come from a sector of the world, where they are trained to think that “their way is the only way and everyone else must be burned at the stake, as heretics.”

The sector of which I speak, is allopathic medicine.

In the typical Western medical approach, when it comes to addressing sexual ailments—and pretty much all ailments—there are only really only two options:


And surgery.

That’s it.

My methods are all about getting to the root cause of why someone is experiencing any given symptom, and then permanently cure it.

Yes. You can.

In today’s episode, our all stars are Paula and Dr. Ryan McWhorter. They live in Alabama and have been together 17 years. He’s an Integrative Physician and now one of his specialties is treating reproductive issues from a more holistic perspective.

They’ve taken my salons, and he’s achieved Supercock status. Meaning, he can have sex for hours, and feel like he can run a marathon afterwards. He has learned how to orgasm without ejaculating.

His cock has grown in “size, length, width, girth…” according to his wife and it “won’t ever go down.”

Ah, the troubles of well-f**ked all stars.

Listen to the episode now:

Or download and listen on the go:



In the Sexual Mastery for Men Salon, you’ll learn:

– How to build stamina so you, too, can fuck like Sting

– How to grow cock organically with lengthening and strengthening exercises

– How to be multi-orgasmic—both you and her

– How to reclaim your masculine strength and power

And much, much more !

All you need to know to become a Supercock!

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