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How Sex Can Be a Portal to the Divine

Here’s a bit of my story: my sexual awakening.

Growing up, I always had a strong sense of my sexual energy. I could feel it. I was intrigued by it. I wanted to explore it.

I also had the intuitive sense that my sexuality was some kind of portal: a gateway to another dimension.

After a few years of experimenting, I read an article about Tantra. The author described sexual energy as being tangible and real; something you could exchange with a partner. He suggested an exercise: when with a lover, imagine moving energy between you. Not with words or touch, but just with your feelings and imagination.

I had a very sensitive and aware lover at the time. I decided to try the experiment, without telling him what I was doing.

I imagined shooting out energy from different places in my body, into his. From my heart, to his heart; from my head to his head; from my genitals to his genitals.

Something curious happened. Without my hands on him at all, he moaned. I visualized moving energy into his thighs. He writhed.

I knew I was onto something. I wanted more.

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