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Manifest Men, Money and Miracles. With Your Vagina!

Sometimes people look at my lifestyle and say “Oh, you’re so lucky!” I smile and say “I created this.”

Or, rather, “My vagina created this.”

I often use the hashtag: #poweredbyvagina

Which means: my vagina created this.

Vaginas aren’t just for making babies, you know!

They’re also for creating your dreams.

I’m always talking about how our sexual energy is creative, life-force energy.

If you aren’t creating babies with it, you can use it to build your life.

When your vagina is happy and healthy and it’s getting well-f**ked on a regular basis, it is very productive.

In fact, your life and work output is directly related to your vaginal satisfaction.

Turn on your vagina and you turn on your life.

With a switched on, aroused and activated vagina, your creative powers are at their maximum potential.

Your vagina is your mover and shaker. This is your ultimate power source.

Sexual energy is creative energy.

If you aren’t birthing babies with this energy, you can channel it out into the world and birth—and rebirth—every part of your life.

In this episode:

  • The sex and money connection
  • How I stabilized my weight and sculpted my body
  • Attracting high caliber partners without even trying
  • The evolution and elevation of my own business
  • How deep throating leads to amazing business opportunities
  • Where I get all my viral media campaign ideas from
  • Four steps to manifest everything you want in your life

Listen now:

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My legendary Vaginal Kung Fu Salon is open for registration! This salon runs once a year and you can sign for the next two weeks.

In it, you will learn to master everything I’ve been talking about in this episode, as well as:

  • Converting sexual energy into creative energy to fuel your life, work and relationships
  • Why orgasms are your infinite power source and how to use them to their maximum potential
  • Guided vaginal weight lifting exercises to strengthen and tone, eliminating urinary incontinence forever and making your vagina the orgasmic bliss centre it is meant to be
  • How to shift menstruation, PMS and menopause to be energizing and rejuvenating instead of exhausting
  • Breast massage to lift and enlarge the breasts. Plus, nipple-gasms!
  • How to give a handjob. With your vagina!

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