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Men: 10 Signs You Are a Sexual Master

Penetrate her. 


  • Have sexual skills. You study. You improve. You know there is always more to learn.
  • Can control your ejaculation. No matter how intensely she’s moaning and writhing— and she’s on all fours and that ass is up in the air and she’s so gorgeous and just pushing you to the edge—you can still hold off.
  • Feel energized after sex. You don’t just pass out and fall asleep.
  • Know there is life beyond the clitoris. And that no matter how much your woman thinks she loves her clitoris, you are going to take her to the promised land of vaginal orgasms, where the well-fucked woman lives.
  • Take a Tantric-style approach to foreplay: it can go on and on and is in itself a destination. You know that the build up and exchange of sexual energy is the goal, not just busting a nut.
  • Know how to penetrate your woman outside of the bedroom and are savvy at the “sex between the sex”. You can arouse her with the write comment, a squeeze of her ass, and nuzzle into her neck and keep her simmering.
  • Live by the code that she comes first. First and foremost.
  • Know that she comes many times. Once is not enough.
  • Also emotionally penetrate her—not letting her hide, stalking the demons in your relationship and facing them. These are the keys to opening her and keeping her open.
  • Aren’t afraid to dominate her. To show you her your strength, confidence and wildness. You know she needs all of this—and all of you—inside of her.

And voila!

Now you have a well-f**ked woman.

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