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New Year, New Vagina

Out with the old, in with the new.

Have you ever wondered if your vagina can perform better?

If it can feel more, give you better orgasms and ejaculate across the room?

You aren’t alone.

Most women have numb and vastly under-functioning vaginas.

Women who rarely experience the power of life-changing vaginal orgasms have become the norm.

It isn’t meant to be that way.

Frozen genitals are a product of a culture that devalues sex.

They are the microcosm of a world that is “out of touch” with its sexuality.

Your genitals (male and female) are meant to be living, breathing, sentient, conscious entities.

They have not only wisdom and pleasure to impart, but their essence, your sexual essence is the deep expression of who you are.

Literally, your genetic blueprint is housed here. This is the seat of your creative and reproductive power.

The vast majority of women (and men) have no idea what their genitals are capable of. They accept untruths like:

– Not all women can have vaginal orgasms
– Vaginas naturally fall out after a while
– Urinary incontinence is a reality post-childbirth

Like fuck it is.

While these statements reflect the current state of vaginal truth, they aren’t facts.

And they can be easily changed.

The truth is that your vagina can function like your hand: it can grip and articulate and pick up objects and throw them across the room. It can give hand jobs and deep throat and give you orgasms that totally change your life and help you to self-actualize as a person.

If your vagina isn’t doing these things, it’s not optimizing its full potential.

And neither are you.

January is vaginal truth month around here. I’ll be doing an education and re-education on all things vagina, culminating with the launch of my latest e-course: Vaginal Kung Fu at the end of the month.

Stay tuned. You’re in for a wild ride!

Want more vaginal truth?

vaginal kung fu signup Click here to view my free 3-part video series on Vaginal Kung Fu.

Because if Santa forgot to give you a new vagina for Xmas, I’ll give you one instead.


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