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11 23

Please shove something up your ass, please.

It’s that month again!

That’s right, it’s “Shove Something Up Your Ass” month!

The month when we bring awareness to a part of our anatomy that holds and stores so much tension and tightness.

And, frankly: shit.

It’s your duty to yourself, to your partner, and to the world at large, to shove something up there and loosen things up.

Otherwise, that shit really weighs you down.

You may notice that this month there are many men sporting “moustaches.”

This is the secret code for “Please shove something up my ass!”

So oblige them!

See this set of cleaved ass cheeks?

What it means is:

“I’m going to spread my ass open and I really want you to thrust something up it. Hard. Please. Just fuck the shit out of it.”

Next time you see someone you know sporting a new growth of facial hair, and especially during the month of November, be sure to give them a knowing smile, wink and whisper: “I’ll tell you what you want! What you really, really want!” 

And then make a wiggly finger motion in the air. Or, just mock like you are humping something, and start thrusting wildly, holding an invisible (but oh so willing) ass in front of you, on its hands and knees.

Then they’ll know you mean business.


Ass play is liberating for so many reasons.

As the metaphorical highway for so much of the stuff that we hide and don’t want to look at, diving right into that foreign and forbidden territory releases so much energy.

A shit ton, in fact.

Simply challenging taboos—and make no mistake, the ass is a major taboo—takes you into new and altered-state territory.

You fuck with your mind, by fucking your ass, and that’s the best thing any overworked mind can ask for.

Is silencing.

Not much a mind can think about with a giant cock in its ass.

A finger, dildo or cock up there in the dark netherworld overwhelms logic.

And reason. And mental ruts.

That’s exactly what we want.

To transcend.

Anal sex is nothing but transcendent.

And guys, I’m especially talking to you.

Because apparently, this moustache thing is all about your precious ass, not hers.

All illness or “dis-ease” is the result of stuck, unprocessed experiences and energy.

You can release them in all kinds of ways.

Understand: they need to be released.

Ass-fucking is a superb way to do that.

If you haven’t explored this sacred and amazing territory, give it a try.

As God’s great “Haha, guess where they’ll have to go to find this!” joke on men, the male G-Spot, or the prostate gland is located—you guessed it!—up your ass!

Just like with female G-Spots, this area unlocks a whole other dimension of intensity and pleasure.

Whether you are feeling stuck, or mentally overwhelmed, or just because it’s Shove Something Up Your Ass month, shove something up your ass!


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