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Sex Dust


Sex Dust: The LA Series

One of my havens in LA is Moon Juice. This is a tiny elixir boutique in Venice which houses all kinds of green juices, nut milks and cutting-edge health potions and wild alchemy.

They have a collection of herbal “dusts” including “Beauty Dust,” “Heart Dust,” and of course, “Sex Dust,” which is what I’m lifting here.

Their Sex Dust is a blend of herbs that do everything from “enlarge stalks” to increase libido.

On a deeper level, your own personal sex dust is your signature, your glow that you radiate out to the world.

It’s what we call charisma.

It’s borne out of how much you have taken your sexual energy, your life-force energy and you embody it.

When you do that, it becomes this tangible, super attractive quality that people can’t quite put their fingers on.

Or rather, want to put their fingers all over.

It is the magical quality that distinguishes you as an individual.

The more in touch with your own sexual energy you are, the more you show up as a unique being. Because this is your deepest essence that flows from you.

It’s the you-est of you.

The idea that “everything has been done before” is absolute f**king bullshit.

When you are in tune with your true self, when you are embodying your sexual energy and using its creative power, you will make original work.

Because your art is an expression of the authentic you.

And there is only one of you on the planet.

Speaking of, in the background of this photo is one of my favourite buildings in LA. George Ehling’s Hollywood Hills home is a 40-year labor of love. He has hand-tiled nearly the entire structure, inside and out, as a massive mosaic.







The mosaic concept is actually a good way to talk about the idea of original work.

Yes, we all amalgamate different ideas as we go. Of course. Just like a mosaic.

But if you are truly doing the deeper work of self-actualizing and your sexual relationship is one of the very best tools to self-actualize your creative work, your expression in the world, all of these things will become more and more unique.

You stand out as someone truly unusual.

There you go, yet another use of good sex: you make better art.


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