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6 26

The Great Wall of Vagina

Here, I present, the first of the #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #eurotour:

Me, at the Berlin Wall, lifting a piece of the former wall. With my vagina.

It’s the Great Wall of Vagina!

I’ve been on hiatus the past few weeks, laying low (well, crouching low, working on my surfing technique) and rejuvenating. You know what I like to say: work hard, play hard.

I’m playing hard in Bali, surfing every day, watching the season’s biggest swell roll in as I lie in my cliff-side bed, writing this.

And my vagina was working very hard, gallivanting all over Europe, making a spectacle of itself.

Much of my work is about breaking down sexual barriers: opening conversations about sex and daring to say the things that deep down (very deep, like cervix deep) people want to hear and say, but generally don’t.

Then there is the literal work, the opening of the genitals. The de-armoring, the breaking down of past trauma and the healing of it.

There are the emotional walls that we erect to protect ourselves. The choice to fear instead of open. Because it feels safer to not trust. We’ve been burned before.

Until all of these barriers come down, until we soften and chip away at the hardness, we can’t fully feel.

We can’t fully love.

We can’t fully orgasm.

And we can’t fully live.

Over the years, on my own journey to wholeness, it’s been a constant work in progress to open, and to stay open.

Initially, when I began the process of thawing out and reclaiming my emotional self, I felt like a clam that would be pried open, and then involuntarily snap shut again.

It was so frustrating to me, to get to this delicious, raw place and then be unable to consciously stay there.

It’s taken decades to get to the place where I feel very integrated, and able to keep my heart open most all of the time.

Even through the wildest storms, I’m able to stay calm.

Mostly. Still human. 🙂

I’m able to trust the guidance of my heart and my vagina both infallible compasses when we can truly tune into and listen to them and act on it.

Guys, your hearts and cocks function in the same way: as divining rods.

The only way we get to that pure intuition of the heart and genitals is by knocking down our walls.

With thick walls up within us, we can’t hear clearly what’s on the other side, or the origin of the voice. The messages get distorted. They echo.

When you do the work, the deep, internal work of breaking down your own self-imposed barriers, you’ll find a whole other universe on the other side.

The world, just like an open and trusting vagina, opens up to you and nourishes you.

And that’s where the gold is: the deepest love, the best orgasms and the feeling that all is right in the world.

When you dare to open and stay open.


Check out more of the adventures of my globe-trotting vagina on Instagram.

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