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The Most Powerful Weapon You Have

I was asking an empire builder what his secret was to making money. He looked surprised and right away said that it wasn’t about the money.

It was because he LOVED doing it. He loved collecting companies and rebuilding them and making them successful. Like nurturing children.

The most powerful weapon/tool you have in your life is your heart.

It keeps you connected to the flow of spirit. And when you are in the flow, there is nothing you can’t do. The universe sends you wisdom, people and miracles on your path.

I’ve spent a lot of time disconnected from my heart. The past few months have been pivotal for me in regaining that connection. And living there.

You have heard that even from a scientific perspective, the heart is where it’s at. In fact, your heart is smarter than your brain.

When people say things like “Put your heart into it!” or we talk about the importance of FEELING IT when we visualize what we want, it’s HUGE.

If your heart isn’t in it, it ain’t happening. Or it’ll happen slowly and painfully.

In this time of setting new intentions, here’s what I’ve learned about staying connected to my heart:

1) Everyday, I need to do at least one thing I totally love.

I feel amazing when I exercise daily. Exercise hard, daily. It’s self-love.

I make time for yoga or Pilates or running in the forest. It’s my therapy. I get back in my body and into my true nature.

2) Connect with other people who live in their hearts. Or, radiate so much heart-ness that it brings them into their hearts.

I had a, uh, disagreement with a clerk at a vitamin shop a few months back. Or, I could view it that we were both in our heads. She’s very knowledgeable and yesterday, after an injury, I knew she’d be the one to talk to about supplements.

I approached her, breathless and high and full of love. (As is becoming my natural state). And she got really excited to talk about sports and her passions. I watched her totally open up. It brought tears to my eyes, I felt so in my heart and connected to her.

3) Prioritize social contact. This might be second nature for some people, but it hasn’t been for me. The nature of my work and my life means I spend a lot of time on my own. I have to schedule in playtime and connection time.

The more I’m in my heart, I can connect with anyone, anywhere on a deeper level.

When I was coming back from my six-day sex date, I was flying separately from my partner. I was seated next to a couple of women—synchronicity—one was a holistic nutritionist and the other a singer with a huge libido (I can see these things a mile away).

The nutritionist’s boyfriend was across the aisle and trying to order me around. Seriously. I told him to back off and then I told him that he needed to liberate his G-Spot (I kind of said it like that. I can also see these things from a mile away). I pressed the issue. His girlfriend laughed so hard she was crying. Then the singer and I explained how and why this was important. We had girl/sex talk/bonding time for a few hours.

Em, the point here is that you can have fun and feel love (or G-Spot love) anywhere.

4) Ask spirit for help. Some people call this praying.

When I get stuck and back in my head, I feel numb. Life feels empty. So I ask spirit to bring me back. Sometimes I write letters. Or I meditate.

I recognize that I’m out of the flow. I ask for help to get back in it.

I was out of the flow one day last week. I was grumpy. I wrote a long letter to spirit. And then, in a high spiritual way (not), I expressed my grumpiness to a neighbour who I felt was responsible for making me grumpy.

His response? He invited me for brunch with his family. I was so stunned I started to cry. My heart cracked back open in that moment. I went for brunch, loved it and see him in a whole new light now. He kept saying to me: “God wanted me to irritate you so that you’d come for brunch. See? Look how beautiful this is!”

He was right.

5) You knew I would go here.

Heart/genital love amplifies love. Where do you think the term “making love” comes from? The raw, intimate space we get into when we truly let down our guards with another human, getting naked on every possible level, cultivates love. Breeds it.

In our deepest vulnerability is our deepest power. So go very, very deep. Deeper, more honest than you think you can. And see what happens.

Now go forth and multiply, my lovelies.


How much do you live in your heart? What brings you and keeps you there? Schedule in at least one thing DAILY that keeps you in your heart. Your whole life will flow

Thank you, all my beautiful and passionate readers, for your love and support over the year!! I love travelling on this journey with you! This year is all about getting you deeper into your hearts and everything else. Many exciting ventures on the way!

Much love,


Heart by Laurel True

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11 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Weapon You Have

  1. Always love your posts, Kim! I liked the idea of writing a letter to the spirit when you’re unhappy/grumpy/feeling out of the flow. I always feel like I want to express things, but not necessarily to the person I feel is putting me in that state. Writing it out is a great way to get it out of your head and into the universe without potentially hurting anyone in the act. 🙂 🙂

  2. “In this Universe it is love that binds everything together. Love is the very foundation, beauty and fulfillment in life” Anandamayi Ma

    Thank you for SPREADING the Love!! Your posts are inspiring as always! xox

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