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Let Love In

Way more people love you than you realize.

Let them.

Over the past few months i’ve been exploring this idea of living with an open heart. I see how much the world changes depending on how much love I’m willing to let into my life.

When people used to say things like “open your heart” or talk about “the power of love” I had no idea what they meant. I thought these were empty cliches.

And they are. Until you’ve experienced them.

Once I had, I saw the difference. How rich, deep and full life becomes when I keep myself open. And live from that space.

When I have my head down, and I scurry about my business, and my heart is closed, the world is a cold, dark, unfriendly, isolated place.

The moment I open, EVERYTHING CHANGES. The world is literally brighter and suddenly I see love everywhere.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the opening and closing. How does it happen?

1) I’m cracked open.

Life throws something painful in my direction that breaks my heart. And forces it open. By trying to find my part in whatever it is, I can keep riding that wave of an open heart. I can carry that openness out into the rest of my life.

The healing of the break happens when I let go. I look at my part and see where I need to grow and learn. That allows me to seal the breaks and makes my heart stronger.

Fierce, unguarded hearts are beautiful.

2) I decide to open.

I know what I’m missing now and I can consciously point my heart GPS back in that direction.

How do I do this? By being imperfect. By admitting I’m sad, I’m struggling to those around me.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

~ Leonard Cohen

The only way you can let people love you is if you are open to them. Show them who you are. Who you really are, with all your flaws and humanness. Stop trying to look good.

You look better when you’re naked. I promise.

3) Say “thank you” to EVERYTHING.

I had a life-changing martial arts teacher/mentor many years ago. In study with him, occasionally he would whack me. For no reason. Or maybe he had a reason.

With every instruction from him, every hit, every command, I had to thank him. Bow, and humbly say “thank you.”

I resisted this at first. “He just hit me! I’m NOT thanking him for that!”

But I did.

I was standing underneath a cold shower when I began to understand. I turned the tap on colder, and colder and I realized that I didn’t interpret the cold as painful or uncomfortable. It just was. I wasn’t bracing against it, or resisting it.

That’s when I realized that my “thank you” training was allowing me to accept all things into my life. As gifts. And not think of them as “good” or “bad.” They just were.

The more you let your heart open and stay open, you’ll notice big changes in your life. You’ll make better decisions (the heart is the best compass). You’ll feel more alive. You’ll find everything flows with much more ease.

And you’ll see just how many people are waiting for you to wake up so they can love you.

~ Kim

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7 thoughts on “Let Love In

  1. Sigh Kim, you nail it on the head each time. Your words, “Fierce, unguarded hearts are beautiful.” resonate with me so deeply. I too have heard these words, understood them intellectually but more recently there has been a visceral experience of them. I feel naked, exposed, vulnerable on so many levels. And it is so fucking beautiful! I feel my eyes open in a new way as my heart opens more. It is like walking through paradise, every moment. The beautiful faces, the singing birds, the breeze on my face. Everything penetrates me with love, leaving me feeling humbled, grateful and insignificant. Thank you for walking with me and expressing this so beautifully. Much love coming your way xo

    1. Yes, there is such a difference between the intellectual and the visceral. I remember when I *really* got that about love and suddenly all the cheesy pop songs and poetry cliches were REAL and TANGIBLE.

      You describe it well! Everything changes. 🙂

      Much love back to you!


  2. Beautiful Bernardo!

    You strike me as someone who spends a lot of time in his heart and radiating that out to the world, in such a pure, open, authentic way. I love what you said: “Life will ALWAYS move towards opening your heart…” It’s just a matter of letting it. 🙂

    Lots of love to you!!

    ~ Kim

  3. My dearest and most precious Kim,

    Wow, what an incredibly powerful post! The openness of heart and the ability to give openly through pain, struggle, rejection, love, joy, courage, and any emotion in creation, is a gift to everyone who is and ever was. Life will ALWAYS move towards opening your heart and it is up to each one of us to embrace this universal cue or suppress it, and in doing so, limiting the depth of each moment and ultimately our existence. I am so looking forward to experience how this realization will fuel your future work and your ability to open even more hearts.
    All my love,