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Well-F**ked Woman teleseminar. Thursday August 8th.

I’m putting the best of what I’ve got—over 20 years of sexual and spiritual tools—together so you can leave your sexual frustrations behind forever. You can become the lively, radiant, sensual being you were always meant to be.  

Come on over and I’ll show you how.

You’ll have me on video, giving you all that you need to overhaul your sexual relationship to yourself and others. We’ll cover everything from communication to orgasms to vaginal weight lifting.

Every week, there’s homeplay so you can flex your new sexual muscles.

A few days later, get on the line with me for a live Q+A call where I troubleshoot with you anything that comes up along the way.

Guys, I’m coming for you in October!

For now we’re focusing on women. Though you are welcome to do the WFW with your woman as well!

I held a free teleseminar Thursday August 8th.

I ran through how the 8-week salon works and what you can expect. If you aren’t sure if this program is for you, listen to the recording below and find out!

To listen, click on the link or right click to download:

Teleseminar Link

Also sure to check out the FAQ section (it’s near the bottom) on the salon registration page to see if I’ve already addressed them.


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