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8 14

10 Things that Happen When You Are Well-F**ked

Being well-f**ked changes your life.

In fact, it opens up a channel to the direct, creative, love power of the universe.

Coming through your heart and your genitals.

It sets your life on fire.

And catalyzes your true and deepest potential.

All the potential that lays dormant in you, just waiting to be lit up by the right heart, the right cock, the right pussy.

The right alchemy.

And when it does, all your unseen, deeply craved, unvoiced parts that make you full, rise up and come to the surface.

You wake up.

You “come to.”

Your inner light gets brighter, spreading out and igniting those around you as well.

You know when you are truly nourished, because you have lots to give.

You are connected to source and now you can uplift in the world.

Practically speaking, these are the kinds of things that begin to happen:

1) Creative opportunities fall out of the sky. Because you’ve lit up the fire of your orgasmic, life-force energy, the universe brings it right back to you.

??2) Money pours in. Money is energy and a barometer. It lets you know if and when you are putting your true talents to work. When you are, when you are stepping into your awesome power—and I mean that which produces awe—it brings back the energy you are

3) Weight drops off. Sexual energy is the great cleanser. It washes away your impurities and your blocks—I often say, and clients of mine often say—that we’ve bypassed years of therapy through great sex. #fuckingheals

4) Sex gets you high and energizes you. Your bedroom becomes your sanctuary and the place that fills you up. You drop your guard and you come out stronger and better equipped to face the world. Oh, and feeling like you are high on drugs.

5) You glow. People want to know:

“What are you doing differently?”
“Something has changed with you…I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

Actually, you can put your finger all over it and up inside it.

The whole origin of the well-f**ked woman meme is that it’s a tangible quality that you wear. Others see it and feel it.

And are attracted to it:

6) Everyone wants to have sex with you. Your well-f**ked energy translates into charisma and magnetism. People flock to you like moths to the flame.

Someone posted this quote on my Facebook page recently from Timothy Leary:

“…we were bursting with love and energy…everyone we met responded, wanted us to be around, wanted to make it with us. There’s no social unit as powerful as a couple, sexually secure and erotically in tune, let loose among the poor sexual isolates.”

Brilliant quote. Encapsulates it perfectly.

It still applies when you are single—I’ve experienced it—but it’s amplified within a couple.

7) People think you are at 5-10 years younger than you are. Part of it the relentless optimism that’s borne out of the joy of being regularly well-f**ked and love. Your cynical and weary parts fall away.

The other part is that regular orgasms shave 7-10 physical years off your appearance.

8) You feel at one with life. Opening your legs and heart in bed naturally opens them in life too. The more you trust in your intimate relationship, the deeper you go. And the deeper you go, you melt your old walls, heal your old wounds. This makes you raw-er and fresher out in the world. You embrace life further and deeper and are able to keep your heart open to life.

9) Life gets easier. The rhythm of sex is the rhythm of life. Thrusting is the movement of the ocean, of the great yin yang of our whole existence. Once you learn how to dance within your sexual flow, you can do it out in life more easily too. You don’t get so swayed by the ups and downs. You learn to roll with them.

10) You get smarter. There are all kinds of studies testifying to the cognitive benefits of lots of sex and orgasms. Beyond that, your newfound openness to life makes you more able to tune into the ethers and pull the answers to everything out of nowhere. Your intuition gets sharper. Living undefended allows you to see and act on the wisdom that the universe is constantly trying to share with you. All it needs is your openness and ability to receive it.

And that’s all up to you.

Being well-f**ked is where it’s at.

And I can help you get there.

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