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2020 Gift Guide: For Her

I come bearing gifts. Our annual erotic gift guides.

Part 1: For Her starting below.
Part 2: Click here For Him.

In the Anami Rules of Orgasms for Her, one is never enough.
Here is your erotic toolkit to ensure that your woman remains well-f**ked and multi-orgasmic for life.

The Holy Trinity

Multiple, vaginal, life-changing orgasms. G-Spot, cervical and cervical again. Because the more, the merrier. 


Sex date seduction

Bracli Geneva bodysuit. But who will be on their knees?



Yoni Egg Kit + Salonette

A brand new vagina: The best thing Santa can bring you. Full egg kit plus video instructions and
guided mp3 exercises.

Luscious Crystal Elixir Trinity

Heal sexual blockages and increase the flow of all female juices. Opens her to the letting go and surrender necessary for the deeper, life-changing, vaginal orgasms.

Bracli Pearl Bra + Thong

Stunning sapphire for your next sex date.
$187 USD for set

Sydney Bra Blue

Pearl Thong: Sydney Double Blue


Rose Quartz Lamp

Ambient, heart-opening light for the love nest.



Yoni Ambrosia Oil

Sacred nourishment to anoint your most holy parts. An essential for luxurious and loving yoni massage—one of the best gifts you can give your lover!



Rhodochrosite Amulets

Rhodochrosite is the stone of self-love, self-confidence, and known as the most potent healer of sexual abuse. 
It’s also featured in our Luscious Crystal Elixir Trinity.

$106 USD


$117 USD





Intimacy Card Deck

With 47 hand-drawn sexual positions for inspiration.



The Sex Date Trailer

If this trailer is a rockin’, don’t come-a-knocking. A client couple of mine invested in one of these to ensure they could always have their weekly three-hour sex dates. Brilliant idea.




Breast Bliss Oil

The ultimate self-love massage companion to lift, tone and enlarge the breasts.



Ruby: The Spiritual Warrior

Ruby is the harbinger of the new age, bringing strength and vision for the new reality we are birthing.

Earrings: $25,000+


Nature’s Dick Pics 2021 Wall Calendar

We love the au naturel versions.


A Year of Connection

52 cards and envelopes for writing weekly to your lover, and a journal to record the yearlong process.






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