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3 21

30-Day Sex Challenge + Contest

Sex every day in some way. For 30 days.

It’s that time of the year where we do our annual 30-day sex challenge.

What are the benefits of 30 days of sex?

1) To reconnect. Sex is the glue in your relationship, but couples often forget this. Thirty days of loving touch will help you to remember.

2) Rewire. This is your chance to imprint a new habit into your lives by making sex high on your priority list rather than near the bottom. It then becomes second nature to put sex—and each other—first.

3) Get you simmering. I say that couples—and singles—ought to live at a sexual simmer. This means that the hum of sexual energy between you and within you always stays in the 7-10 zone.

4) You learn to use sex as a means for processing the stuff that is between you. Sometimes a good throw down can wash away the detritus that collects between you, without you having to verbally process it. And when you do talk about things, you’ve smoothed out the road ahead of you.


1) Some form of sex every day: oral, anal, vaginal, manual.
2) Can miss 2 days out of the 30, with 2 makeup days—the next day you have sex twice.
3) If you are long distance, then get on the phone or Skype!

Watch the full video for all the instructions and inspiration.

We’re also making this into a contest.

What You Win

A space in my legendary Coming Together Salon, valued at $997- which begins in May.

How to Win
1) Have sex 30 days in a row and document it in some way.
2) Take a “before” photo and then send us an “after” video, maximum of 60 seconds. Show and describe the changes that have taken place for you in this time period.
3) Write a paragraph of text describing the changes you have experienced.

Entry Deadline and Sex Timeline
March 25 – April 22

– You’ll start the challenge on March 25th—we’ll give you a moment to gear up —and finish on April 23rd.
– The deadline to submit your entries is April 26th.
– We’ll announce a winner April 29th.


Enter your email address for inspiration along the way for your challenge.

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