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4 Keys for Building Sexual Stamina in Men

Having stamina is a crucial skill for men to develop in satisfying a woman.  

A man needs:

1) The emotional stamina to weather her storms and have the tough conversations that need having.

2) The physical/sexual stamina to take her places she hasn’t been before.

To give her orgasms she hasn’t had before.

A man’s stamina builds trust in a woman.

When she feels that he won’t be thrown off his game too easily, she’ll relax, open and surrender, knowing that he can handle whatever comes out of her.

Whether it be her heart or her vagina.

Let’s talk about her vagina.

One of the most important pieces of sexual work a man can do is learning to ride the edge of his pleasure.

For hours.

And not succumb too quickly.

Here are four things a man can learn to build stamina:

1) Just breathe. ??

The absolute best tool, hands down (cock up?) for stamina building is breath.

Most people hold the breath and breathe really shallow when they approach orgasm.

This curtails the flow of energy in the body and leads to a much faster orgasm, and one that feels out of control (“It just felt so good!”).

Uh huh.

Pay attention next time you are having sex or self-pleasuring.

If you find yourself panting with shallow breath (and I suspect you will), or not breathing at all, pause.


Take several rounds of long, steady deep breaths that go right down into your belly and your pelvis.

This will not only delay your ejaculation, but will recirculate your sexual energy throughout your body, making you feel:

energized rather than depleted after sex
create more of what we call a “full-body orgasm”
eventually allow you to separate out orgasm from ejaculation (yes, this is possible and every man can learn how to do it)

How can you argue with any of that??

2) Openness and intention.

This may even be more important than breath.

You have to believe that there is another way to orgasm. You have to have faith that trying it another way will lead you to something better.

We’re rewiring neural pathways here.

It takes discipline and focus.

One of the biggest obstacles I’ve come across with men not having success in this area is that they just aren’t willing to try.

They are very attached to their orgasms exactly as they are.

What if I told you that you could orgasm 10 times longer, 10 times stronger and also feel rejuvenated after your orgasm, rather than passing out?

That’s what I’m telling you will happen if you practice this and make it a priority.

Oh, and you’ll also make your woman much happier.

3) Relax and open your body.

Most people, as they approach orgasm, whether man or woman, clench and tighten up their bodies, especially the legs and buttocks.

Again, this curtails the energy flow and leads you to orgasm much more quickly.

Instead, relax and unfurl. Release the tension in your limbs and you will be able to ride the orgasmic plateau and hover in the zone.

4) PC (pubocoggygeal) muscle control.

Secondary to the breath, but important not just for orgasmic control.

Having a strong PC muscle (the muscle you clench to stop the flow of urine) supports your internal organs and allows you to pump and channel your sexual energy throughout your system.

I have seen some legendary examples of supercock prowess.

Cocks that can lift furniture (same as vaginas can), as well as humans.


Imagine just what that does to a vagina.

And your confidence.



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I teach all of these skills in more depth in the Sexual Mastery for Men salon.

We cover breath, stamina, how to have full-body orgasms, how to separate orgasm from ejaculation, PC muscle control and strengthening as well as supercock power exercises.

Oh the things you can do with a powerful cock.

And the things a woman will do for a powerful cock.

Get up on it!


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