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A Strong Vagina Keeps the Botox Away

Facelift, breast lift, mood lift. Vaginal weight lifting = bye, bye Botox.

Do you have an uplifting vagina?

Did you know that lifting weights with your vagina does all of the following?

  • Creates an overall lift in your mood
  • Lifts the pelvic floor, and all your internal organs so they don’t fall out—um yes, this is a thing that happens to 50% of women after childbirth
  • Gives you a facelift. Bye bye Botox.
  • Prevents leakage: energetic and otherwise.

Yes, having a strong, uplifted vagina uplifts every part of your life.

When you lift at the genitals, you create an energetic uplift throughout the entire body.

In women, this translates into a natural facelift, breast lift.

Your sexual energy is one of your greatest and most creative tools.

When you are properly accessing it, you’ll see how it inspires your life, giving you a buoyancy, a resilience, and an ability to go with the flow.

It gets you high.

I always say—if you want to get high, have more sex.

If you want to get higher, have sex with a strong set of genitals that can pump up your sexual energy from your lower centres to your higher ones, cultivating higher potency encounters.

In this episode:

  • Natural face lifts and breast lifts: for realz.
  • How are you leaking energy? Seal it and pull it up.
  • Tap into the Fountain of Youth
  • Vaginal acupressure treatments with the jade egg
  • Mood-boosting effects of vaginal weight lifting

Listen to the episode now: 

All my vaginal power secrets and practices will be revealed in the upcoming Vaginal Kung Fu Salon.


The salon opens for registration on January 18th. You can get on the list to be notified when it does, and check out my free preview video series for the salon now. Click here to signup.

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