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Ask, dammit!

Ask for what you want.

From the universe. From your lover. From your friends.

There is a spiritual law which states that the universe cannot meddle in your affairs unless given permission.

And then it can start moving things around to give you what you want. And making miracles.

Miracles start with asking for them.


Thinking lightly about something, tossing it around in your head is not asking for it.

Making a request to the universe is.

Me thinking casually about writing a new article for Playboy is not asking. Writing a pitch to the editor is. (He loved it and said “yes” immediately. Look out for it in the coming months!)

Wishing your lover would figure out that you want him to spend more time performing oral sex on you during intercourse is not asking for it. Saying this is: “It so turns me on when you go down on me while we’re having sex. It drives me wild. I would love it if you did more of that. Would you?”

Being frustrated that your boss doesn’t recognize your true greatness is not asking to be acknowledged. Putting it out there that you are worth a promotion and a larger salary is.

No person, no thing can go about fulfilling your desires unless you ask first.

What have you been holding back on asking for?

You’ll be amazed at how eager the universe is to give you what you want.

Today, ask for three things that you’ve been holding back on. Doing so puts you back into the flow of life, of growth and movement in the universe.

Which is where you are meant to be.

The universe wants to collaborate with you. Look at nature—everything is in a constant motion of growth. That’s the nature of life here. All you need to do is get in the habit of asking.

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3 thoughts on “Ask, dammit!

    1. I’d say it’s important to ask the question from a neutral space: ask for what you want, and then let it go. Then ask for the resolve to accept whatever is in your highest good. The universe/flow of life knows better than us. Sometimes it’s just not exactly what we want. 🙂

      K xx