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Benefits of NoFap

It’s an idea that has been around for decades:

“Don’t have sex before the big game!”

“You need to save your mojo!”  

And even millennia before that in ancient Taoist and Tantric teachings:

Be wary of spilling your fluids too much.

The modern incarnation of all that is the NoFap movement.

No porn-induced masturbation.

Hear my thoughts on all of it in this week’s video, plus the solution that gives everyone that best of all possible worlds: orgasm without ejaculation!

The Sexual Mastery for Men Salon opens in late September.

Tips on quitting porn, plus how to orgasm without ejaculation.

Are you coming? Or coming, without ejaculating?

You can check out the free video preview series here.

~ Kxx

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Transcript: Benefits of NoFap

NoFap, semen retention, and separating orgasm from ejaculation.

You’ve probably heard of the Internet-based term, NoFap, which is a slang term for not masturbating, and especially not masturbating to porn.

This is obviously a common thing these days in the age of widespread, very easily accessible pornography on the Internet, and guys have this habit, and some women as well, of excessive, porn-induced masturbation. They began to notice the effects of this were very depleting, exhausting, loss of motivation, and quite addictive.

We’ve seen this idea echoed throughout history of being very careful of how you spend your sexual energy. Even in the last 30 to 40 years, you’ve heard of athletes talking about how they don’t like to have sex before the big game, or they wait a couple of weeks or a month. And here are some great examples of people who have said exactly that.

David Haye, Champion Boxer and Non-Wanker

“I don’t ejaculate for six weeks before the fight. No sex. No masturbation. No nothing. It releases too much tension. It releases a lot of minerals and nutrients that your body needs, and it releases cheaply. If you unload and lose all those minerals and all that good stuff, then it’s not going to help you to fight. That’s your qi. Get rid of that, and you can feel your soul leaving you. Think about it. As soon as you release, your instinct is to go to sleep. You want a sandwich and a nice kip. And you don’t want to feel like that in a boxing ring.”

Miles Davis, Jazz Legend and Non-Wanker

Miles Davis: “You can’t come, then fight or play. You can’t do it. When I get ready to come, I come. But I don’t come and play.”

Interviewer: Explain that in layman’s terms.

Miles Davis: “Ask Muhammad Ali. If he comes, he can’t fight two minutes. Shit, he couldn’t even whip me.”

Interviewer: Would you fight Muhammad Ali under those conditions to prove your point?

Miles Davis: “You’re goddamn right I’d fight him. But he’s got to promise to fuck first. If he ain’t going to fuck, I ain’t going to fight. You give up all your energy when you come. I mean, you give up all of it! So if you’re going to fuck before a gig, how are you going to give something when it’s time to hit?”

Steve Jobs, Apple Inventor and Non-Wanker

“Our birth control method up to that point was Steve’s coitus interruptus, also called the pull-out method, which for him was about conserving his energy for work,” says Jobs’ former partner Chrisann Brennan. “He explained that he didn’t want to climax so he could build power and wealth by conserving one’s vital energies.”

KIM: These ideas originate even further back, five thousand years ago, in ancient Taoist China and Indian Tantric literature and practices that state men ought to be very aware of what they do with their ejaculations and conserve them. 

There’s this idea of semen retention, which is the idea that your fluids are very powerful. They contain all this life-force energy, literally all the energy that is required to create a new life. 

Seminal fluid contains over 200 separate proteins, as well as vitamins, minerals, and over 50 different compounds, including hormones, neurotransmitters, and immunosuppressants.

Semen is a veritable antidepressant shot with endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, estrone, prolactin, oxytocin, and melatonin, to name a few. Imagine just dumping all of that beautiful goodness out of your body with each ejaculation. 

And we see this highlighted in the cliché example of a man who has his orgasm and then passes out and goes to sleep. And this is pretty much what happens across the board.

All these people are talking about this these days because it has become such a common thing. I have the perfect solution, which is learning to orgasm without ejaculation. This gets you the best of both worlds. You get the pleasure, the bliss, the opening, the emotional release and the physical release of orgasm, without actually expelling your fluid. And this is how you do it.

Breathing. I talk about this a lot in my work and my free videos, all about how you can breathe your sexual energy and recirculate it through your body. Most people, when they get to orgasm, they tend to hold the breath, breathe really shallowly, tighten up the body, and then just expel all of that high-quality energy, and then they literally collapse afterward.

What we want to do instead is become very conscious in the moments close to orgasm, close to that ascension to orgasm, and breathe. Deep, steady, long breathing. I have some great videos on this on my YouTube channel. If you check out the Sexual Mastery for Men playlist, there’s one, “How to Last Longer in Bed and Cure Premature Ejaculation Forever,” but it’s all about these breathing techniques.

I talk about them in my Sexual Mastery for Men free video series, and the link for that is below this video.

I have a friend who is in his sixties, and he’s been practicing semen retention for about 30-plus years. He’s 60, and he looks like he’s 40. And he has absolutely funneled all of his creative and sexual energy into his life and his work, so he’s very wealthy; he’s a New York Times bestselling author; he’s got a couple of luxury sports cars; he’s got a beautiful house on the beach in Malibu, and all of that has come from his sexual energy and consciously directing it into his life.

There are a variety of techniques that you can use, but breath is one of them. Conscious commitment is another; going off porn is another one. And I will explain it all step by step in my Sexual Mastery for Men online course. You can check that out—the link is below this video.

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