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The Biggest Sign of Being a Well-F**ked Woman

When I’m watching the women I work with go through the process of transformation, there are many milestones.

As you grow into your true and sexual self, several things happen:

1) You become multi-orgasmic.

You discover the transformational power, wisdom and pleasure of the deeper, internal vaginal orgasms—G-Spot, cervical.

Where once you may have believed that these orgasms are “for other fortunate women”, you now have them all at your fingertips.

These orgasms are essential personal growth tools for women. If you aren’t reaching these deep, profound places in yourself and truly unleashing all the latent power in the vagina, you are operating at a deficiency.

The vagina is what will lead you into majesty. Not the clitoris.

2) You become more creative. Your work is original.

You find your own voice and use it in the world.

Sexual energy is creative energy.

More than just how to have more sexual pleasure, I teach people how to take that life-force energy and convert it into tangible energy that you can use in your day-to-day lives and work.

Once you are in tune with your creative, sexual energy and are harnessing it, you have accessed your unique imprint. Your genetic code, which is housed in your DNA, encapsulated in your sexual energy, can now be funnelled.

What you put out there is one-of-a-kind.

How many people do you know who lift Oscars with their vaginas?

You kill it. All over the place. You rise into your true star power.

3) You become uber-attractive.

“Men are coming from I don’t know where…!”

This is one of the phrases I hear the most!

These women aren’t joining dates sites, they haven’t radically changed their appearance. They are simply radiating something so vitally and viscerally attractive, that men–and women—are magnetized to them.

Like flies to honey.

The suitors spring out of parking lots, grocery stores, elevators, gas stations! You name it.

The force is with you. And people feel it. You are wearing the well-f**ked glow.

4) You don’t give a shit what people think.

This is the biggie.

This is where it all comes together.

You can’t reach any of these other places—you can’t have crazy, screaming, crying, earth-shattering orgasms, if you are worried about how you might look.

You can’t channel your creative brilliance out into the world if you hesitate and pull back because of how it might be received.

You know and you leap.

At this point, I know a woman has truly arrived.

She “dances like no one is watching” and she has fully “come into” herself.

She’s “out.”

She doesn’t give a shit what you or anyone else thinks about her clothes or her life choices or her sexual activities.

Does it make her heart soar and her vagina wet?

That’s all that matters.

She’s impervious to all else.

Her well-f**ked glow is like a force field around her.

It protects and attracts.


When you get very well-fucked—and remember, by my definition of “well-f**ked”, you can be single or in a relationship—you begin to shine from the inside out.

Being well-f**ked is learning how to connect to and own your sexual energy.

You don’t need a partner to do this.

You just need me. 🙂

The Well-F**ked Woman Salon rides again this year. You can check out the free preview video series here and even learn techniques you can use tonight to tap into your sexual energy.

Registration for WFW opens in mid-August. Stay tuned!


Image: On the cliff edge in Cinque Terre, Italy. Lifting olives.

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