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Build It and They Will Come. And Come.

This is one of the greatest and one of my favourite spiritual laws:

If you build it, they will come.

I was at a spiritual retreat last weekend and was reminded of this idea.

All big projects, endeavours and acts of creation begin with the begin.

You take your idea that resides in your head, out into the world and you make it real.

You start with any of the action steps related to fulfilling your vision.

If you are in-between romantic relationships, you clear space and you prepare your home (your internal one and your external one) to receive your new guest, and he or she will come.

If you have an entrepreneurial idea, you start, you fumble, you learn as you go. All that matters is that you keep taking action and moving forward.

When you have created enough of a form for your idea to be born into, it will come back to you in clients, revenue and praise for your work.

If you want your lover to experience the most body-and-soul-blowing orgasms, you build, you build, you build.

And then they come.

The building isn’t a one-time thing. It is a passion that overtakes you, your thoughts, your breath, your cells.

You play with the “constant simmer” as I like to call it. You maintain high sexual buzz and energy between you for days. For weeks.

For a lifetime.

The foreplay perpetua is always there.

Then, “coming” is easy.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

It is a spiritual law which states that the vacuum must be filled.

So build away, knowing that it is a universal law, that if you build it, whatever it is, they will come.

Image: Paper sculpture by Jen Stark

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