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There is a Solution for Everything

What if there existed a solution to every problem you have? Did you know that as soon as a problem arises, there is already an answer to it?

You just have to find it.

What if every time you get hit with a major obstacle, you pause and realize that there is a way around it.

There might even be a reason for the detour.

That takes you somewhere better.

I was visiting a friend last week and staying at her house. She has two very vivacious and affectionate dogs.

I love dogs. I spent a lot of time cuddling with them and giving them extensive belly rubs.

The next morning, I found that they had chewed up a very important device of mine. It was lying in their doggie bed. Mangled.

Not only was it worth a lot of money, but it was a very delicate and complicated thing. Plus, I’m leaving for Bali in a few days, and the chances of replacing it before I left were minimal.

I sat down and encouraged myself to stay calm. Then it dawned on me that this was a test. It wasn’t so much about the device, but it was about how I would handle it and manage my energy.

It took me a few days to get it sorted out, but in the sorting out, I could see a couple things happening:

  • I was being placed in situations where I could help people.
  • I came to an important decision, that was aided by the things I had to do to clear this up

All worked out in the end.

Our attitudes about our problems determine how they will play out. If we remain open and relaxed, we are able to let spirit into our space and help guide the outcome.

We remain detached.

If we get anxious and stressed, we block the flow of spirit.

We are operating in high-cortisol mode and we shut down any benevolent help the universe has available for us. We just won’t be able to hear it.

We end up perpetuating the problem.

The next time you are hit with a whopper, slow down and tell yourself:

  • There is a solution for everything.
  • This is a test. How I handle this is more important than the outcome itself.
  • Ask the universe to help you see what to do.

Whether it’s an issue at work, or with your spouse, or with your orgasm, keep your attention on the solution: even if you don’t know it yet. Just know there is one and that it is coming for you.

If you let it.


I’m heading to Bali in a couple of days for my Bali Bliss Retreat and then a 10-day remote island surfing adventure on a small island in Indonesia. I plan on keeping you updated on all the things I’ll be riding while I’m there…via Instagram.



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