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11 17

Ditch the Moustache and Find Your G-Spot Instead, Guys!

Every time I see a guy with a moustache in November/Movember I get mildly annoyed.

Because I think these people are missing the point.

Instead of using some kind of oblique and irrelevant symbol, why not go right to the source?

Go find that G-Spot and give it some love.

If you wore a button that said, “Hey!! Did you love your G-Spot today? I did!” I’d be much more supportive.

Forgive me for pounding the G-Spot message home, but in the wake of a sea of November facial hair, I cannot resist.

My view of disease is that it is the expression of our unresolved, unhealed, suppressed trauma. The stuff we’d rather keep buried and not look at.

Our bodies have a different opinion. The job of the body is to bring that stuff up to the surface. And gently or strongly urge us to deal with it.

A lot of unresolved shit gets stored in the ass. In men and women. And in God’s playful, clever little way, the male G-Spot, the magic pleasure button, the orgasm-accelerator is found in the ass.

Right there, in that there prostate.

So go get ‘em.

Hunt your demons, face your fears and buck up for a little ass play.

It’s good for you. It’s therapeutic.

There’s a reason we call people “tight asses.” Or we say someone has “a stick up their ass.” We mean that they could use loosening up.

Trust me, after some G-Spot exploration, you’ll feel subdued.

There’s a lot of information out there on how to incorporate anal pleasure. Very little on why.

I’m telling you why: it will make you a more relaxed, integrated and generous person.

Ass love can do that to you.

It’s a great complement to therapy. Or substitute.

But hang on.

Maybe “Movember” really is “play with your butt” month in disguise.

See this?

I saw the check out guy at Whole Foods wearing this button. I thought it looked like two cleaved legs, exposing the path to the sacred male G-Spot.

I asked him about that.

He laughed and couldn’t remember the code for the leeks. It took him three tries.

Moustaches are stupid. If you really want to raise awareness, tell everyone you know about how awesome it is to have discovered your G-Spot, how it’s liberated you as a person and you have the best orgasms ever.

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