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Do It Now

One of the main problems with entrepreneurs is that they sit on ideas. They (well, we) let them roll around in our heads and instead of acting on them, we let them keep rolling around. Eventually, we forget about them or someone else miraculously snaps the idea up out of the collective unconscious and makes it real.

In highly successful people, one of the main differences between them and others is that the former learn to execute without hesitation. They don’t sit on information or inspiration, they don’t question it endlessly; if it makes sense and they are excited about it, they take action.

What often stops us is the desire to do it perfectly and the fear of rejection. What if it’s criticized? What if no one likes it? (I remember being in second grade and being told by my teacher that we weren’t allowed to ask “What if…?” questions. Very good advice).

The way we improve and refine our ideas is by getting feedback. Even if we put something out there in a less-than-perfect state (and I don’t believe anything or anyone is 100% perfect–it’s all about confidence, the resulting interaction gives us valuable information about how to hone our message so it makes more sense. If there is anything that’s unclear, we get to clarify it.

The beauty of initiating ideas is that once they get rolling, they build momentum. The energy of that momentum helps you to keep going and you are no longer doing it alone.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve been sitting on that I intend to execute in the coming months:

– “60 Seconds to Enlightenment” short video clips
– virtual Sexual Savant Salons
– online boutique on my website
– “Sex Rx” newsletter with tips on adding more sexual juice to your relationships
– make a “G-Spots; His and Hers” free PDF available for download on my site
– creating more speaking opportunities

There. Those will keep me busy. Just putting it out there is one step closer to making it real, because now I just told you about it. Maybe you’ll ask me how it’s going. Maybe when you see the first video, you’ll let me know what you think.

I invite you to share the ideas you want to make real this year, or in the next few months, on my blog in the comments section.

Image: one of my favorite idea-executors, Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

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