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Does the G-Spot exist?


Yet another scientific study recently emerged, casting doubt on the existence of the female G-Spot. Since I found mine and have enjoyed it for years, I typically don’t pay attention to such purported research. It’s at the forefront of my mind though since I recently wrote an article for Playboy magazine (it’ll be in the March issue) discussing the three types of female orgasms – the clitoral, G-Spot and the cervical. Not only do scores of sexual adventurers and experts alike agree on its existence, Taoist Tantric culture discovered these pleasure zones 5000 years ago.

The G-Spot exists in all women. It is simply an area of spongy tissue located about an inch or two inside the vagina. The varying factors are: how it is stimulated, the degree to which a woman can truly let go and surrender herself, and the strength of the pelvic floor (PC) muscle. There are ways to improve all of these things and create deeply pleasurable and satisfying G-Spot orgasms in all women.

The G-Spot typically requires a lot of intense pressure and is accessed by certain sexual positions only. There are many G-Spot toys on the market that can aid a woman in stimulating this specific area. Having intercourse with a woman while she is on all fours is also an ideal way to find the spot.

The Taoists looked at deeper pelvic orgasms as more internal experiences, and as such, women require a greater degree of emotional vulnerability to achieve them – something not easily reproduced in a lab or in a relationship fraught with other issues. The more a woman feels free to explore and express sexually, the greater likelihood that she will reach the blissful states she is aiming for.

Lastly, do your Kegels. Particularly in post-childbearing women, the PC muscle can weaken and is less able to articulate. PC strengthening via Kegel exercises and use of certain intra-vaginal devices like jade eggs provide a work-out to these muscles. In fact, some women take to the practice so seriously that they are able to lift pounds of weight with their vaginas! The Guinness World Record for vaginal weight-lifting belongs to Tatiana Kozhevnikova who set the record by lifting 31 pounds with her vagina. Says Tatiana: “It’s enough to exercise your vagina five minutes a day, ladies, and in just one week you’ll be able to give yourself and your man unforgettable pleasure in bed.”

I’ll post the Playboy piece here on my site once the magazine comes out. The G-Spot also exists in men. But that’s another story.

I’m going to be holding a series of Sexual Savant Salons over the next few months that will be a hedonistic and informative mix of techniques for better sex. I’ll definitely be addressing the G-Spot. More details soon.

Photo: Chris Craymer

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