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DON’T Do Your Kegels!

For years, in countless women’s magazines, women have heard the adage: “Do your Kegels!”

And for years, women have suffered silently, thinking that they were the only ones for whom these illustrious exercises, designed to strengthen the pelvic floor of women, did not work for.   

They struggle with issues of:

  • Urinary incontinence.
  • Their vaginas falling out (yes, this is really a thing).
  • Having no sensation of pleasure inside the vagina and hence no libido. I mean, who wants to have sex when you can’t feel anything?
  • Not having orgasms. Vaginal—G-Spot and cervical—orgasms are nearly impossible with a weak vagina.
  • Not being able to open a banana with their vaginas.

The list goes on.

Still, to this day, misinformed OBGYNs and other supposed specialists are still recommending this ridiculous waste-of-time-of-an-exercise to vaginas all over the world.

And vaginas all over the world are still very sad.

Kegels never worked for me either.

I didn’t care though, because I learned a better way to create a Super Vagina.

In this week’s video learn:

  • What most people think of as Kegels are nothing like the exercises Dr. Kegel invented in 1947.
  • Which exercise has a minimum 90% success rate for curing urinary incontinence in women.
  • Why flapping your vagina in the wind is not going to build you a new vagina.
  • The exercise that can build you a new vagina. Kinda like Build-A-Bear. For your vagina.
  • Why shooting ping pong balls and opening kombucha bottles is the normal state of affairs for every vagina on the planet. Including yours.

This is New Year, New Vagina! month in Anami land. We’re leading up to the annual run of my Vaginal Kung Fu Salon—the 8-week, “Get your new vagina here folks!” course I run once a year.

The salon opens for registration next week.

For a preview, check out the free video series. Otherwise, stay tuned for our announcement of when we open the doors.

And open your vagina.


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