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Facelifts, Botox and Vaginas

Do you have an uplifting vagina? 
Did you know that lifting weights with your vagina does all of the following?

  • Creates an overall lift in your mood
  • Lifts the pelvic floor, and all your internal organs so they don’t fall out—um yes, this is a thing that happens to 50% of women after childbirth
  • Gives you a facelift. Bye bye Botox.

Yes, having an uplifted vagina uplifts every part of your life.

Here’s how:

1) Mood lifting. 

When you work out your vagina, you are reconnecting to your sexual energy and self.

This is the essential core of who you are.

Getting all the blood and oxygen flowing in your reproductive region allows your hormones to flow better.

It also lets your overall juices flow better as well.

Circulation = lubrication.

More than all that though, when you are in touch with your sexual self, you are in touch with your true self.

You now have this energy available to use in your daily life, your creativity and as the deepest expression of who you are.

Your libido—which is your life-force—is now pumping.

Hormones are moving the way they are meant to.

You can actually feel things in your vagina now—pleasure, orgasms, fingers, cock and wetness.

Depression comes from suppression. When you are disconnected from all of these things—especially your vagina—you are disconnected from yourself and from life.


2) You lift and support your internal organs. 

As a human these days, it’s a rare feat to get through life with all of your organs intact.

Western medicine is oh-so-very-keen on cutting them out for you.

You can increase the health and longevity of your internal organs, especially your sexual ones, by supporting them so they don’t fall out on the floor.

No one needs that, now do they?

Except Western doctors.

The cutting and falling out of organs is a very lucrative business for them.

Wouldn’t you like to keep your uterus and cervix and ovaries?

You can.

Strengthening your pelvic floor to support them will keep them in place.

Plus, as you reconnect to these organs—which are the symbolic expression of your sexual self—you will now inhabit them.

Owning and inhabiting them is what keeps them intact.

It’s when you are cut off from them, that they can literally be cut off and cut out of you.

3) Face and breast lift. 

I have had clients stop using Botox because of their jade egg practice.

The lift that you create in the pelvic floor has an effect all the way up the body.

Right up through the breasts and the face.

Women clients have reported perkier breasts and smoothed out facial lines:

It’s the lift that keeps on giving. 



My signature 8-week salon on how to strengthen your vagina and make it your power source is now open.

In the salon, you’ll learn:

– All you ever needed or wanted to know about vaginas and their magical powers

– My personal vaginal weight-lifting routine

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I held a webinar last week to explain how exactly I have created my world and dream life.

With my vagina.

Plus, I answer all your burning questions about the upcoming Vaginal Kung Fu Salon.

View the replay, click here


Image: Me, some dragonfruit, and my vagina on Nusa Penida, Bali. Yes, we lift.




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