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Food and Sex

What are we craving that we can’t get enough of?

Obesity is on the rise. Over 60% of Americans are overweight to some degree.

There is an epidemic of sexless marriages and way too much FUKME out there. (It’s heartbreaking).

Over 50% of marriages end in divorce.

Twice as many people are taking antidepressants as they were fifteen years ago.

What’s going on?

Why is everyone so miserable?

What are we craving that we can’t get enough of?

Love. Connection. Fulfillment.

We all need more juicy, passionate, heart-opening, kitchen-counter toppling, mind-obliterating sex. We are sexually malnourished and starving for touch. On our genitals. In the deepest parts of ourselves.

As a culture, we are perpetually disconnected. We yearn for deep penetration. We are hungry for soul food.

People often think of weight-loss remedies as diet and exercise plans. While I’m an advocate of healthy, conscious choices, that’s only a fraction of the answer.

The path to getting rid of excess baggage lies within.

Deep within.

Sex. Intimacy. Orgasms.

When we allow the deepest parts of ourselves to be seen, touched and loved, everything changes.

When we feel connected to ourselves, to another person and the world at large, we finally feel fed with the right food.

When we have that, our layers of protection evaporate. Years of trauma and pain can dissolve in seconds.

There is no better balm and spontaneous healer than cataclysmic, love-infused sex.

I received an email this week from a woman who has been following me for a short while and applying my ideas of gourmet sex.

She recently had her first multi-orgasmic experience. It changed her life.

From that moment, she felt reborn.

Pounds of insecurities wafted away. The weight of unexpressed desire, emotion and passion found a voice.

She stepped out of the bedroom feeling awakened and courageous. In her words:

“I healed in a matter of minutes what I think months of therapy couldn’t…and I feel such a deep shift within me that appears to be rippling throughout the rest of my life.”

Eat less, f**k more.

Or, f**k more and you will eat less—less of the things that are only poor substitutes for what you really want.

When you feel anxious or unsettled, go and have an orgasm. With a partner, or alone. Make it gourmet. For pointers on this, check out my well-f**ked woman video series. Sign up here.

Another woman I was working with had been trying to lose an extra 25 pounds for years. She’d seen nutritionists and trainers and healers of all sorts.

Then I told her about the power of being sexually nourished.

She began dating a new guy and applied my principles of gourmet sex. Within months, the extra pounds just fell off her. Effortlessly.

“Weight” is insecurity, protection and lack of trust in life.

When you reconnect to that, whatever habits you’ve been stopping up the gaps with won’t be necessary anymore.

Whether it’s food, drugs, alcohol or self-sabotage, you can knock them all out with the magic bullet of gourmet sex.

I often say, “bring all your unresolved issues to bed with you.” This is the place you can quantum leap through them, with the power of your sexual energy—this wild, creative, life-giving energy.

Use it.

It’s free. And plentiful. That’s your food source.

~ Kxx

Image: Chris Craymer

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